Arc 4 The Beloved, Chapter 68 Skeleton

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A key point in the northern part of the Kingdom—-the Dragon's Maw.
Southwest of Mirskronia is the Alkeil Mountains Range.
From Bernaich, the Kurail Mountain Range continues east to the Great Sea of Trees, cutting off the north and south sides of the Kingdom.

The mountain range to be crossed this time is the Kurail Mountain Range to the east of Bernaich.
For a while after Bernaik, there are steep mountains that completely prohibit the passage of an army, but the Kurail Mountain Range becomes more or less gentle as it's further east.
Autumn was already near its end.
Krische and the other had to cross this Kurail and enter the Royal Capital area before the snow piled up with the arrival of a complete winter.

“To General Verreich.
Tell him to start moving.”

Krische ordered while playing with her hair, which was tied in two, the messenger saluted and went outside.
In the tent of the First Corps was the skeletal Eluga Faren, the corps commander of the Fourth Corps.
And his adjutant, Quinez Karza—-a small, fat young man in contrast to the slender Eluga.
He is in his mid-thirties, but as a noble and holder of magical powers, his looks young.
Although he was not a handsome man, his face was soft and his gentle and calm appearance had a mysterious charm that softened the attitude of those who saw him.
He is an adjutant to Eluga Faren, the corps commander of the Fourth Corps, who possesses excellent intelligence, and his mind turns reasonably well, despite his appearance.

Also, Dagra and Mia.
Kalua and her squad mate of the First Black Squad were standing by as escort and squire.
The current location is at the foot of the Kurail Mountain Range.
Krische and the others were taking a rest just as the steep mountains were beginning to show their gentle sides.

“…Well then, I hope they don't realize it.”

“Even if they do, they will be looking further to the east.
And they can't possibly have the strength to take on General Verreich's army.
Considering the current situation, the most they can send is 20,000 to 30,000—-Even if they're in the best possible conditions, 40,000 would be the limit.”

The former corps commander of the First Corps, Nozan Verreich, was apparently so furious that you could even recognize it by his letter.
When they asked him for his cooperation in the counterattack, he agreed without hesitation.

The concern was the military strength of Nozan, but there were many people who were out of work in the eastern part where villages were burned by the Holy Empire, and there were surprisingly many who volunteered to join the army in search of jobs.

The Nozan army numbered 25,000 men.
Leaving 10,000 of them in the East and Wolfeit, Nozan will invade the capital with 15,000 troops.

“Haha, Christand will be safe if Krische-sama is here.
My calculations are the same.
Even if 40,000 were sent, most of them would probably be new recruits.
Although there is threat in numbers, the force is weak.”

For Krische, Krische'd be happy if they send that much military power there, but…
well, it's probably around 30,000 at most.”


Nozen's invasion will begin from the east along the mountain range.
The Kingdom's central army will move to defend against it, and they will collide with it next week.
Krische and her team were aiming at the rear of the central army.

Eruga looked at the spread out map and pointed to one point.

“I think it's here…
what about Krische-sama?”

It's not like there's a town there.
Just a blank area.
Dagra frowned, and Mia thought a little.

“That's right.
That's the delicious part, isn't it? As for Krische, Krische feels that it's okay to do this by separating from Faren's Corps Commander.”

Krische pointed slightly south of that point.
Mia looked convinced and asked.

“Is it to cut off the rear communication line no matter where it is?”

The possible points of collision between the east and center.
And a large city in the vicinity.
No matter which, It was in between the two.

Let's start from there.
we can't take much over the mountain, right?”

Mountains are not impossible to climb if they try.
Even in the Dragon Maw, they were fighting in the mountains.
But why not use the mountains as an invasion route—-the reason was logistics.
It is possible to pass soldiers to the other side if it is a certain level of mountain, but not so for the logistics that follow.
They definitely need a carriage.
For this reason, a mountain that cannot be used by a carriage becomes an impenetrable obstacle or a very difficult obstacle for military invasion.

The amount of luggage and provisions an individual can carry is limited.
Considering the equipment, it is impossible for an individual to carry even just 10 days' worth of rations.
This time as well, they planned to use the horse that had prepared for crossing the mountain by tying the supply to its back.
The cost would be ridiculous, but it would provide food for the time being, and they were also bringing along a sheep as walking food.

“Krische and the other has one of two options.
Either quickly rendezvous with the eastern army led by General Verreich or steal the enemy's rations.”

“……I see”

Mia wondered why they were making the mountain crossing so far in advance.
They can go a little further east, then the mountain will be less steep.
It would be hard to climb up the mountains here, and they'd have less provisions to take with them.
But if they wanted to steal the enemy's transportation, there was no other place to cross the mountain than here.

Mia was impressed, understanding the reason.

The information given to the soldiers is always the bare minimum necessary.
There is no army where its soldiers sit in a circle, chewing dried meat and discussing tomorrow's tactics.
Mia, who was forced to sit in on this important discussion without really understanding what Krische was asking of her, made various assumptions in her head.
The Black Century would naturally be involved in the assault on the enemy transportation corps.

“And Krische and the other choose the latter.
Thinking about the future, we will first attack the enemy's rear and steal the enemy's supply (cargo).
After that, we will aim at the rear of the central army fighting General Verreich, but…”

Krische looked at Eluga.

“It's not a bad idea to divide them into two…but it depends on the situation.
If the enemy is larger than expected, it is not a bad idea to reduce their strength.
Verreich's ability is solid.
He will be able to hold out even if he is slightly outnumbered.

“Hmm…Isn't it better to focus on one spot and aim at the rear with a single blow? If we completely cut off the rear, then they can also notice Krische's movements.”

Eluga nodded at Krische's words.
Nozanis a decoy——if they could just convince the enemies of it.
If they could make the enemy believe that Krische and his men were heading straight for the Dragon's Maw and that Nozen was simply stalling to draw their forces away, they would be able to ambush the enemy, even if they knew they were crossing the mountains.

“I want to make them think that we are heading for the Dragon's Maw.
In all probability, it will be as intended.
The General who will face Verreich-dono is a stiff-minded one.
He might be able to read the back, but he won't be able to read the back of the back.”

“General Marcellus is it.
On the record, he looked like a mediocre person.”

“Yes, that is correct.
He is a man of great valor and is well respected by his soldiers.
But that is all.”

From Eluga's point of view, he was a higher ranked person——but his words were harsh.
Even if something unexpected happened, the situation was perfect.
Eluga implicitly told him that they could not lose and looked at Dagra.

Dagra slightly corrected his posture.
Although he is a special centurion under Krische's direct command, the corps commander status is still above the clouds for him.
There will be some tension especially when it comes to Eluga, who is a renowned tactician.

“In that case, I'd like to borrow Krische-sama power.
Let's use the Fourth Corps to support the attack.
The battle against the Holy Empire, and the success of the Dragon's Maw…
If you're going to attack from rear, wouldn't it be possible to end the battle just by making a path?”

Krische thought for a moment and nodded.

“It's possible.
If that's the case, then Krische will only operate Black and Red——the light infantry.
Can Krische leave the rest of the command to you?”

“I don't mind…
Ah, about that.”

Eluga remembered the retreat battle and thinks a little.
Counterattack with a battalion as a decoy.
Considering the circumstances, it was a truly splendid counterattack.
Thanks to that, Eruga's Fourth Corps suffered little damage.
The First Corps suffered somewhat less damage than if it had just retreated as it was.

However, a commander's logic is not always correct.
Soldiers on the front lines fight by emotion rather than mathematical logic.
Eluga had heard that this had created a rift between her and the corps under her.

“…I see.
It may be of no use to Krische-sama, but….”


“It's at times like that, you should leave something up to them.”

Eluga's bony face broke into a smile.
He had a sinister smile like that of a reaper that sent chills down the spine of those who see it, but that's how just Eluga's face shaped when he smiled, and there was no trace of malice on his part.
However, Mia, who was watching, quietly backed away with a 'Uuu' and was glared at by Dagra.

“I used to do that when I was young, and I still do now that I'm older.
I believed that the logic of numbers could control everything, and I moved everything with that logic.
I disliked incompetence and cut it out of my life.
…But in time, nobody was left under me.
They turned away from me.”

'Kukuku', He spoke nostalgically.

“Of course, it's Krische-sama we're talking about, Krische-sama has ingenuity that's incomparable to me.
I can't speak of you on the same level as me, but…
we don't fight alone.
No matter how good a sword Krische-sama is, killing 10,000 people alone, is a bone breaking labor.”

“That's right.
Krische doesn't have much that much stamina…”

Krische pondered for a moment, and she blushed and nodded as she recalls when she fainted.

“Just killing hundreds of people is already tiring for Krische.
If Krische's going to kill 10,000 people, then Krische going to need to take a good rest and spread it by days…”

She put her hands on her reddened cheeks and shook her body in embarrassedly.
The people inside the tent were shocked, by the embarrassed Krische.
She was saying that she can slay 10,000 soldiers if she takes a rest.
Hearing her words, only Eluga laughed merrily without being surprised.

“Kuku, If we are to finish the job in a day or a few hours, we will still need excellent subordinates.
And these people are not like the fruits of the forest, they don't grow on their own.
They are like the crops of the field, and we must nurture them.”

“That's, certainly”

“I am sure that many of us may seem incompetent to you, Krische-sama, but if you nurture them, they can become something more than that.
Most armies are just a bunch of incompetents, but if you raise them to a reasonable degree, you'll have ample advantage.
……Bogan-dono always told me that.”

'Though he wasn't that sarcastic', he wryly smiled.
Krische pondered his words for a moment, and Eluga smiled kindly——wickedly, as best as he can.
Mia gradually distanced herself from him, and Douglas grabbed her by the neck and put her back in place.

“Christand army is strong because that is how they have brought up those under them.
And to nurture them, you have to entrust them with something.
If there is an opportunity, people will naturally grow up.
Even if that person does not hold such vessel, the experience will broaden his horizons.
If you think about the future, I feel that it would be better to try to leave it to one of them rather than entrusting it to me.”

Muu, raising them”

“That's right, now…
let's think of this from a different point of view.”

Eluga sipped black bean tea on his chin and continued.

“Everyone knows about Krische-sama's abilities.
Whether they like it or not, there is no doubt about it.
So are your battalion commanders.”


“If Krische-sama's entrusted me with the command, they would think you judged them as incompetent and untrustworthy.
It's a natural logic.”

“That…Krische understands.”

Krische nodded at Eruga with interest.

“However, if you entrust them with the command, they will be proud.
It means that you have recognized them for their ability.”

“…Is it like that?”

“That's right.
…Dagra is it?”

“…Yes, Corps Commander Faren.”

Dagra salutes as the word was directed at him.

“Your Century is second to none in the world and is truly the strongest centurion.
How do you feel about being entrusted with it by none other than the Krische-sama?”

“Yes sir! It is the greatest honor for a centurion to be entrusted with such century by the greatest warrior, the Corps Commander, and I will be proud of it for the rest of my life! Corps Commander Faren.”

“Very well, take a rest (step back).
…and, that's how it is.”

Krische stared at Dagra and asked.

“Is that so? Bald Eagle”

“Yes ma'am! These words are my true feeling, Krische-sama.”

“Krische-sama is underestimating yourself.
To be recognized by someone like Krische-sama and to be given special authority is something that gives will give self-confidence.
Confidence can sometimes lead to overestimating, but moderate Confidence is actually motivating.”

Although she wondered if that was the case, it was true that Dagra was doing his job well and working hard for Krische.
Looking back at his work, she nodded.

“…Certainly, Bald Eagle is doing his work properly.”

“Fufu, that's how it is.
Why don't you try entrusting something to them as a test for the time being? If you're worried, I'll also watch it.
Rest assured.”

“…Thank you very much.”

Krische stood up and bowed deeply.
Eluga who received it straight, laughed and shook his head saying 'it's nothing'.
And after that, Eluga looked at Dagra curiously

“But I was wondering…what is with Bald Eagle?”

“It's called a nickname, it's a name that is filled with affection that's popular among the soldiers.
It seems that Krische is called Usa-chan because Krische looked like a white rabbit in the winter…
Krische is not really good at getting along with people.
Krische thought Krische will start with the first step.”


Bald Eagle was given by Krische.
You see, his head is smooth head, and he has an eagle nose, so it's a perfect fit.
It just come to Krische, so Krische think that's what called an inspiration.”

'Bald Eagle was very happy', Krische said happily.
How pitiful——Eruga looked at Dagra with pity, but when he saw Krische's innocent face full of good intentions, he hesitated to intervene.
Dagra communicated Eluga in that instant and shook his head with a wry smile.
Eluga nodded and raised his evaluation of Dagra's as a capable man.

There was no way Krische would understand such a silent conversation between the two.
Krische just looked at Eruga's face that looked like pondering about something.
She wrinkled her brow and then clapped her hands together as if she had just thought of something.

“…Corps Commander Faren, Krische, may have had another flash of inspiration.”

“…? What is it?”

The girl's face approaches Eluga and stares intently into his face.
A bright smile appeared on her face.
The jewel-like purple eyes seem to shine brighter than usual.

Don't tell me, no——Dagra had a bad premonition when he noticed it.
Eluga truly have a distinctive face.
Immediately, Dagra tried to interject——



—-But faster than that, a word that froze the inside of the tent was uttered.
Only Krische had a smile like a blooming flower.

“Corps Commander Faren taught Krische various things and is cooperating with Krische…
Ehehe, Krische feels bad that Krische've been receiving so many things…
From now on, we will be working together and cooperating, so Krische also wants to give something back to Corps Commander Faren.”

'So, a nickname', Krische confidently said.

“Bald Eagle seems to really like the nickname Bald Eagle, so Krische thought Krische would give Corps Commander Faren that nickname as a gift.
How is it? Krische thinks it's a perfect fit.
Krische has always thought Corps Commander Faren's face resembled a skull.”

She was in high spirits, which was unusual for Krische.
She didn't notice the frosty air and continued to push the abuse that is her good will.

Skeleton was one of the malicious words used to refer to Eluga.
Naturally, Eluga himself knew about it and was somewhat concerned about it.
However, he has never been told this directly to his face, except when he was a child, not even once in the past few decades.

I understand, but Krische, at my age, being given a nickname is…”

“To Krische both Bald Eagle and Skeleton are not so different in age.”

“No, but, you see…”

“…Maybe, um…do you hate being nicknamed by Krische?”


Krische's purple eyes shook sadly.
She looked fragile and lovely, and the way she said it, made it really hard to deny that she was doing it purposefully.

They have known each other since she was adopted by Chrishtand and started showing up at the military.
Naturally, he knows Krische's personality and understood that she has no malicious intentions.
Although she possesses an intellect that's enough to toy Eluga's, she has a temperament that is even younger than her appearance.
She had a straightforward and innocent personality and was honest in both good and bad ways.
If he answered that he did not want the nickname, she might think that Eluga refused to build a trusting relationship with her.
And that would greatly hurt her.

Before going into battle, Selene had said even though she was a clumsy girl in many ways, please take care of her.
She's Bogan's adopted daughter to whom he's indebted to—-and that was his intention from the beginning, but.
Eluga's intellect spun searching for way to softly reject the proposal, without hurting the girl in front of him.

“It's not that I don't like it…it's, just to sudden.

“Hehe, that's a relief.
Then, can Krische call you Skeleton from now on?”

“T-that's, Krische-sama…”

“Krische, want to continue to get along with the Skeleton, so Krische thought, to do what Krische did with Bald Eagle, I to start with the first step…
Fufu, if Skeleton like it, then that's a relief.”

She was in a good mood as she put her hands on her cheeks and said, 'Maybe Krische is good at giving nicknames, after all'.
Krische's figure was exactly that of a child.
Eruga who saw it cannot continue the second line.
Adjutant Quinez turned pale and looked at Krische with astonished eyes.

“Skeleton is a nickname that's as easy to call as Bald Eagle, and Krische think it's a very good nickname….
Bald Eagle also said that the nickname “Bald Eagle” is of the highest honor…
isn't that right? Bald Eagle.”

yes ma'am, i-it's the greatest honor.”

Bald Eagle—-Dagra had no choice but to answer like that, and immediately glared at Mia.
Mia shook her head and pointed teary-eyed at Kalua, who pretended not to hear anything while changing the water in the pot.
She was uncharacteristically working diligently.

“Krischealso gained confidence from it…ehehe, Krische also think this kind of nickname would make Skeleton happy.
Skeleton…Skeleton, yes, it's a very nice nickname.”

Krische looked absolutely happy.
Repeating it over and over again while shaking her body with excitement.

then, Skeleton.
Once again, Krische looks forward to working with Skeleton from now on.”

Krische held out her right hand with a smile without any malice.
Eluga stared at that hand.
If he held it, then that would be the last, however,

“Y…yeah, l-looking forward to working with you, Krische-sama.”

Seeing such a girl, there was no longer any escape for Eluga.

—-After that.

“Do you understand? Krische-sama misunderstood because of your careless words and actions! Even the Corps Commander Faren become like that…
do you know what you've done!”

“Y-yes sir, no…
but, that's Kalua, not me…”

“Don't make excuses! I'm asking if you understands!”

“Hie, I-I know, but…but, but it's not my…hie”

As usual, Mia received Dagra's sermon.
And there is also Mia's personality who rebelled against the unreasonable sermon, so it continued for a whole hour.

As for Kalua, without anyone realizing it, had gone out using scouting the area as an excuse.

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