When she shouted, not only one, but even the gangster behind her was stunned.
This was the first time he had seen such a hostage.
It was fine if she did not cry and beg for mercy, but she was actually not afraid of death!

The direction of the incident had already exceeded the gangster’s expectations.
Looking at One who did not have any reaction, the man sneered.
“So cold.
Looks like you don’t care about this woman’s life or death.
Then there’s no need to keep her.
Just kill her directly.” The man made a gesture of wanting to shoot.

However, just before he made his move, One finally spoke, “The document is here.
How do I give it to you?” One raised the document that he had just found.

Su Meng looked at the thing in One’s hand and her expression was very bad.
She had spent so much effort to find this thing with these soldiers.
Could it be that they were really going to let these people off?

“Don’t give it to him.
Don’t worry about me,” Su Meng said firmly.

Shen Jian, who had been hiding behind the tree, also noticed them.
When he saw that Su Meng was being held hostage, he was shocked and extremely anxious.
He did not care about the rain of bullets and directly rushed to One’s side.

“You, if you have anything to do, come at me.
Let go of Miss Su!” Shen Jian wanted to use himself to replace Su Meng.
He slowly approached the gangster, but he was stopped by the gangster after taking only two steps.

However, the gangster only glanced at him indifferently.
It was as if he realized that he was not a threat, so he ignored him.

“Throw the gun away and put the thing three meters in front of me,” the gangster requested.

One casually threw the gun on the ground in front of the gangster.
Then, he raised his hands and walked toward Su Meng.
Shen Jian wanted to follow One, but he was stopped by One in a deep voice.

Su Meng was prepared to sacrifice herself.
Her life was not as important as the document.
However, she did not expect One to save her.
He even brought the document with him.
She did not know what to do.

The battlefield was too chaotic.
Even if the others wanted to help, they could not.

They had to fight with the other party.
If they were not careful, they would be killed.

The gangster saw that One was walking too slowly, so he hurried him.

One followed the gangster’s request and walked three meters away from him.
He said coldly, “I’ve already put down the gun.
It’s not a threat to you now.
Put the gun away first.”

The gangster looked at the document in One’s hand, and his eyes lit up.
In order to show his sincerity, he really put down the gun that was pressed against Su Meng’s temple.

“Okay, I’ve put it down.
You can leave after you put down the thing.” Although the gangster put down the gun, his hand was still holding on to Su Meng.

While the two sides were negotiating, the gunshots became less and less, and the gangsters were basically all killed.
Some people found an opening and quickly ran towards One, but One stopped them, telling them to stay where they were.

The gangster seemed to have sensed that the situation was not favorable for him, and his expression became more and more anxious.

One bent down and placed the thing on the ground, and the darkness in his eyes under his glasses surged.
Taking advantage of the gangster’s attention on the document, One instantly rushed toward the gangster.
With one hand, he grabbed the gangster’s hand that was holding the gun, and with the other hand, he pulled out a military knife from his leg.

With a wave of his hand, the knife directly slashed at the gangster’s neck.
The gangster didn’t even have the slightest bit of resistance and directly died.
However, things were not over yet.
Su Meng was suddenly rescued from the hands of the gangster by One.
Before she could react, she had already knelt on the ground.
Following that, a red dot appeared on her body.

The rest of the people cried out in alarm, “Sir, be careful!”

One reacted extremely quickly and threw Su Meng into his embrace.
Su Meng was stunned the entire time.
She only reacted when One hugged her in his embrace.
Then, she heard a muffled groan.

“How are you? Are you okay? Are you injured?” Su Meng asked hurriedly.

One shook his head slightly but did not say anything.

The other people also rushed over the moment One threw Su Meng down.
Gao Yan shot the sniper who was hiding at the back and ordered his soldiers to check if there were any more ambushes around.
After giving his orders, he ran over to ask One… “One, are you guys okay?”

He did not expect that there was a sniper supporting him from behind the gangster who threatened Su Meng.
No wonder he dared to come alone.
Fortunately, the sniper was taken care of.
There was no other danger at the moment.

One did not reply.
He only nodded slightly.
Gao Yan, who sensed that One was not right, quickly helped him up.
Just as he was about to speak, One stopped him.

Gao Yan nodded and helped One slowly leave.
Su Meng felt that something was wrong.
She did not know if One was injured.
She wanted to chase after him to ask, but Shen Jian ran over.

“Boss, Boss, are you injured?” Shen Jian reached out and helped Su Meng up.
His face was full of anxiety.

He wanted to help, but there was nothing he could do.
Facing a gangster who threatened Su Meng with a gun, he did not know how to fight.
He could only listen obediently and not anger the gangster.

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