***Arc 3 The Beloved, Chapter 62 Liquification ***

The Lacra fruit was weak in acidity and strong in sweetness.
It was a product that was locked in a small jar and soaked with honey for four days.
The texture was smooth.
The Lacra fruit was smooth on the tongue, and the honey was mixed with the Lacra fruit like a prodigal.
Even the slight acidity was somewhat refreshing.
The crunchy Lacra fibers were soft and seemed to melt on the tongue.

“How is it? It's Lacra pickled in honey.”

“Ehehe…It's delicious.”

Just as the Lacra is pickled in honey, Krische was now soaked in sweetness.

Food that is gentle and nourishing to the stomach——and Bery gave it further sweetness for Krische.
Countless sweet taste was brought to her mouth.
Krische was like a baby bird.
Her hands were wrapped in bandages, so she had an excuse to ask Bery and give her 'Aaah'.

At first, it was bit by bit——but after three days, her appetite had finally returned.
Krische would sit on Bery's lap and rub her cheek against her, acting spoilt.
Whenever she felt like it, she would kiss her, cuddle her, and stroke her cheeks and head.
Krische, who had completely become debauched, was completely like a little child.
It was hard to believe that until the other day, she was wielding a sword and committing the mass killing.

She stuffed her cheeks with the (pet) food as it was given to her and hugged Bery snugly.
When she felt sleepy, she slept peacefully together with Bery, and when she woke up, she kissed her.
Huged her.
Rubbed her cheeks.
That's how she spent her day these days.

A greedy happy life packed with everything that Krische likes.

She was now just living using her instinct without thinking about anything.

It was not like Krische didn't have any thought about her current situation, but her job was now to rest and pamper herself, which was how she fooled her voices of reason.


Bery smiled and dropped a kiss when she raised her face a little and asked for a kiss.
The soft touch of her lips.
The feeling was one of love.
Krische kissed back and hugged Bery again and again so that her love could be conveyed to her.
She shifted her position and pressed her face against her chest—— Krische eyes were a bit vacant; you couldn't even tell if she was asleep or awake, as if in trance.

She was living in a paradise so much that she wasn't able to distinguish whether it was real or not.

Her cheeks were slackened and reddish in color.
Only the emotion of love was out of control, affirming the instincts that would normally be suppressed.
It was truly a sensation that melted her brain

——In order to fool her rational mind, Krische reviewed her past self.

It was embarrassing to be pampered.
It was embarrassing to be so preoccupied with food.
Those feelings were nothing more than a physical and mental hindrance to the concept of rest.
In resting the body, one should not be ashamed of such things.

What was created in this way was a new personality, 'Spoiled Krische'.

The 'Spoiled Krische' was allowed to do things that Krische would normally be ashamed to do, to indulge in pleasure, and to fall into a state of emotional depravity.

They were allowed to be cuddled, kissed, ahhh'd, and covet the sweet taste.
It was a shameful thing.
However——it couldn't be helped because she was in 'Spoiled Krische' mode right now.

Ignoring all sorts of thoughts and anxieties, she didn't even mind being called silly.
She was now in an invincible state of 'Spoiled Krische'.
Spoiled Krische' could easily do things that would normally embarrass her.

Krische welcomed the newly born 'Spoiled Krische'

'Working Krische.'

'Lady Krische.'

'Glutton Krische.'

'Spoiled Krische.'

There was no blind spot in 'Spoiled Krische', which collects only the good points of all the countless Krische.

Krische, who respected her rational self, had succeeded in removing her own limiter——in short, she had become an even more idiot.

She was like slime, clinging to Bery and begging for her affection.

“Bery, love…you”

Chu, chu She kissed her repeatedly like a mouse, and Bery though she was troubled kissed her back.
Bery's face, facing 'Spoiled Krische' is bright red——even her ears are completely flushed.

Krische cuteness, which could shake one's rationality, could be called a lethal weapon.
While she's with spoiling Krische, Krische's love call is so passionate that it's a bit scary.

She wanted to respond to them.
She wanted to be silly together with her.
If they were alone, she might have been able to do so without thinking.
But in the room there was a third person.

Chira, Bery glanced to the side, and Anne, whose face was bright red, looked away.

——Argan-sama needed to stay by Krische-sama's side.

If that was the case, then it was my role to clean the room and take care of them——that was what Anne thought as she stepped into the magical world, and what she witnessed was a decisive moment that she could not doubt.
No, it was not a moment, even now, it was still ongoing.

Krische approached Bery as usual without worrying about Anne.
This was because she was now 'Spoiled Krische'.

“Ah, there's dust in a place like this…”

——l doesn't see anything.
I'm concentrating on my work.

Though she didn't say that her bad acting was clearly expressing that.
Calm down, calm down.
Krische-sama has a bit of a child mentally so it couldn't be helped, she repeated to calm her heart.
Anne had seen her kiss Selene and Kreschenta since she came back.
She understood that Krische was, in fact, a kissing maniac.
She also understood that there was no illicit feeling there, she was just being spoiled.

The painful bandages on her hands.
Her feet also had severe blisters from the heavy boots.
Her injured shoulder was also tightly bandaged, and she knew that she made more effort than anyone else with her small, slender body.

However, the scene was immoral in every way.

The servant who Anne respected——Bery's eyes were moist with shame, and her cheeks were adorably bright red.
In contrast, the white maiden wore a transparent negligee of light pink.
Her white thighs peeking out from the hem of the negligee are lascivious, and she turns her feverish purple to Bery and hugs, kisses, and rubs her cheeks.

Anne, who was watching, felt as if her face would burst into flames.

Remembering the memories in the Royal Capital, Anne compares it to the present and tried to somehow interpret the scene in front of her in a favorable light.
—-I should see this as a sign that she trusted me.
She should see it as being recognized that she was a servant who could keep this immoral secret in her heart without revealing it.
If she thought so, then it was a very happy thing—-or that was how it should have been.

Anne forced herself to interpret the situation in this way and continued with her unenthusiastic cleaning.
She found a small bag on the shelf and tilted her head.
Krische looked at it with a sideways glance and called out to her as she noticed it.

“Anne, please bring it here.”

Krisch beckoned Arne to bring the small bag.

“! Y-yes.”

Inside it is something round.
When Anne wondered what was inside, Krische told her it was a candy, and opened her mouth to Anne.
Bery's shoulders jerked up, or at least that's what she felt.


Feed her, was the correct answer she guessed.
Anne took out a deep honey-colored candy from the pouch, and while she was nervous, she slowly brought it closer to the Krische's mouth.
The cherry-red lips gobbled up the candy, and Krische raised herself up with her hands on Bery's shoulders and pressed it directly into Bery's mouth.



Arne stiffened, and Bery's white cheeks turned even redder.
Even her neck was red.
Krische smiled happily and licked her lips 'Krische finally returned it properly'.
Bery embraced Krische with a face that was a mixture of emotions—-troubled, happy, embarrassed – and said, 'Thank you'.

“It become a little late.
Is it delicious?”

“Y-yes, very…”


Then Krische twisted and lifted her face as if expecting something.
Bery stiffened again, but she closed her eyes for a moment and kissed Krische as if she had made up her mind.
Candy exchange.

Anne could only watch over it.
The candy moved from the Bery and into Krische's mouth.
She rolled the candy around and her cheeks loosen, and then presses her cheeks against the Bery, looking simply delighted.

—-Pure and Innocent.
She was not thinking of anything outrageous.
This over-the-top act was simply perceived by the princess as just a skinship.

Krische with her big smile and Bery with her eyes that moistened with shame.
Looking at the contrast between the two, Anne understood for the first time Bery's hardship.
Krische was much too lovely and seductive.
She had all the beauty of a young girl, yet she was extremely unguarded.
She was like a chicken dancing next to a pot.

Even Anne, who had no taste for such thing, would fall under the devil's temptation.
This was how it felt when being shown such defenselessness.

'It is impossible for me to be with this princess 24/7.
My reason won't hold.'

Anne shook her head, increasing her reverence for the perfect servant Bery.

Then there was a knock at the door.
Anne panickily rushed to the door.
Depending on who it is, the room is filled with a scene that shouldn't be shown at.

But the door opened before she reached it and two girls appeared.
Selene, with her graceful blonde hair swaying, and Kreschenta, the princess of the Kingdom.
Both their eyebrows twitched seeing Krische, who was sitting on Bery's lap, and being spoiled.

“Selene, are you done?”

“Ah, yeah…

The two of them were looking at Krische and Bery as if they wanted to say something, but Selene rubbed her eyes as she tried to hold it in.
Kreschenta puffed her cheeks somewhat displeased, and she trotted closer to Krische.

“Now, Onee-sama, You need to sleep in the bed.”

Chira, chira, She glared at Bery—-Anne knew all too well that Her Royal Highness The Princess was irrepressibly fond of Krische.
Even though Kreschenta is rather more mature in her usual appearance, but in front of Krische, Kreschenta was as jealous and as childlike as she looked.
Krische was spoiled by Bery, and Kreschenta by Krische.
The sight of Kreschenta, who seemed dissatisfied with Bery, was already familiar to Anne.

“Krische was having dinner so it was only normal.”

Ah, Argan-sama, I'll take over for you.”

“Kreschenta has a flat chest, so Bery is fine.”

Krische was also Krische and acted like an adult with Kreschenta, and she maintained her status as her sister, creating a strange power relationship with her.
The royal family —-and the legitimate heir, Her Royal Highness The Princess, couldn't go against Krische.



Krische beckoned Selene to come closer to her face, grabbed her Selene by her cheek and pressed her lips against her.
It's a swift move.
Selene was frozen with her eyes wide open.
The candy was pushed into Selene.

“Ehehe, it's Bery's candy.
It seems that something sweet is good after working hard.”

Krische looks up to Selene, as if to wait for her reaction.
Selene sighed with a bitter face as if wondering what to say or whether to get angry.

“I-is that so…
umm, thank you.
I'm very happy…”

She pushed Krische too hard, said terrible words, and injured her cheek.
Selene could not scold Krische, and that was the only thing she could say to her.
It would be better to let Krische rest for a while so that she would not think about anything else.

For this reason, Selene was going to be as lenient as possible with Krische.
She held her words in the back of her throat and stroked Krische's head, holding back the urge to pinch her cheeks.
Bery saw this and giggled, and Selene glared at her.

“Y-you know…”

“Fufu, no.
I hope you understand my feelings a little.”

“E-even so, if you think that I won't complain to you, you're making a big mistake.
You have to teach her things like this little by little.”

“I've already given up, so I thought it would be better to make comrade.
It's easier to be embarrassed together with Ojou-sama rather than be embarrassed by myself.”


Bery said while petting Krische and asked if she was done with her work today.
It was still evening.
She came a little earlier than usual.

“Yes, well.
I've been told to take some time off too.”

Thank you for your hard work.
Would you like to have a meal?”

Let's do that.”

Selene nodded as she rolled the candy in her mouth.
Kreschenta, who was pulling on Bery to take Krische from her, was instead held and kissed by Krische, but Selene managed to hold back and ignore it.
She called out to Arne while being exasperated at Kreschenta, who blushed.

“Anne, can I have some soup and bread? For this child and me.”


As usual, Arne, who was frozen by that scene, poured soup from a small pot prepared in the room onto a plate.
It was made by Arne instead of Bery, who was spending time by Krische's side.
Anne may be devastatingly flawed, but she could do a decent job of cooking normal dishes.

“Go ahead; it's mutton and vegetable soup.”

Today's vegetable soup with lamb stewed until it melted.
She proudly prepared it on the table, her chest puffing up with confidence.
Krische and Bery were not so strict about the food prepared by others.
She just pointed out that it would have been better without the potatoes, and she was also given a passing mark.

“Thank you.
It looks delicious.”

“No, compared to what the two of you make, it's embarrassing…”

Selene, who smelled the scent, smiled gently, and Anne lowered her head while raising her fist inwardly.
Kreschenta furrowed her brows as she watched the potatoes that had melted too much crumble on the spoon.

“I wonder if it's overcooked.
Anne-sama, did you forget the fire again?”

Anne froze, while Kreschenta complained and put her mouth on the spoon.
Krische glanced at it, looking lost.
Bery smiled wryly and tried to call out to Anne—-but Kreschenta pulled up a chair faster than that.

“Here, Onee-sama, ahhhh.”

Krische looked puzzled, stroked Kreschenta's head as if she understood something, and ate the food that was presented to her.
Selene was exasperated, and Bery's shoulders shook while chuckling happily.

Four people lined up on the bed——it was already way too late to care about what Anne would think.
The day after she was put to bed, Krische began to earnestly get spoiled and pampered, and she was no longer in a state where she could be shown to others, and they had already given up.
Fortunately, Anne was clumsy but serious and could be trusted as a servant.
Bery gave up right from the beginning, followed by Selene.

Dagra tried to come to visit her, but they had him wait for a few days now.
Krische was better off in this state for a while.

Bery and Selene lied down so that Krische and the Kreschenta were sandwiched between them.
Krische's eyes were sleepy, and her long lashes were occasionally dropped.
Kreschenta was sleeping quietly in her arms.

Selene, also slightly dazed, stroked Krische's cheek and traced her soft lips with her thumb.
They're beautiful and soft.
Krische face was so pretty, it was like a work of art.
Her long hair casts a silvery sheen in the light that shines through the window.

The purple peeking out from her eyelashes is so captivating that no gem can match it.
The contours of her cheeks, the straight nose, and the soft, reserved lips.
Her slender shoulders made her petite figure look even more dainty, and her snowy skin was smooth.
That was why the bandages wrapped around her hands and shoulders were all the more painful to look at.

Krische gently raised her face.
Selene responded and kissed her.
Several times, repeatedly.
Until she felt safe.

The kiss was magic that made her infinitely more attractive.
A face that looks a little dumbfounded.
Her cheeks relaxed as if she had found something she was looking for in touch.
She raised the edge of her mouth just a little and squinted her eyes——a beautiful smile.
She never smiled exaggeratedly.
She always just let out a small smile.
But the smile that came out was so beautiful because it showed the emotion behind it.

What she felt was very slight, but what was conveyed was so much more.
She hoped it was the same for Krishe.
She guessed that was the reason why Krische never gets tired of kissing.
She wanted to convey something that could not be conveyed, so she repeated the only means she had.
Whether it is conveyed or not, she didn't know.
Still, she believed that one day everything would be conveyed.
She's not even aware that it's already being conveyed so much that it's overflowing.

——Ahhh, not good, Selene thought
'Did I have that inclination? I'm sure I didn't.'

She wouldn't have ended up like Bery, she thought.

She should have spoiled her as much as an apology——It's because she thought like that, that she ended up like this.
Maybe she's just filling her own loneliness.

Various feelings were mixed, but.

“…I like you, Krische.”

Whatever the case may be, she liked Krische.
She wanted to respond to her feelings; she wanted to tell her.
But Krische was stupid and dull.
There was only one way to tell her.


She pecked at her lips as if both lips were eating each other.
Keische was in a daze and just let Selene do what she wanted.
When Selene pulled her face away, Krische's gaze wondered, and she lowered my eyes shyly.

Selene quietly smiled wryly and raised her face as she felt her gaze.
Bery smiled mischievously as her shoulder shook.

“My, my.
…seems we won't even be able to leave Krische-sama to Ojou-sama.”


“Though, the servant and the noblewoman vying for one woman might make for an interesting subject for the estate tale.”


Krische looked at Selene and Bery in a daze.
Bery whispered happily in her ear.

“Krische-sama, who do you prefer, me or Ojou-sama?”

“Eh? Uuh, which one…?”

“Geez, it's fine if you don't answer it.
Bery, please don't embarrass Krische.
This kid is an idiot, so she'll take it seriously.”

She pinched the troubled Krische on her cheek and turns around.

giggle, giggle, Bery was having fun.

“Krische-sama is just so cute that I can't help but want to tease her.”

Krische was hugged behind her back and was confused, but she just nodded happily.
She didn't seem to understand.

“Do you want to tease someone because they're pretty…?”

Then, Krische, can you imitate a dog with a 'woof'.”

“Uh, a…W-woof.”

“Fufu, Krische-sama is good at it.”

Bery patted Krische's head.
Krische looked embarrassed but also happy.
Selene froze when she saw this.

“Sometimes I want to trouble Krische-sama, embarrass Krische-sama, and see various Krische-sama like this.
It's a part of physical contact.
Does Krische-sama not ike it?”

“K-Krische, might like it…ah, wo…woof.”

“My, what an obedient dog.
I need to pet it a lot.”


Krische, whose brain had melted, was addicted to being petted.
Selene felt an overwhelming sense of danger.

“B-Bery, don't teach her strange things.
What are you going to do if this kid becomes even sillier than this?”

“Isn't it cute? Look, Krische-sama, to Ojou-sama.”


'Dog Krische' leans in expectantly, her eyes shining.
However, all of Selene's moves, except for pampering her, were already sealed.
She sighed and hesitantly reaches out her hand to stroke her head.



Krische presented her head happily.
Then rustle rustle, something between Krische and Selene begins to move.

it's so noisy, I can't sleep…”

Kreschenta raised her face sleepily while rubbing her eyelids.


“…? Onee-sa,mu…!?”

Krische kissed her mouth, pointed her bandaged finger to the tip of her nose, and continued.



Krische furrowed her eyebrows and brings her face closer, and Kreschenta looked at Selene and Bery, not knowing what had happened.
Bery puts her face down, holding her laugh, and Selene looks exasperated.
Only Krische kept looking at her with a serious look.

“Umm? …? W…woof?”

Krische, satisfied, petted Kreschenta's head and hugged her.
Kreschenta was still not sure what was going on.

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