“Boss, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but do you know how important your safety is?! You can save her, but you have to pay attention to your own safety first.
If anything happens to you, then we’re all finished.
I never knew that you would treat a girl so well.
Could it be that you’ve really taken a fancy to her, so you’re using your life to pursue her?”

One no longer had the strength to speak.
Gao Yan’s heart was filled with worry, so he did not pay attention to what he was saying.

This was also because he was worried.
If something happened to One, he really could not explain it to his superiors.

“But I can understand you.
After all, Miss Su is beautiful and capable.
She can even do such a difficult task.
If our army can recruit female soldiers, I really want to recruit her.”

Hearing Gao Yan’s words, One turned his head and looked at him coldly.
Although he was extremely weak, his gaze was still sharp.
Even through his glasses, it still made Gao Yan shiver.

It seemed that he had taken a liking to her.
Gao Yan did not dare to say that he was so possessive.

The car soon arrived at the hospital.
Gao Yan used his privilege to send One directly to the operating theater.
Lu Bin also received the news and made a video call with Gao Yan.

“Elder Lu,” Gao Yan called out respectfully.

Lu Bin followed the camera lens and saw the lights of the operating theater behind Gao Yan.
He sighed and asked Gao Yan, “Have you found the thing? Where is Girl Su now?”

“The person Elder Lu recommended is really amazing.
We found the thing, thanks to her help.
She is now in the base.
When One comes out of the operating theater, I will send them home.” Speaking of Su Meng… Gao Yan’s face was filled with admiration.

“Don’t send them back yet.
When they come back, come to the hospital first.
Girl Su saved Lu Bai.
Let Lu Bai personally thank her.
When One comes out of the operating theater, remember to inform me.” After saying that… Lu Bin hung up the phone.

One’s injuries were too serious.
The surgery would not be over in a short while.
Thinking of Su Meng and Shen Jian, Gao Yan decided to go back and send them back first.

The hospital was very close to the base.
After ten minutes, Gao Yan returned to the base.

“Officer Gao.” Su Meng and Shen Jian immediately stood up and greeted Gao Yan.

“You are our benefactors.
There’s no need to be so polite.
Let’s sit down and talk.” Gao Yan smiled and handed the bag containing the little fox to Su Meng.

After returning, someone had already fed it.
It was currently sleeping.

Su Meng took it and held it in her arms.
Then, she asked, “Where’s Officer One? Didn’t he come?”

When Gao Yan heard that Su Meng had been thinking about One, he could not help but feel like laughing.
It seemed that One’s efforts had paid off.
Miss Su also cared about him a little.

“He still has other matters to deal with.
If Miss Su wants to see him, I will pass on a message for you.”

He did not intend to tell them about One’s serious injury and surgery.

Seeing that the other party did not want to tell them, Su Meng tactfully stopped mentioning this matter.
She only remembered it in her heart and planned to repay him in the future.

“Since the matter is over, I will send you back later.
Coincidentally, Elder Lu wants to see you.
This is the reward for this time.
I hope you will be satisfied.” After Gao Yan finished speaking, he handed Su Meng a check.

Su Meng did not take it.
She only took a look and was surprised by the number on it.

Shen Jian, who was standing at the side, saw the amount of the check.
His mouth almost reached his ears.
He looked at the check excitedly and signaled Su Meng to take it quickly.

“Boss, aren’t you short of money now? Since you have this money, you can do whatever you want,” Shen Jian said without any hesitation.

Gao Yan looked at the two with a smile.
He had thought that Su Meng would be dissatisfied with the reward.
Although he thought that the money was enough, it was a hard-working mission after all.
No matter how much he gave, it was not much.

“Thank you, but I don’t want the reward.” Su Meng shook her head and refused.

Gao Yan and Shen Jian were stunned.
They did not understand what Su Meng meant.

Especially Shen Jian.
When he heard that Su Meng was not asking for a reward, he raised his hand and tapped her.
He whispered into her ear, “Boss, you have to think it through.
With this much money, there won’t be such a reward after this.”

In his heart, wasn’t the purpose of making a deal to earn money? He did not understand why Su Meng had rejected it.

Su Meng smiled, shook her head, and pushed the check back.
She said slowly, “Soldiers don’t even care about their lives to protect their country.
I’m only doing my best to help you guys a little.
I don’t want this money.
It’s all for the country and for the stability of the people.
I’m not here for the money.”

Su Meng said it solemnly.
After hearing her words, Shen Jian immediately felt embarrassed.

Boss was indeed the boss.
Her ideological level was indeed incomparable to his.

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