When that person walked closer, Su Meng saw that the person who came to look for her was actually that officer with a strange temper.
Seeing him, even Su Meng, who had a cold personality, felt a little nervous at this moment.

This time, she had fallen behind, so she must have delayed things.
Would this officer scold her?

“That, I’m sorry, I…” Su Meng was just about to apologize when that officer suddenly squatted down in front of her.

“Come up,” One ordered in a low voice.

“But, um…” Su Meng was already very grateful that he came to find her.
It would be embarrassing if he had to carry her.

“Come up.” One interrupted her before she could finish.
His body remained in the squatting position.

When Su Meng saw this, she went up unceremoniously.
It would be pretentious of her to refuse again.
Moreover, she was already exhausted.
If she walked by herself, it would only slow them down.
It would be better to let this officer carry her back first.

With one hand around One’s neck and the other protecting the little fox in front of her chest, Su Meng maintained a posture and did not dare to move.

As expected of the commander of the military region.
His physical strength was too good.
He carried Su Meng back in large strides without any signs of fatigue.
After walking for a few minutes, they found the main group.
Su Meng looked at the people in front of her and felt a little embarrassed.
Was it so close? She thought it was very far and waited for a long time.

“One, how is Miss Su?” Gao Yan saw one carrying Su Meng on his back and quickly went up to greet him.

Shen Jian was also beside them.
He had been with a few other soldiers, so he did not get lost.
After they received the news from v, they all came back.

“I’m fine.
I just fell.” Su Meng revealed the little fox in her arms.
She continued, “I just picked up a little fox.
The mother fox was not by its side.
It must have encountered something.
I was afraid that it would die, so I brought it back.”

It was already difficult to walk by herself.
Now that there was another little fox, Su Meng could not help but worry about the road ahead.
However, seeing what happened next made her feel that her worries were unnecessary.

“That’s easy to say.” Gao Yan called over a soldier and took his backpack down.
Su Meng found that the bag was empty.
Gao Yan put the little fox into the bag and then zipped it up.
He left a hole on the side that could allow air to breathe and then let the soldier carry it.

The little fox’s problem was solved.
The only problem was that Su Meng did not have enough stamina.

“Boss, I have just rested.
I will carry you for the rest of the way.
Don’t fall down again.
This mountain is too dangerous.” Shen Jian was still afraid of what had happened just now.
If something happened to Su Meng… How would he explain it to Elder Guo?

Shen Jian said as he walked toward Su Meng.
However, before he got close, Su Meng was already carried by One.

“I can walk on my own.
You don’t have to carry me.” Su Meng’s body suddenly floated in the air.
She jumped in fright and cried out in alarm.

“Put my boss down.
Don’t touch her! Boss, let me carry you.
I’ve already rested.” Shen Jian walked over.
He stretched out his hand to pull One, but was pulled back by Gao Yan, who was quick-witted.
This was because he could already feel One’s displeased aura.

“Don’t, oh no, it’s fine.
Don’t worry.
It’s more reliable for him to carry Miss Su on his back.
We have to carry weight training every day.
Carrying a Miss Su is not a problem.
In terms of stamina, you can’t beat him.”

“Moreover, it’s already been so long.
We can’t waste any more time.
We have to find the item as soon as possible.
Don’t forget, you guys are the main characters tonight.
I still need your help later.
The most important thing is to preserve your stamina.” Gao Yan hurriedly tried to smooth things over.

“Is that so?” Shen Jian frowned.
His expression did not look too good.

Gao Yan quickly nodded.

His words were also heard by Su Meng.
Although she did not want One to carry her, in order not to affect the progress of the group, she could only trouble One.

Gao Yan was right.
There was still a long way to go.
Her physical strength was not as good as these men.
She would definitely fall behind once she walked.
Although the rain was less now and the resistance was less, it was not easy for her.

Gao Yan saw Su Meng’s embarrassment and started to comfort her, “Miss Su, you don’t have to worry.
The reason why Officer One did this was to complete the mission as soon as possible.”

“Your physical strength is not as good as ours.
If you walk on your own, it will be even slower.
Moreover, in the hearts of us soldiers, regardless of gender, the people are the same, so you just have to let him carry you.”

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