Arc 4 The Beloved, Chapter 64 Reward

In a room at a dark warehouse.
Looking at the Black Century lined up there, Krische opened her mouth.

“For the time being, for Krische there were various dissatisfactions, but Krische will overlook this matter.”

After a week and a bit of rest, that was what Krische told Dagra and the others at the very beginning of her speech.
Those who had been worried about Dagra and Kalua were relieved and saluted.
While Krische was resting, they were also not just taking it easy.
Their rebellion the other day could be said to be a unanimous decision, but it was Krische they were dealing with
They were also scared that they would be severely punished after their return to work.
So, after two days of rest, Dagra took the lead in resuming the rigorous training, hoping to make a good impression.

“Bald Eagle, what is the current number of personnel?”

Quiet a number has come back.
The rest will take about two months.”

“It's a good thing.
It's safe to assume that the battle the other day proved the ability of the unit.
There are only a few casualties, which is a sham—-sad, but considering the achievement made Krische thinks it's quite good.
For Krische it's a passable result.”

'So, it was neither good nor excellent, but passable?'
The group looked at each once again realizing the severity of Krische's standard.

“What will the training policy be?”

“The team's basic physical fitness and coordination are not so bad, for now it's just training against each other within the unit to develop individual skills.”

“Krishe will talk with the First Light Infantry Battalion.
We will train with them as appropriate.
Also, there are a little too many that broke their sword in the unit.
How many pumpkins worth do you guys think that is, what a waste.”

*Hump **hump *after Krishce showed that she was angry, 'So Krische thought about it a little bit', she then put her hands on her waist and puffed out her small chest.

“Using the provided given by the army will just make you guys sloppy.
Therefore, Krische has obtained permission from Selene that this unit is allowed to supply its own weapons (basically personal weapon, probably self-expense).”


It's not over yet.”

Dagra scolded the soldiers whose eyes were shining.
It was a reward for their performance.
It was precisely because they lost that they need to maintain morale by giving them rewards even if it was a small one.
Money was, of course, also given to troops who had suffered causalities or performed well but allowing them to paint some of their armor and to make a simple unit emblem is also part of it.
Since there is also a problem with the appearance in terms of organization, it's basically the left of the back of the hand.
A minor reward—-not so big as far as other troops are concerned, but as far as this Century is concerned, they were also allowed a special self-supply of weapons.
Usually, only battalion commanders are allowed to self-supply their own weapons, so it's also the highest honor a soldier can receive.

“However, the weapons are limited to those that can kill opponents wearing plate armor.
Strong and long-lasting, not for duels or anything else, but for use on the battlefield.
And anything that doesn't disturb the unit coordination.”

The unification of weapons is a prerequisite for cooperation and coordination.
Since the soldiers are to be framed and operated as a single group, there should be no individuality in them.
But for this Century, they are expected to play an active role in a melee situation.
What is needed is the ability to fight as an individual.

The preference for weapons varies according to physique and skill.
Weapons that are more suited to the individual will enhance the pure combat ability of the said individual.
Emphasize in personal combat or group battles in formation
The former is what was expected of them, as each one of them is expected to be able to kill 10 people by themself.

Those who have magical power have incomparably greater physical strength than ordinary people.
This is the reason why the mass-produced swords often broke, and Selene and Krische agreed that it would be better for them to be equipped with superior weapons to match their strength.

In the recent retreat, each person carried two swords.
However, the total number of broken or lost swords exceeded a hundred, and some of them even only get by, by using the enemy's weapon.
Considering the ability to continue fighting, it is not a bad idea to have them use solid and sturdy weapons.
No one would complain about this.
Their military achievements shone brightly even in the midst of a losing battle.

“The unit symbol was also approved, but if you want to make one, make sure it is of a low-profile color with night raid in mind.
This too has been discussed with the unit badge department.
Chose it as you see fit (randomly/anything is fine).”

Even though it was a unit emblem, it could not be made freely.
For example, it is too much for a mere soldier to depict a dragon—-a survivor from the age of the gods called the Holy Spirit, there are designs that are only permitted for royalty and high-ranking nobles.
Naturally, things like crowns or things that indicate the throne (ruler) had various restrictions.
For this reason, there are specialists in charge of coats of arms (crest).
There are some who have the professional title of Crest Officer, but there are few of them, so usually, those who have some knowledge regarding it will be put in charge.

“The armors are also allowed to be self-supply, but not anything that will reflect light or makes a lot of noise.
Bald Eagle, you decide.”

“Yes ma'am!”

“That's all from Krische.
Krische has heard from Bald Eagle that you've been doing your best in training even when Krische isn't looking.
So as a reward, Krische'll give you guys a day off today and tomorrow.
Please complete the order for weapons and various other things as appropriate.”

The soldiers, who were timid at first, all showed their joy and secretly jabbed each other.
Krische was not bothered, and Dagra also let them off the hook for today.

“Bald Eagle, do you have anything to add?”

“Yes ma'am.
Well then…
After this, we will be collecting designs for the unit emblem.
Those who wish to discuss it are to remain.
Thankfully, the corps commander has entrusted us with everything.
Be grateful; It's an honor above all else.”

—-Krische is fine with anything (doesn't care).
Dagra let the soldiers hear what Krische had said before coming here as if it were a great reward.
'Oooohh', a roar could be heard, and many grateful eyes turned to Krische.
Krische tilted her head and said to Dagra.

“Then, Krische will leave the rest to Bald Eagle.”

“…All personnel, salute!”

The sound of them hitting their chest armor echoed as Krische bowed in reply and left the room.

Instead of Selene, who had been promoted to General, Krische became commander of the First Corps.
No one objected to Selene, the daughter of a General, becoming a General, and the same was true of Krische's appointment as Commander of the First Corps.
Selene has always been well-liked and admired by her soldiers.
Krische's personality aside, her abilities are second to none.
Although there was the problem of being young, the two of them had more than enough ability to make up for it, and the three other Corps Commanders agreed that there was no other choice, which made Selene's appointment as a general a smooth transition.

Selene Argalitte Linea Christand
The other day, Selene received an informal decoration from Princess Kreschenta, and inherited the name of Argalitte.
She was given the title of Argalitte, which denotes the entire northern region, and she is now at the top of Christand, both in name and in reality.

And in place of Selene, who had become the General, Krische, now the commander of the first legion, was walking around visiting various battalions.
Although the army is divided into four corps, there is still a good deal of work to be done.
She also needed to tend to the additional personnel for the Black Century.
She watched the training of new recruits who had apparently joined while she was out on the battlefield and pulled out about ten people who seemed to have the knack among those who possessed magical powers.
At present, Century was complete in a sense.
For Krische, it was a satisfactory result.
Therefore, she must be a bit cautious because a sudden increase in personnel would destroy that perfection.

Krische's hands and feet—-what she wanted is a Century that can understand and act in accordance with her intentions.
The problem is that the larger the number, the more difficult it would be for Krische to control.
She would like to eventually have two or three Century, but that will take time.

To tell the one she will pull out to go to Dagra the day after tomorrow, she went outside the fort—-to the First Corps.
It seems that they were in the middle of marching training.
Every Century lined up in a hurry, going straight forward, changing direction, and retreating.
Watching over them was a skinny man with his arm in hanging and covered in bandages.
Krische approaches him.

“…Corps Commander”

“No need to salute, Keith.
Are you okay with your injuries?”

“Yes, well…”

He was the commander of the Third battalion of the First corps.
He could feel the tense glances aimed toward Krische from the soldiers around him.
The one training was the survivor of the Third Battalion, which had been used as bait.
Krische, however, was not particularly concerned.

“Seems we will need to prioritize replenishing the troops here.
Do you have any hope?”

“Let me see…
those who have some ability.
With half of them died, it would be difficult to raise new recruits to replenish the ranks.”

“Then Krische will talk with other Corps Commanders.
Half of the replacements may be recruits, but the other half will be decent soldiers.”

“Much obliged.”

There were five centurions.
They must have been reorganized.
Surrounding Keith was the captains and centurions.
He was now assisting in the training.

“Your role as a decoy was splendid.
Krische thought there would be a little more damage, but you pulled the troops off well.
Krische is glad you are the commander of the third battalion, Keith.”

“From the beginning, I was the one who said to leave the rear to me.
Though I didn't think that I would be left in a state of isolation and helplessness…I heard that instead of Selene-sama, Corps Commander was the commander at the time, so I understand.”

He understands.
However, he cannot say that he is not angry.
Keith controlled those emotions as someone who stood above others.
And even though they suffered damage, there is also the fact that the entire army was saved because of it.
They did not die in vain.
Rather, the instruction was brilliant.
Commanders are always required to control their emotions with mathematical logic.
Furthermore, Krische herself led a Century by herself to stop the enemy.
Knowing about her and the centurion who came back in tatters, there was no way they could criticize her.

“If Krische had to point out one thing, it would have been better if we could have made a decision a little earlier.
If the enemy still had the upper hand even while our side took the high ground, we should have taken other measures instead of maintaining the status quo before that happened.
With the enemy placement in that situation, sent a messenger to Selene and proposed a tactical retreat.
If you had proposed a counterattack by the 4th and 5th battalions, the damage would have been a little less.”

“…Corps Commander, in that forest that's asking too much.”

A man who seems to have been newly appointed as an adjutant interjects.
Eyes that suppressed anger.
Krische narrowed her eyes.

“From the enemy's point of view, the vulnerable part is not the 4th Corps, but the 1st Corps.
Even if you can't see it, you should have assumed that.
Even if you can't see it, you can imagine it.
Thinking from the enemy's point of view is the most basic of basics.
If you had planned a gradual retreat to lure the enemy, we would have been able to lure them in even if we didn't do that.”

'do you understand', Krische continued.

“The commander in the back can only obtain less information than the information you who is in the front can grasp.
If you, the commander's eyes, didn't understand anything, what should the commander use as a basis to make decisions? The team encounters the enemy leader during reconnaissance.
But you don't know how big it is, and you don't know where it is.
That's one of the things that shouldn't happen.”

Krische puts her hands on her hips and sighed.
Looking at the emotions on the faces of the men, she rationally spun her words.

“It's not surprising that it's hard to get information in the forest.
But those of you in front should be able to get more information.
Krische solved the problem forcefully by using you guys as bait, but it was after all a forceful solution.
From your view, we could have found a better solution.
That's why Krische is asking you to think a little more about it after this reflection.”

Nodding quietly at Krische's words as they are uttered, Keith said to those around him.

“There is nothing wrong about what the Corps Commander said.
In fact, it is true that many others were saved by us becoming a decoy.
Do not look at Corps Commander that way.
…Corps Commander was the one who fought on the front lines of the counterattack and then led a Century for a week to sabotage and disrupt the enemy with no support.
Don't forget the fact that the corps commander fought on a tougher battlefield than we did.”

No one refuted his words.
Krische demanded of them.
But she, herself does more than what she demanded.
There were many who resented her, especially in the Third Battalion.
But the reason it never turned into clear malice was that she always included herself in what was demanded of them.
She does what no one else can do, and no matter how difficult the situation is, she advances without hesitation.

—-that thing is different.
She is a monster.
They feared her more than they resented her.
Everyone kept a distance in their hearts; she is not a being who should be viewed with the same standard as ordinary people.
Even if you don't understand the human heart, you will still know that she is an abnormal being.
Even if you ask for compassion, she will never understand.
And no matter what, you can't go against her, and if she says it, then you have no choice.
They come to terms with their feelings, which are far removed from understanding her.

“Tomorrow at noon, we will discuss the battle at Bernaich jointly with the Fourth Corps.
All battalion commanders and adjutants are to participate, and two of the centurions are to be brought along for post-education.
We will find out how the situation has evolved and what the problems are in this battle, so please think about it.”

“Yes ma'am”

“Let Krische know if you need anything else.”

Krische left and visited each battalion.
The Fifth Battalion, which consisted mainly of archers, had suffered no real damage and was in a neutral position.
Krische was advised that they would follow up but that it would be better to be a little more considerate.

The Second Battalion of heavy infantry was also neutral.
It seems they felt indebted toward the Third battalion as they were the first to withdraw, but they didn't mention it much, and just expressed their gratitude for helping the First battalion breakthrough and linking up quickly.
Thanks to that, the damage to the Second Battalion, which was maintaining the breakthrough, was minimal.

The Fourth battalion commander Varga completely faced Krische with the face of a battalion commander.
Business conversation without any light talk.
The line was completely drawn, but it did not matter to Krische.
The soldiers seemed afraid of Krische, but some, strangely enough, went out of their way to thank her.
Some of the soldiers, who had been saved in a close call by Krische, bowed deeply to her, saying that she had saved their lives.

She was only concerned about the loss of strength.
Krische, who had not saved them for any particular humanitarian reason, was a little surprised and said, 'Krische was just doing what should be done in the middle of a battle.
Don't worry about it', and replied appropriately.

She didn't do it for their sake; it was only natural.
The soldiers, who had been saved and were eagerly expressing their gratitude, saw the difference from the rumors, and began to hold respect for Krische, who told them so in a troubled manner.
Some even showed pity, remembering her figure breathing heavily from exhaustion and leaning against a tree.

Krische may have unintentionally helped others, but she never asks for anything in return.
Her appearance makes her look like some kind of saint to others.
For better or worse, she was narrow-minded, self-centered, and pure.

The last place she went was to the First Battalion of Light Infantry—-here they very favorable to Krische.
They knew Krische very well through their training with the Black Century, and they knew that Krische is very strict not only with others but also with herself.
Her ability was also well-known.

It was she and her Black Century that succeeded in the central rear breakthrough by the First Battalion, and there is no doubt that they would have won the battle of the Dragon Maw if they had had a little more time.
They understood that the sacrifice of the third battalion this time was at least the best way and that it was probably inevitable.

“Wrong, the handle is like this, and the stride is like this.
It's like a bowstring.
All you have to do is transmit the power of your whole body to the tip of the sword.
Your arms are for transmitting that power, so you shouldn't put too much force into it.”


Krische was giving a swordsmanship lecture in the middle of her visit before she knew it.
She was approached by the soldiers, who were friendly and jokingly asked her to teach him how to use the sword.
The young man—-probably in his twenties, was blushing as he straightened his stance along with Krische.

The appearance of the peerless beautiful girl Krische is something the young man has never seen before.
The reality was that such a girl was touching his hands and shoulders and guiding him step by step.
As she leaned forward, her silvery hair fluttered and tickled his hand, and her long eyelashes enveloping her large purple eyes made her all the more attractive.

“Haha, Krische-sama, you can't do it like that.
Krische-sama is so beautiful that he becomes captivated and can't understand what Krische-sama is saying.”

“Muu…you didn't listen properly?”

She put her hands on her hips and looked up at him with a pouting face.

Petite and slender, Krische is a dainty little girl.
The soapy fragrance tickled his nose and was sweet to the core.
The effect was the opposite of what she intended.
The young man's eyes swam, and he denied it 'No, no!' in a somewhat falsetto voice.

“Well, it's fine.
It might be quicker to show it.
Please lend Krische your sword.”

“Ah, Yes”

She took the long sword and stand in front of the training dummy.
The training dummy is a log with a straw rope tied around it and leather armor with a helmet on top.
Krische stands in front of it, took off her cloak, and handed it to the young man.

Underneath the black cloak was a white shirt and black skirt.
Like a daughter of a good family, her lightly embroidered clothes were simple but beautiful.
Although she just considered the cloak as an obstacle to showing her movement, the men's eyes were focused on her slender waist, her modest bulge, and her white skin that could be seen between her boots and her knee-length skirt, which swayed in the wind.

The young man who was handed her cloak felt the warmth and scent that remained and was nervous, but Krische didn't notice it.

The soldiers around him looked at him enviously, and before anyone knew it, a circle of soldiers had formed around Krische.
They were eagerly looking at the center—-at the girl who is a head shorter than the men around her.
The training dummy and the position of the girl.
The distance between the training scarecrow and the girl—-was a distance that normally would be too far for a girl.
At first, she steps forward too slowly, as if to sink her petite frame into the ground.
—-At the same time as her foot stepped through the earth, the tip of the sword pierced through the armor as if it was sucked in.


Someone breathes a gasp of admiration.
It was not fast, it was rather slow for a movement.
However, the tip of the sword pierced through the sturdy leather armor as if it were butter.
The size of the distance between the two was unimaginable from the small appearance.
The supple body suddenly extended.

By pulling back her foot, she easily drew her sword and told them.

“The moment you step in, the power transmitted from your feet disappears.
The point is, before that power disappears, apply strength from your waist to your back—-“

Krische repeated it once more.
Faster than before, in an instant, a hole is drilled, and the sword is drawn.

“—-Concentrate from the shoulder to the tip of the sword.
The flow of the body is more important than strength.
Is it the image of transferring all the weight to a single point? Like that, even with Krische's weight, it's enough.”

Smoothly and without delay.
The movements were so beautiful that the men were amazed.

“If you do it properly, you can pierce a plate armor like this.
The problem is that it damages the blade.
If you thrust too deeply, it will also be difficult to pull it out or the blade will be bent, so be careful.
It will leave you defenseless.”

Krische spun the sword around in her hand and looked at the surrounding.
The crowd erupted in applause and praise.
When Krische was about to take back the cloak saying 'that's enough right.', some even raised their voice and asked for more.
flutter, flutter the man was struck by her fluttering skirt.
'Oi, oi' the soldiers' gazes turned to the man who asked for more.

Please take a good look okay.”

However, Krische didn't notice it.
The movements of the legs and hips are more important than the tips of the hands.
So, she thought it was natural for the gaze to be focused on those areas, so she did not feel that it was anything particularly outrageous.
Krische again thrusts, saying that eagerness is a good thing.

Flutter, the skirt swayed a little, and a hint of femininity appeared in the lines of her stretched-out body.
Another gasp of admiration.
After that, the men were asking about how to swing a sword instead of thrusting.

“……Somehow you all seem very enthusiastic.
Well, that's good.”

Krische smiled at the soldiers who were motivated to 'train'.
The light infantrymen are all skilled in swordsmanship.
Some were seriously impressed by Krische's sword skills, but Krische couldn't have noticed that she was half treated as a dancer.

Her swordsmanship is not rough, and her precision has a smoothness that makes it more of a sword dance than a combat technique.
The way she wielded her sword, combined with her appearance, made her look like a dancer.

“Many people put a lot of strength on their arms, but the arms should be relaxed.
The force that passes from the feet to the hips and from the navel to the back should be transmitted directly from the shoulders.
Centrifugal force—-swinging the sword with the force of a circle.
Though Krische says a circle it's more of an ellipse.
You should be aware of drawing the necessary, shortest ellipse.
The fastest stroke is not necessarily the best stroke.”

“I see…”

She puts her hands on her hips while puffing out her small breasts outstretched, looking somewhat pompous.
She imitated the appearance of Selene and the training instructor, but her figure could only be seen as a beautiful older sister neighbor.
Krische, lecturing while acting as a big sister, is not a fearsome monster but something adorable.

Many of them have watched as her sword sliced with ease through the necks of her enemies, but no matter what was said she is cute.

Krische was also really enthusiastic.
When she explained one by one, the things she was doing, they responded with wonderful responses, which made the lecture very rewarding for her.
'Krische might have gotten better at telling and explaining things' Krische thought.
She didn't realize most of them were watching and admiring, 'Dancer Krische' doing a sword dance.

Of course, it was not that they did not listen to her lecture on swordsmanship at all, but they still gave more importance to 'Dancer Krische' rather than 'Swordsman Krische'.
The more they praised her, the more satisfied she looked, the more she smiled, and the more confidently she began to explain things, creating an atmosphere in which no one could stop.

Whirl, whirl, She danced around, swinging her sword as if she was trying to flex her body, which had been resting for a while.
She was slightly drenched in sweat, her shirt slightly sticking to reveal the lines of her body when a golden-haired girl with her eyebrows twitching called to her.

what are you doing, Krische?”


Krische, who was in a good mood, hugged Selene who appeared after breaking through the waves of people.
She was wearing her usual cross armor and riding pants.
Krische rubbed her cheek against Selene's shoulder.

“Ehehe, it's a sword lecture.
Everyone is very enthusiastic.”


Selene looks around her and observed Krische's looks, understanding the situation she looked at a man.
Vergil, the First Battalion Commander who mixed in, watching the 'Dancer Krische' solo performance before anyone knew it, shook his shoulder and raised his voice in panic.

“Salute to the General!”

Those around him immediately straightened their posture and saluted, hitting their palms on their chests.
Selene glared at Vergil with a frightening look.

I understood the situation somewhat, but…
no matter how much an idiot the Krische is, please don't play around with her too much.”

“Krische, not an idi…uuu.”


She pinched Krische's soft cheeks with both hands and glared at the surroundings a bit angrily,
Everyone smiled bitterly and averted their gaze.
She beckoned to a young man who was holding Krische's cloak, took it, and covered Krische's body completely.
Krische happily snuggled up to Selene, and Selene stroked Krische's head.

At least wear pants instead of skirts during training.”

“…Krische doesn't like pants.”

“If you wear a skirt, it might flutter up and show your underwear.”

“Krische won't show—-uuu…”

Krische's cheeks were, muni muni, pinched, and she blushed and fell silent.
She was careful not to show her underwear.
She didn't show much of her thighs.
But her awareness creates a strange chirari (glimpse) effect that just pleased the soldiers further, but of course, Krische is extremely insensitive to such glances.

Selene sighed as she looked at her exasperated, sighed thinking that she was stubborn in a strange way.
though she did not think there was anyone brave enough to attack her, Krische was still too indifferent about her appearance and attractiveness.
She understood the basics, such as not showing her skin or underwear, but she didn't understand the fundamentals.
Her head ached just thinking about it.
It might even be better to just collar her and locked her up in her room for the rest of her life.

“For the time being, you're still recovering, so let's go back.
Is it fine if you don't cook with Bery?”

“No, Krische will cook with Bery!”


pon pon Selene hit Krische on the head and looked at Bagil.

The First Battalion seems to have a lot of physical strength, Bagil.
There's still time until evening.
How about you lead the training for a forced march?”

“Ha, haha…
seems I can't refuse.”

“Really, geez.
Run until the sun goes down.”

“Yes ma'am! First Battalion, we will now begin the running and marching drill.
Form up!”

Selene sighed deeply as she watched the First Battalion move swiftly.

“Selene, if you sigh too much, your happiness will run away.
Is what Bery said.”

“Yeah, I wonder whose fault it is.”


Selene grabbed Krische's cheek and let out another deep sigh.

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