It seemed that he was indeed a strange person.
He actually covered himself so tightly.
Su Meng complained in her heart.
It was fortunate that Gao Yan informed her in advance.
Otherwise, she would have thought that this person was a criminal.

“Miss Su, the criminal is in the inner room.
Follow me in.” Gao Yan opened the door of the inner room.
Su Meng saw the criminal sitting in the middle.

The criminal was wearing a hood and a prison uniform.
He was locked in a chair.

Gao Yan had been following Su Meng.
He wanted to protect Su Meng’s safety.
This criminal was too dangerous.
Shen Jian and One followed and stood behind Su Meng.

At this moment, the criminal was awake.
His head was covered and his hands and feet were locked.
He couldn’t move, but he was struggling slightly.

Su Meng walked in front of the criminal and squatted down to observe his hands.

Shen Jian was curious about what Su Meng was going to do.
He squatted down beside her.
The two of them were very close to each other.
Officer One, who was standing at the back, instantly released cold air.
Everyone present shivered.

“Brother, lend me your hand.” After Su Meng said that, she took out the compass and placed the criminal’s hand on it.

Although the criminal resisted, his body was locked and he could not resist.
He could only let himself be grabbed by others.
He did not know what his hand had touched, but a cold air invaded his body.

This feeling made him extremely uncomfortable.
Although his body was restricted, his hand could still move.
He shook his hand with force, trying to shake off that thing.

The compass was very heavy.
Su Meng only used her hand to hold it.
With a wave of the criminal’s hand, the compass fell off.
This was her precious source of income.
After using it for so long, she had already developed feelings for it.
Moreover, this kind of thing would recognize its owner after a long time, so she could not break it.

Su Meng hurriedly reached out to catch it.
She was originally squatting, but in the end, she lost her footing and fell toward the criminal’s direction.

Shen Jian had always been by her side, so he instinctively reached out to catch it.
He could not control his strength and directly pulled Su Meng into his embrace.
However, in the next moment, he felt the clothes on the back of his neck being grabbed by someone and then lifted up like a kitten, he threw him to the side.

One caught Su Meng and carried her away from the criminal.
Then, he let go and walked to the side.

Because he had been thrown too hard just now, Shen Jian directly hit the wall and hit his head.
It hurt so much that he cried out in pain.

Gao Yan, who was standing at the side, saw the whole thing clearly.
He looked at One in shock and did not react for a moment.
It was not until Shen Jian cried out in pain that he walked over to help Shen Jian up.

Shen Jian had clearly caught Su Meng just now.
Why did he have to throw Shen Jian away to catch her? Could it be that his boss had taken a liking to Su Meng?!

“Alright, I know where it is.” Su Meng did not pay attention to the incident just now.
Her attention was on the compass.
When she saw the compass suddenly turn, she excitedly told everyone.

“Can you determine the specific location?” Gao Yan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.
However, if they wanted to find it successfully, they still needed to find the specific location.

They had dragged this out for too long.
They did not have time to waste anymore.
They hoped that they could solve this problem in one go.

“The location is very strange.
It seems to be moving all the time.” Su Meng looked at the compass and said.

“Moving? Could it be that someone found it first?” Gao Yan’s heart instantly tensed up.

“No, the speed of the movement is very slow.
It’s like… It’s like strolling.
It’s very slow.” Su Meng frowned.
This feeling was too strange.
If someone had not found it, how could it move?

“Okay, then I’ll make the arrangements.
I’ll go look for them now.” Gao Yan glanced at one.
Seeing that he did not have any other reaction, he knew that he had agreed and immediately left to prepare.

It did not take long before they were ready.
Before going down, Gao Yan asked someone to send bulletproof vests for Su Meng and Shen Jian.
He asked them to put them on in advance just in case.

Other than bulletproof vests, he also prepared a set of field combat uniforms for each of them.
The place they were going to was an undeveloped forest.
There were not only poisonous insects and beasts, but also criminals.

When Su Meng went down, six or seven military SUVs were already parked downstairs.

She had been in the building and did not pay attention to the outside.
When she came out, she found out that it was actually raining.
The rain was not light.
It had affected her line of sight, but the sound was not loud.
No wonder she had not heard any sound.

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