Full, Chipped

—-The large room is simple, with a desk, a bed, and a closet.
And also a few bookshelves.
But there was no book she hadn't read there.

So, she spend all day looking out the window from her bed.
The sun sets and rises.
The birds fly, flowers bloom, and one day they die and wither away.

She doesn't feel any emotion in particular.
She just watched, knowing that one day she would join them.
The servant who was tending the garden noticed her and resumed their work while looking down.
Perhaps they wanted to get away from the place where she could see as soon as possible, their work was rather sloppy.
If it was her them she would have done something like this or like that.
While thinking like that, she ignored the servant and just looked at the garden.

When she got tired of the garden, she listened to the sound of birds and the wind.
But as she focused her attention on her ears, she gradually became aware of the sound of footsteps walking around the house, the sounds of dragging and moving things, and the noise of conversation.

Among them is the sound of a food trolley.
It came closer down the hallway, and then she heard a voice.

'You should go, I'm not good with Bery ojou-sama.'

'I also don't want to you know, it's creepy.
And you don't know what she's thinking'

Whispering voices.

'Hahh, even though Lazura ojou-sama is such a fine, lovely lady.'

'I'm sure all the good parts were taken away by Lazura ojou-sama.
I'll go today, but tomorrow you're the one who will go okay.'

'I know, I know.
Then I'm counting on you.'

When the food trolley rolls and stops in front of the room, the door was knocked and opened immediately.
Because she knows that there will be no answer.
The servant brought tea and sweets.
She looks at the thin, servile smile with a sideways glance and immediately looks out the window.

Please put the whole food trolley there.
I'll drink on my own if I feel like it.”

“Eh, um…the…cleaning”

“I've done it.
Also, you from tomorrow you don't have to bring me tea.”

“But Lazura ojou-sama……”

“I said I don't need it.
Did you not hear me?”

She looked at the woman's face.
Anger, humiliation, displeasure.
She saw a lot of emotions behind the woman's eyes.

“I'll do the cleaning myself from now on.
I'll put the laundry outside.
You don't have to come until I call you.
I like being alone and there's also no inconvenience.”

She smiles and told the servant.

“Besides, it's creepy, isn't it? I also don't need you to force yourself either.”

The woman froze.

“I thought it was troublesome for a long time, but if there was a sense of responsibility toward your job or good intentions there even I would feel bad, so I just couldn't say it.
……Thanks to you, I was able to do it.
Thank you.
Please go back.”

just now, that, my mouth—-“

“I don't need any excuses.
I'm not even interested in you.”

Ignoring the woman, she looked out the window, and a moment later the woman leaves.
She didn't care about what was said about her.

They can say whatever they want, and since it is a fact, they don't need to be concerned about it.
It was much easier that way, and much better than having to deal with the stupid farce.

It was neither fun nor painful.
If she died someday, then that's just how her life is, so it didn't matter.

The sun was soon setting, and the moon was rising into the sky.
The darkness of the night seemed brighter than usual, and the moon shone gently.
Only the full moon, which never chipped, was endlessly beautiful, and she loved it.

As she was looking at it, she heard a knocking sound.
She ignored it, then the door was knocked once more, and when she ignored it again come the third knock.

She sighed and said, 'Come in'.

“Yeees, your personal servant, Lazura Argan, has brought you food!”

She looks over and frowns.
A white and black apron dress worn by servants.
She even went to the trouble of wearing such a thing.
Her sister was always free.

“I was so worried, so worried about Bery ojou-sama, who seemed to have had a tantrum that I come here.
Ah, what a good servant Lazura is.”

“…I have no appetite.”

“Now, now, don't sulk like that.”

Lazura brought two chairs next to the food trolley.
It seems that she wants to use the food trolley as a table because it's too troublesome to prepare a table.
Her sister was always sloppy and hates troublesome things.

“Here, oujou-sama, this way”


Lazura picked her up as it is and Bery turned her face away from her.
Her sister laughed happily.

“Realy, Bery is light.
And also small.
If you don't eat properly, your body won't get any better you know.”

“……Eating won't change that.”

“It's because you're still brooding like that.”

“……Nee-sama won't understand.”

“Of course.
I'm not you after all.”

Lazura face comes closer, and she lightly kisses Bery cheek.

“But even if I don't understand, I love you, Bery.”

“I hate it.
Myself, and nee-sama too.”

“Don't lie, I know that you really, really love me after all.”

“Just now, didn't you say you don't know how I feel?”

“There are always exceptions, don't worry about the details.”

Her sister smiles at her and strokes her head as she is forced to sit in her chair.
—-Her sister was always cheerful and kind.

“See you're being obedient.
Isn't that proof that you like me.”

Her sister was beautiful, respectable, and smart, she was perfect like the complete full moon, which never chipped.
And she, herself is nothing more than an extra burden that casts a shadow over it.
Her vision blurs, teary and distorted, and her sister gently hugs her.
Tears stained her sister's apron, she quietly told her.

please leave me alone”

“There's no way I can do that.
You're my smart and cute sister after all.”

“Someone like me, is just a hindrance to nee-sama.
If someone like me hadn't been born—-“

“If you say anymore, I'm going to get angry.”

Even as she said that, her sister's hand that stroked her head and voice were endlessly kind.

“…and then I might cry.
If you don't want your beloved sister to cry, don't say that kind of thing anymore, Bery.”

In this quiet room, hearing her sister's voice, she liked it more than anything else
Beautiful and dignified.
That's why she always hates herself when she makes her sister sad.

“You say that you're alright, that you're fine.
That you don't have any worth.
……Maybe for you, it's really fine.
But, it's hard for me.”


“No matter how you insulted yourself, my little sister Bery is my important, important treasure.
I hate it when that important sister of mine is insulted you know.”

Her cheeks are sandwiched between her sister's hands, and her sister gently wiped her tears.

“And Bery, I don't think, you have the right to decide your worth.
Your worth is decided by the people who see it.
No matter how much you hesitate, how much you hate yourself, how many people hate you.
you are my treasure.
And always will be.”

“I, such thing……”

'Listen obediently to what your sister is saying.' Saying that her sister makes a slightly angry face and smiled.

“Bery is a strong child.
……You're not crying because you feel sorry for yourself, but because it's painful for you to cause me trouble, right? You're crying because you care about me, there's no way, my kind little sister is worthless.”

—-I don't think you're a nuisance, so please let me spoil you as much as you like.
Her sister's smile was so beautiful, and it will always remain in her memory.

The office was a bit crowded.
Since Kreschenta started helping them, Selene's workload has decreased considerably.
Kreschenta seemed to enjoy complaining to Selene and Anne about how Selen treated her, and she was glad to see that Kreschenta was making a positive change.

Bery puts the papers in her bag and stands up.
The sun has already set.
For the time being, today's work was over.

“For now, I'll take these to the logistics department.”

Please be careful.
Since there are also some rough guys out there.”

“Fufu, okay”

She left the room and went straight outside.
She did not make any strange detours and headed straight to the logistics department.
It is true that many of the new recruits, such as mercenaries, are roughnecks, and wandering around will be just inviting unnecessary trouble.
Since there are naturally some areas that are not well monitored by the veteran soldiers, she proceeded along the main street.

Especially now, that the whole fortress was a bit tense.

Princess Kreschenta, the cursed child of royal family, murdered her own father, King Shervarza.
And the Christand is trying to use them to rule the royal family.
The Christand is a traitor to the royal family, and the kingdom will never be at peace unless they are defeated.

Gildanstein had spread that kind of words, and the rumors had even spread to the fortress.

In this world there are magic, magic crystals, and there's also a real black magic.
Abominable birth.
Such words were enough to arouse the people's anxiety, and more than anything else, the fact that the information was coming from the royal capital made it more credible.
There were also the rumors among the soldiers about what kind of existence Krische is, and some were worried about it.

There were more soldiers on guard than usual, and Bery headed to the logistics department while returning the salute with a nod.
She handed the documents to the logistics department and went back.
On the way back she frowned at the words she happened to hear.

“……Her Highness the Princess aside, I'm not sure about Krische-sama.
Did you hear it? The rumors”

The two, who seemed to be drawing water from the well, have their backs against her and talked without noticing her

She's a genuine murderer, isn't she? There are plenty of people who have seen it, and they say she was laughing as she chopped up the corpses of her enemies.”

Since she came here, she's often recalled about her sister.
Probably because she often heard this kind of rumor.
She wondered for a moment, perhaps her sister might have felt this way.
Unbeknownst to her, she had stopped feet.

“I guess it's true that she's crazy.
Why did the general adopt such a thing?”

“Isn't it because she's very strong.
they said she has killed countless enemies by herself in the previous battle.”

Krische doesn't care about it.
She doesn't even pay it any mind, there is even an occasion when she thinks that the rumors could be an advantage, and she will surely use it if the need arises.
Even if they are afraid of her, as long as they follow the orders, then that's fine.
Simple and clear, unwavering, distorted, and precipitous.

“……There's a villager from the village where Ktische-sama used to live at, and he said that she has been like that since she was a child.”


“It seems the reason why she can't stay in the village anymore is also because she killed many of the bandit who came to the village by herself when she was still twelve and caused a rain of blood.
He said he got chilled to the bone when he saw her faces here.”

'Ah, I hate it', she thoughts.
She doesn't want to hear it, but her ears naturally focused on their voice.
Her hearing becomes sharper.

“And there's also the story that she also killed her mother who raised her together with the bandits.”


The heat that had been building up cooled off.

“Excuse me”

Before she knew it, she called out to them.
When the two soldiers recognized who she is, they corrected their posture in a panic.

“…….I can't tell you not to talk like that.
And if you take responsibility for your words, then it's your own choice.
At the very least I don't have the right to do anything about it.”

She looked at the two of them.

“However, if I may give you one piece of advice, you should pay more attention to your surroundings.
……Even if it's just idle gossip for the two of you, the people who might be offended by it might hear you.”

Using position and status.
Not to deal concrete punishments, but just to express her displeasure
If she does so, the other person will imagine various things, and panicked on their own, and regret it.


When she mocked herself for not having changed her nature, she heard someone running toward her.
Before she could turn around, she was hugged from behind, and even though she was a little surprised, she guessed who it was.


“I heard from Selene that you went to the logistic department, so I came here.”

Krische turned around to beside her, grabbed Bery's sleeve, looked up, and tilted her head.
Her gaze turned to the two soldiers and then back to Bery.

“Bery, is something wrong?”

The voice sounds somewhat chilling.
—-What would happen if she said yes?
There was a slight temptation to do so.

Bery shakes her head as she suppresses her displeasure and anger.
Then she smiled and petted Krische head, 'We were just talking a little.'

“Oh my, you're sweating.
What happened?”

Krische ran back.”

While saying that, Krische turned her gaze toward the two soldiers as though she was concerned about them.
'It's fine', as she told Krische again, Krische finally gave it up.

It wasn't that she wanted to help them or show them kindness.
In front of Krische she just wants to stay as pretty as Krische is pure.

“……Well then, I'll excuse myself.”

After saying that to the two soldiers, she took Krische's hand.
She pushed what had just said to the back of her mind and asked Krische.

“Krische-sama really doesn't like horses.
Did you run all the way from the forest?”

Krische's butt, will hurts……”

“Fufu, shall we take a quick bath first? It's uncomfortable, isn't it?”

“……Krische'd rather take the bath later.
Krische wants to take her time in the bath with Bery.”

Krische said a little sweetly, and Bery chuckled.

“Well then, let's go back to your room and wipe your body a little before cooking.
The kitchen will still be busy, so let's have tea with the others.
Krische is tired after running, right?”

Yes, Krische might be a little tired.”

Krische rub against her arm as if to lean on her.
The excuse that she is tired is Krische's favorite these days.
Krische always comes up with cute excuses for when she wants to be pampered.
She is shy in a weird way, and that's very cute.

“…Then, in order to take away that fatigue, I will do my best to serve Krische-sama until Krische-sama melts away.”
“K-Krische will be troubled if Krische melts……”

“Oh, Krische-sama doesn't like it?”

“Uhh, au…..doesn't hate it……”

Her cheeks were blushed, and her eyes were swimming.
Contrary to the gossip, Krische's appearance is that of an adorable girl.

—-Her favorite things are cooking, eating, and being spoiled.
Her specialty is murder.

Krische is distorted
She can calmly kill people.
If she's said to be crazy and abnormal, that's probably true.
'But at least to me, she is—-'

“Well then, let's go back to your room for the time being.
After that, we'll have tea and cook.
Then we'll take a bath together and relax there until Krische-sama melts away.”


“Please be pampered as much as you like.
Bery is a servant who loves pampering Krische-sama more than anything else.”

She said so and gently stroked Krische slightly sweaty silver hair.
The crescent moon shone brightly on her silver thread.

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