“I’m fine.” Su Meng shook her head and looked in the direction that One had left.
However, she realized that One’s figure had already disappeared.

She did not expect him to walk so fast.

Su Meng frowned.
She could not help but wonder if One was injured.
If he was injured, how could he walk so fast? If he was not injured, what was with the muffled groan just now?

“Did Officer One get injured just now? Did you see it?” Su Meng thought of Shen Jian who had been watching from the side, so she turned to ask him.

Shen Jian shook his head and said, “No.
The moment Officer One pounced on you, Officer Gao Yan also pounced on me.”

This battle had been going on for a long time.
The sky was slightly bright.
A faint fog rose in the forest, but it did not affect their vision.

Although Su Meng was puzzled, she saw that the others had already cleaned up the scene and were ready to go back.
She could only follow everyone back.

“It’s really not easy for soldiers.
It can’t be that every mission is as dangerous as this one, right?” Shen Jian did not notice that something was wrong with Su Meng and sighed in a deep voice.

“That’s why they’re all so great.” Su Meng’s eyes were half-closed, and her expression was not very good.

When the sun rose, the road became easier to walk on.
There was no need to worry about stepping on anything and falling.
The large group quickly returned to the vicinity of the cars.
Su Meng saw that Gao Yan was directing everyone not far away.

When he saw Su Meng coming over, he quickly walked over and apologized, “I’m sorry, Miss Su, Mr.
I didn’t expect to almost get you guys injured this time, but fortunately, you’re fine.”

“Was Officer One injured just now?” Su Meng only cared about whether or not Officer One was injured.
She didn’t care about the fact that she was held hostage.

“Miss Su, don’t worry.
It’s nothing serious.” Gao Yan didn’t answer directly.

“Then where is he now?” Su Meng continued to ask.

“The officer has something else to do.
He’s in the last car.
I have to go too.
If you have anything, you can ask anyone for help.” Gao Yan Said and was about to leave.

After taking two steps, he suddenly turned around and continued to say to Su Meng, “Oh right, Miss Su, don’t take the matter of the officer saving you to heart.
You’re the one we asked for help.
We have to protect your safety.”

“Even if it’s not you, if it were any ordinary person, as soldiers, we would do our best to save them.
This is what we should do.”

As if afraid that Su Meng would feel guilty, Gao Yan explained to her and then quickly got into the car.

This time, no one stopped Shen Jian.
He could finally sit with Su Meng.
After getting into the car, Shen Jian said with some lingering fear, “This list is too big.
We should be the first feng shui master to experience a gunfight.”

“En.” Su Meng replied perfunctorily.
Then, she quietly watched the others prepare their things.

When everyone was ready, the car started and prepared to leave.

Su Meng looked at the last car through the binoculars on both sides.
No matter how she looked at it, she felt that the car was different from the other cars.
She couldn’t help but ask the driver.

“What car is the last car? Why is it different from the other cars?”

“That was an ambulance.”

An ambulance?

Su Meng stared at that car for a long time.
In the ambulance, was he really injured? However, with the accompanying doctor and Gao Yan’s relaxed expression just now, it should not be a serious injury.

After the car arrived at the base, Su Meng and Shen Jian were led by the soldiers to the resting room to rest.
However, the car did not return in the end.
Instead, it drove straight to the hospital.

One’s identity was special, so he had to take a special path to enter the hospital.

In the car, the accompanying doctor first gave One emergency treatment.
When he cut One’s clothes open, Gao Yan looked at the bloody shoulder and could not help but grit his teeth.

Blood kept flowing, but One’s face was pale, but he did not make a sound.

“You’re so quiet, which led me to think that you were not seriously injured.
It turns out that your injury is so serious.” Gao Yan’s face was dark, and his tone was displeased.

The wound was really serious.
The accompanying doctor could only do hemostasis first.
They had to go to the hospital for surgery to get the bullet out.

“Don’t tell Su Meng about my injury,” One weakly reminded Gao Yan.
He had used up all his strength just by saying that.
After saying that, he stopped talking.

“It’s already so late, and you’re still thinking about Miss Su.
It seems that I was right.” Hearing One’s reminder, Gao Yan couldn’t help but complain, but he didn’t get a response.

“Could it be that I was right?” Gao Yan kept asking.

One sat there with his head on the chair, not making a sound.

With the mask covering his face, Gao Yan could not see his expression.
Without an answer, Gao Yan threw this question to the back of his mind.
He thought of his recklessness and was a little angry.

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