Arc 3 The Precious, Chapter 57 The Weak

While killing the enemy soldiers who were distracted by the happening at the clifftop, she frowned at the unpleasant atmosphere.
Even the motivated century were demoralized, and so were Selene's lightly-armed infantrymen.
The entire Christand army is weakened by the sight of Bogan's sword and arm and Gildanstein's words.

“F-follow the Adjutant Corps Commander! Our role remains the same!”

Dagra raised his voice.
The flow had been moving without stagnation become dull, and then stopped for a moment.
The flow of victory that was born just now was no longer there and had disappeared into the distance.

Krische breathed quietly.
Around the time when the 78th person's head was cut off, She gave up thinking that it would be nothing more than a drop in the ocean.
The number of people she could kill alone would not affect the whole grooup.
Krische's purpose in killing the enemy was to boost the morale of her troops and to lower the morale of the enemy.
Now that they had been swallowed up by the enemy's current, it would be pointless to kill any more of them.

Krische was not particularly interested in killing, and she was only doing it as a way to win.
If it was going to be a waste of time and effort, she would not be motivated to do it.
Rather, this kind of dirty work is what Krische hates most, and if it doesn't bring results, then she wants to throw it out immediately.

“…Seems, here is fine.”

Fortunately, the morale of the enemy is also low when it comes to her surroundings.
The morale of the enemy soldiers in the surrounding area is in a state of collapse thanks to the high capabilities of the Century, which is reasonably satisfactory for Krische.
Rather than showing an offensive spirit in response to the earlier voice, they seem to be rather hoping that her side will pull back.
At the very least, there is no sign of them wanting to attack.

After twisting her waist and crushing the soldier's skull, helmet and foot, Krische leaps directly in front of Dagra.

“Bald Eagle.
It will be difficult to go any further.
The Fourth Corps Commander is the steady type, so he's thinking of pulling troops.
will probably accept it.”

It was Selene who she's worried about.
Bogan's sword and arm.
It was such a shock that even Krische stopped for a moment.
He is her guardian to whom she is indebted, and a gentle person who shows her, his kindness.
She might have lost that.
Although she had put it out of her mind because it was not yet confirmed, when she thinks, if it had been Bery's, she could guess how Selene's mind would have been affected.
Serene deeply respects and loves Bogan.

“……I was also just about to advise that.
Even here, where we are, the atmosphere is bad.”

“We will lead Serene's lightly armed infantry to a full rendezvous with the Second Corps as planned.
We'll figure out the rest later.
Our first priority is to minimize the losses of our soldiers.”

“Yes ma'am.”

Wiping the curved sword on the corpse and placing it in its scabbard, Krische told him.

“Then, I'll leave the rest to you? If it is possible, Krische will go and cut off the head His Highness.
It's close by after all.”

“Huh? Eh?”

—-This is the only chance.
After telling him this, Krische jumped to the cliff.
She put her toes on the slight protrusion and climbed up.
Her gravity-defying body swayed somewhat softly, and she climbed lightly over the cliff.

The sky was ablaze in Mirskronia.


He was probably on his way back to his own camp.
Gildanstein turned toward the burning forest and turned his back to her.
Surrounding him were about 20 soldiers in black armor.
They all looked well-trained.

Alignment and personnel, Krische simply captures it as a fact without looking anywhere.
The men looked confused.
She moved before their emotions turned to hostility.
She closed the distance between the two men who were in her way, aimed for a gap in their armor, and threw the knives.

One is a corpse with a knife stuck in his neck.
One is still breathing.
The knife has deviated slightly and has not resulted in death.
She kicked in the knife that was impaled on him, ending his life, and pulled the sword of the corpse out of its sheath.

“What are you all doing!? Protect His Highness!”

Two men interrupted Krische.
One in front of her and one behind the other—-standing in a position to protect Gildanstein.

Regardless Krische stepped forward and swung her long sword down from overhead.
The man in front—-a mature man, immediately moved his sword overhead.

Despite the surprise attack, the man reacted quickly and moved well.
Even in such a situation, his sword was cool and calm, and in that instant, it seemed to reflect all of the vast experience and training he had accumulated in his life up to that point.
If the assailant had been an ordinary man, he would have easily cut the assailant down with a single counter.
The man certainly had the ability to do so.

But such skill and experience were worthless in front of Krische.
Krische twisted her long sword in her hand and drew an arc with the tip of her sword.
She easily avoided the attack and did not even allow him to make a counter.
With the same momentum, he sharply pierced the man's torso, armor and all, and released the sword.

While every attack is a fatal blow, all of it can easily be transformed into a feint.
She deceives even those who call themselves masters and turns everyone in front of her into a the weak.
Krische's swordsmanship was no longer within the realm of logic.


A corpse is no longer a tool, just an obstacle.
She leaped and kicked the shoulders of the crumbling corpses, and then one more—-this time, she drew the curved sword at her waist and cleaves the neck of the man in the back as soon as she landed.
The man collapsed while holding his sword, unable to react—and beyond that was the figure of Gildanstein.


Gildanstein immediately jumped back and Krische narrowed her eyes slightly.
A gap opened.
The distance is far.
She gives up on the idea of cleaving the neck and sets her sights on the arm.
Krische's curved sword aims at the seam of the arm —- the armour's joint and rips open the chainmail.
Krische is the wielder of the curved sword.
Her speed and accuracy are beyond reason, turning even a moving opponent into a stationary object, and ripped through chainmail as if it's linen.
Even the legendary magic sword is inferior to the sword she wields.

One backward leap.
With just that, Krische knew the extent of Gildenstein's ability, and closed the distance even further.
Stepping forward with the speed of gale—-Gildenstein, on the other hand, moved his sword as quickly as he could.
The speed of the sword is extraordinary.
It has the power to bisect Krische's bone in front of him even if his posture is bad.
However, Krische easily avoided it by twisting her body and naturally slid into it.

Her extreme concentration transforms everything she sees into something slow.
Breathing, preliminary movements, muscle tension, the flow of magic power.
She captures all of them and see through the slightest disturbance, which may or may not be a gap, without question.

Her posture is low, and she steps forward as if her head were rubbing against the earth.
The moves Bogan shown was literally just a child's play compared to hers—-it was truly a snake crawling on the ground.
There is no seam between stillness and movement, and even if you can see her movement, you won't even notice it.
Just when you prepare yourself to deal with it, she will already be in a deadly position.
What Gildanstein saw at that moment was his own death, which he could not escape from.

Even taking into account the condition of surprise attack, the opponent was only one person, while they had the best of the best.
The overwhelming advantage should have been theirs, but the reality in front of them showed the exact opposite.
—-The existence of such a monster that forced inferiority against the majority.
Gildanstein's spine shivered, and Krische, still not satisfied, looked dissatisfied.

To finish him off her stance is too off, and her center of gravity was not stable.
One move was not enough, two more will be needed.
She was supposed to kill him with her first move, but three moves in total were too much, she thought with a frown.
In this case, she should have just used the knife that stabbed in the corpse at him.
That would have shortened it by one move.

While reflecting on the situation in a way that only she could understand, her body moved as if it was free.
She grabs Gildenstein's arm and twists her body as if she had been aiming for that from the beginning.
She slams his body down to the ground.
Gildanstein's face contorted in anguish as she stepped on the right arm that held a greatsword.

Then, Krische tried to slam the curved sword into his neck—-and quickly ducks.
Faster than she could kill Gildanstein, a sword swung at Krischw's body.


The one who swung the sword was a familiar face.
Salva shouted, and Krische narrowed her eyes.
He had lured Bogan by some means.
That's probably what happened.

More blades come at her from all directions, and Krische leaped again, chopping one man's head off.
She landed lightly outside the circle.
She saw Gildenstein standing up in the circle, coughing.

I see, you've come for my head.”

The opponents are all clad in metal armor.
Krische's curved sword would be damaged before she could slay them all.
She carefully wipes the machete-like curved sword clean on the corpse's pants and sheathed it.
She pulls a new long sword out of the corpse's scabbard.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.
Then this war will be over.”

—-The situation is not so good.
Perhaps they were all nobles or something, and she could see that they all manipulated magic.
There's no reinforcement.
The first time the surprise attack earlier failed, it will take time.

Krische's eyes flickered.
She aimed at the one person who showed the slightest opening.
She approached her opponent with the naturalness of a cat's approach, and she drew her long sword on top of her armor.
The thrust was soft and supple, yet frighteningly precise, easily piercing through the sheet metal armor.
The man's life ended without a moment's thought.
Then Krische casually pulled out his sword and kicked off his torso.

She didn't even look at the corpse.
She showed no emotion for having taken the life of the man, but rather, like a child, placed her fingertips to her cherry-red lips as if she was troubled.

Her cloak was stained with blood, and her hair was beautiful silver.
Her hair, held in place with a light red flower ornament, was dainty and danced like two tails.
Underneath the cloak, an out-of-place black and silver dress peeked out, revealing a somewhat rugged gauntlet and boots.
The girl, for all intents and purposes, is distorted, staring at the men with her large—-inorganic purple crystal eyes.

“This is, the cursed child…”

Someone muttered.
Anyone would recognized it at a glance.
The fear they felt for the wild and heroic Bogan.
Something opposite to that had arisen within them.

It pierces through metal armor with ease, and even when surrounded, it still cleaves the neck with ease.
With the lightness and grace of a dance, she brings about an inescapable death.

Here are warriors who pride themself on being able to cut their way through ten opponents.
And they are the men who have been recognized and chosen by Gildenstein as such.

However, despite the fact that the girl in front of them was only one person against many, the fight was still equal—-no, she probably didn't think that she would lose.
The girl has no fear, no fervor, and stands here with a naturalness that is almost arrogant.
She saw their abilities and still declared them worthless.
The chilly purple color of the girls' eyes just saw the men as if they were stones on the side of the road.

In the face of an existence beyond humans —-the cursed child, Krische, The men realized that they were on the side of being eaten and if so, they thought about how to let Gildanstein, their banner, escape.
They had seen Gildanstein's ability up close, having fought with that hero and won.
Gildanstein, the Royal Prince, was such a great warrior that even those who did not think so highly of him, looked up to him with respect.
But still, he is no match for the girl in front of them.
All of them were skilled warriors, and everyone understood that correctly.

—-She was not an opponent to be fought head-on, even if you are in the best condition.
Gildanstein also thought so.
He just calmly observed the girl, Krische, and came to a conclusion.
Despite their superiority in numbers, they were the ones who were going to be killed.

To defeat Bogan, he had selected the most skilled men from among the nobles.
Nevertheless, Gildanstein concluded that he could not win the battle.
He would not underestimate its appearance.
Knowing the monster that is Kreschenta, Gildanstein was not about to let his guard down.

This girl in front of him was also a monster—-no, in this case, she is even more so than Kreschenta.
Her movements were beyond comprehension until she dodged the sword and was slammed to the ground.
At least, with his injured shoulder, his stepped arm, and his current state of fatigue, there was no way he could win.

Compared to Krische, it was a child's play—-and now he could understand why Bogan called it so.
What he saw in front of him was the most overwhelmingly powerful man he had ever seen.

“Let me see, let me declare…If you attack me, I will run away with all my might.”

Gildanstein opened his mouth.
To fight such an opponent head-on would be suicide.


“After fighting with Bogan, I don't have the energy to fight you.”

Krische tilted her head as Gildanstein throws a sword in front of her.
It was Bogan's sword.

“Take it back with you.
If you want to play chase with me, that's also fine, but you and your men will have to start retreating now.
I don't know what your objective is, but it will not change the disadvantage of the situation.
If we go with the current situation, my side have the upper hand—-we will be devastated, but so will yours.
Until the outcome is known, I'm going to run away from you.”

Twitch, he saw Krische's reaction.
Gildanstein laughed and looks at Salva next to him.

And you never know where the enemy is.
While you are playing with me like that, Kreschenta will be killed.
And that's easy to do when it's in the middle of the chaos.”

It was a bluff.
But it was enough to make her uneasy.
Krische's brow wrinkled slightly.

—-Krische-sama is undoubtedly a genius in battle.
In that respect, it's absolutely true, and she's also like a young child.

—-She's a little weird, but she's pure and kind, at least to those close to her

—-I think she's a frightening person.
But I also know that she doesn't like fighting or killing people.
She's just a pure person, and she's doing it for the General and Selene-sama.

If as Salva said, it was a monster that's the same a child, there's a way to manipulate it.
He spun his words.

“This time, my objective was Bogan….and the control over the Dragon's Maws.”

observe her expression.
Don't miss a single fluctuation of emotions.

“If you retreat here, I will first try to stabilize this place.
Kristand's army is excellent even if they lose Bogan.
I also don't think a pursuit by an exhausted army will go so well.
But if I, the commander, do not come back, the soldiers will naturally move to excessive pursuit battles.
It's a useless fight.”

'This is a deal', he continued.

“The opportunity for a rematch will come.
If you want my head, go for it.
Unless you are a beast with nothing to lose.”

At least in this place, with an opponent that he can't win against, it won't even be a match.
What was in front of him was Bogan's trump card.

But if he put everything together—-Salva's words, the way she stood here, the way she looked the other day and look closely at her, she doesn't seem to be emotionless.
He remembered the way she smiled at the servant in the royal estate.
She doesn't find pleasure in killing.
If so, she's way too emotionless.
She was simply performing her role with the same emotion as if she was squashing an annoying insect.

Gildanstein, who has seen more of the human heart than anyone else, saw through the inner nature of Krische, the little girl in front of him

“…Krische doesn't understand why His Royal Highness is so concerned about Krische.
Is it so scary to be killed?”

Her inorganic eyes shook quietly, lighting up with a glow of emotion.
Gildanstein laughed.

“……I just finished a duel between Bogan, a warrior.
I don't want you, someone who is not a warrior, to dampen my mood.”

He meant what he said.

“If we fight, you will win.
I will not deny that.
Even so, if you are the one, I should bet my life on to challenge, I think that would be fine, but…
I want a warrior's fight, and you're not.”

Then Guildenstein continues, as if pitying her.

“…you are not standing here because you want to, are you?”

A child who is merely as young as she looks—-or even younger than she looks like.
Contrary to her abilities, she is distorted, this girl.

He could see the hesitation in Krische's eyes.

“There is a manner of fighting.
If you break it, all that remains is the chaos of blood-drunk beasts feeding on each other.
If that happens, no one will be able to stop them.
If that's what you want, I'll go along with you.

—-In that case, all that you have will be swept along.

Krische thought of Gildanstein's words.
She should kill him without even the need to think about it.
Even if the man in front of her did as he said and ran away, and all the men around him got in her way, she could find him in a few hours and kill him.
Seventy or eighty percent—-the odds were not bad.
If it worked, the war would be over, at that point it didn't matter even if it's not a sure thing.
If so, there was only one option to choose—-

“……Well, what are you going to do?”

—-a few days ago, she would have thought so.
No doubts, no worries.

But there was a sense of uneasiness swimming inside Krische.
She wondered if Selene will be okay while she was doing this.
Maybe Selene would be fine under normal circumstances.
But now that Bogan had collapsed, she didn't know.

What about Kreschenta?
If this man's words were true, then Bery too.

'And you never know where the enemy is.
While you are playing with me like that, Kreschenta will be killed.
And that's easy to do when it's in the middle of the chaos.'

With a single word, Krische's composure was shattered.

The thought of Grace, whom she couldn't reach, flashed through her mind.
She was just a little bit out of reach.
Still, she was dead.

The more she thinks about it, the more she felt sick inside.
Wanting, not the right decision, but relief.
Her swaying eyes searched for something that is not there.

Before she knew it, Krische was no longer a perfect existence.

“…Someday Krische will kill you.”

Krische dropped the longsword in her hand and grabs Bogan's sword.

And just like that, she jumped down the cliff.

As she descended, she checks for the First Corps.
Aside from the support of the Fourth Corps, there was a figure of Selene pulling out the soldiers.
She's relieved to see Selene giving out instructions, and judged that there is no danger in the situation.

Dagra was doing well and had finished the rendezvous with the light infantry and the Second Corps.
There were quite a few injured people, but the number of those who couldn't move was too small to count.


“……Corps Commander Agrand.”

Kolkis was out on the front lines.
He wields a war spear made entirely of steel, mows down enemy soldiers, and looks at Krischewith bloodshot eyes.
Bogan was slain—-the anger at the words was streaming down his face.

There is no head of His Royal Highness.
Gotoushu-sama's sword.”

Kolkis, who saw Bogan's sword, closed his eyes slightly and received it.

“I'm grateful for that alone.
Krische jumped up and lifted the morale of the soldiers.”

After saying that, Kolkis howled to the heavens like a beast.

“Look here, all of you! Our Genearl's sword—-our hero Krische Chrishtand has brought it back!”

Kolkis thrusts the sword into the heavens—-the soldiers, who saw it, let out a shout of joy.
Everyone realizes that they have lost the battle.
But if they give up now, they will be completely defeated.
To fool themselves and inspire themselves, the soldiers shouted.

“Gildanstein cowardly fled in front of the hero, this Christand throwing away the sword of the Hero! What will he do without a courage!! Don't run away, the sword is here—-We are the shield of the hero Christand!”

Krische frowns at the loudness of his voice but decides that the Second Corps is not a problem.
The soldiers are of high quality and their basic morale are high.
Each of the soldiers following the warrior Kolkis were all excellent soldier.

“…Krische-sama please stand down we will handle the rear.”

Kolki's face was filled with a rage that he could not hide.
Krische told him that there will cause unnecessary damage if we continue like this.

“……I will arrange for you to be replaced by the Third Corps.
The second corps is essential if we are to think about the next step.
We want to leave as many troops as possible.
Retreat to the narrow area while maintaining the line of battle.”

He wanted only to surrender himself to the pleasure of killing.
Despite his dissatisfaction and anger, Kolkis remained calm as a corps commander.
He nodded as he let out his anger along with a sigh at Krische words.

“…I understand.
Until the time comes, this humiliation”

Then, Krische leaves it to you.”

Krische said, then she ran to Dagra.
She slips through the gaps of enemy soldiers, tearing their flesh.
Calmly, as if to suppress her impatient feelings.

She slashed some more, runs, and danced to the Black Century.

“Adjutant Corps Commander”

Mia shouted to Krische, who has passed the enemy in surprise.

“What's the situation?”

“Y-yes ma'am, the light infantry is retreating first! Currently, 80%—-“

“The Second Corps will take the rear.
Keep withdrawing the troops as is.

She found Captain Tagel nearby and called out to him.
His left arm was injured, and he was making a frown.

“If you can move, we will gradually withdraw with your unit first.”

“I-I'm still—“

“I'll have you move a lot later.
No questions.”

Tagel nodded his head in understanding, biting his teeth in frustration, and sent instructions to the second through tenth squads he was leading.

“Mia, your team will go with you.
Where are Bald Eagle and Corinth?”

“Left flank to support the Red's retreat.”

As soon as Mia said it, Krische started running, and Mia raised her voice and called out to the four others.
Most of the enemies were ready to retreat.
They know that these soldiers in black armor are no ordinary opponents.
Among them, the soldiers who showed a fighting spirit and raised their voices were immediately followed by the silver color, which ended their lives.

It was a waste of time and effort.
Krische only feels her discomfort growing.
Fearful of her, the waves of people naturally parted——Mia and the others who followed were like running through an uninhabited field.
They did not even swing their swords.

“Bald Eagle”

Like that, she cut through the battle lines and jumped in front of Dagra, who was escorting the light infantry with Corinth.

“Adjutant Corps commander, you're safe——“

“Retreat quickly.
I have instructed Tagel.
The Second Corps will serve as the rear.
Fortunately, their morale is high, so you can rely on them.”

She told him there was no time to spare.
Dagra, noticing her haste, only raised his voice in reply.

“Krische orders this Century and Selene's light infantry to rest in the backline until the withdrawal of all troops is completed.
Krische will use it for support after the withdrawal of the Second Corps, so please rest.”

Dagra, who saluted, immediately gave out the order.
The movement of the Century that responded was also agile.
In the course of this one-hour battle, the Century had been stripped of its naivete.

Seeing that, Krische looked at the state of the enemy soldiers.
She recognized that the enemy was frightened of her and called out.

“…Krische and the other will withdraw their troops.
If you don't want to fight, that's fine.
However, Krische will kill anyone who takes even one step forward from now.”

There were those who moved with those words.
It was only a shaking of the trembling legs from fear of those words.
It was Kahlua who moved faster than anyone else.
She stepped forward and swung her long sword to the side.
She slides the tip of his sword over the neck of the enemy moved and made a rain of blood.

you can come over, I welcome it.”

The women's eyes, intoxicated by the blood, were moist and she smiled.
Kalua, with all screws loose, is completely immersed in the joy of murder.
With the exception of Krische, Kalua has killed more enemies than anyone else in this Century.

The courage of the soldiers present was now faltering, and they began to back away.
A herd of sheep where only the heroes who acted as instigators were killed, meticulously and relentlessly.
With the wolves in front of they had no choice but to cower.

Krische saw this and turned around.

“Mia, Krische leave it to you.”

“Y-yes ma'am…
where will Adjutant Corps Commander going?”

Mia, who had woken up from her madness, and was frightened by the appearance of her friend asked.

Krischewill check the main camp first.
There will be no problem with the withdrawal of the troops.”

As soon as she said that Krische started running.
She finished what she had to do.
She passed Dagra and slipped through the gap.
Discomfort in her chest.

She felt her anxiety grow stronger, and she realized that she had become a coward.
The main camp is fortified.
Bogan was lured out and killed——so Bery and the others should be fine.
That's what she tried to tell herself.


However, anxiety swirled.
It's a situation where Bogan, who should have been at the back, is killed.
Maybe, just maybe.
She couldn't feel safe without checking.

The soldiers seemed to be a hindrance, she leaped and keep moving forward, using the cliff as a foothold.
Anxiety crawled inside her, and it rushes through her body.

Maybe the worst situation is unfolding right now.
Maybe she would have made it if she had just thrown everything away and gone back.
Maybe she won't make it in time anymore——

Reaching the main camp with her cloak flapping, she immediately went to the tent in the center of the camp.
Out of breath, she jumped into the tent.

The people inside stood up and drew their swords in alarm at the intruder and were surprised to see Krishe entering the tent.
Krische didn't care about their stare.
She spotted Bery in a black-and-white apron dress and immediately embraced her.


“……Thank, goodness.”

She wore a blood-soaked cloak.
She pressed her face against Bery's chest, not caring that the white apron dress was stained by it.
Her breathing is erratic, and her body is sweaty, but I still hug her to feel the touch and check her warmth.

Her heart was beating painfully.
And a chill ran down her spine.
She thought she had gone insane.


The warmth of her body, the soft touch of her breasts.
A gentle voice.
Even so, to calmed down her body, which had been helplessly trembling, she just keeps hugging her seeking reassurance like a child.

Bery was surprised, but she quietly held Krische's trembling body without caring about getting the apron dirty.

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