As the driver had said, Su Meng and Shen Jian had just entered the hospital when a man in a police uniform walked over and asked Su Meng, “Are you Miss Su Meng?”

Seeing Su Meng nod, the man immediately relaxed his expression and said, “Miss Su, Elder Lu asked me to come over.
Please follow me.”

Hearing that it was Elder Lu, Su Meng and Shen Jian both heaved a sigh of relief.
It was good that they were acquaintances.

The man led Su Meng to Elder Lu’s ward.
When they reached the top floor, Su Meng discovered that there were several police officers standing on this floor.
There were no ordinary patients.

It seemed that this floor had been sealed off by the police.
Seeing this, Su Meng already knew the purpose of Elder Lu calling her over.

Sure enough, she followed the man into the ward.
Besides Elder Lu in the ward, there was also a young man inside.
He looked weak as he lay on the hospital bed.
His body was wrapped in gauze and he was receiving an IV drip.
This should be Elder Lu’s grandson, Lu Bai.

Although Su Meng had seen him last time, he was covered in blood at that time, so she couldn’t see his appearance.
Now that she saw him, Lu Bai’s body was clean.
He was quite handsome.

Lu Bai’s handsomeness was different from the men she had seen before.
For example, Wei Ting’s handsomeness was cold, arrogant, and distant.

Zhou Peng was a somewhat feminine and beautiful young master.
Shen Jian was the kind of beauty that could not be argued with.

As for Lu Bai, perhaps because he was a police officer, the handsomeness on his body gave him a feeling of sunshine and justice.
Just seeing him gave him an inexplicable peace of mind, which made people feel very comfortable.

“Girl Su, you just finished your work yesterday, and I brought you here directly today.
It must have been hard on you.” Lu Bin stood up and greeted Su Meng, inviting her to sit inside at the same time.

“You saved me that day?” Lu Bai heard what Lu Bin said to Su Meng and knew that this was Su Meng, so he asked.

“I just made a suggestion.
It was the country that saved you,” Su Meng said this seriously.
She never felt that she had done anything that day.
It was thanks to the country’s power that Lu Bai could be saved safely.

It would be useless if she were to save him alone.
How could she save him from the gangsters with her own power?

“No matter what, I should thank you personally.
Thank you.” Lu Bai’s expression changed when he heard Su Meng’s words.

Su Meng was a little embarrassed after being thanked so solemnly.
Her face was slightly red.

When Lu Bin saw this, a smile appeared on his old face.
He kept staring at Su Meng.
The more he looked at her, the more he liked her.

“Brat, you have to remember the kindness that Girl Su has shown you for saving your life.
In the future, help her as much as you can.
If it weren’t for her, this old man would probably be buried in the ground.” Lu Bin coldly rolled his eyes at Lu Bai.
Then, he turned his head to look at Su Meng.
There was a hint of a smile in his eyes.

This change of expression could be said to be very fast.
Lu Bai ridiculed him in his heart.

“It’s nothing.
I didn’t help much at all.
Elder Lu, why did you call me here?” Su Meng wanted to go back and have a good sleep.
Recently, she had been staying up all night, and her skin was getting worse.

“You saved this brat.
You have to let him thank you personally.
I’ll get someone to send you back later.” After saying that, Lu Bin called the middle-aged man who had just led Su Meng to come over and asked him to call a car for Su Meng.

After Su Meng said goodbye to them and left, Lu Bin immediately laughed.

“Grandfather, you asked Miss Su to come over because you want me to simply thank her?” Lu Bai looked at his grandfather with a speechless expression.

“Of course.
What do you think? Little brat, what do you think of this Girl Su?” Lu Bin glared at Lu Bai.

Lu Bai sighed.
He already knew what Lu Bin was thinking.
He said perfunctorily, “Sure, of course it’s great.
You’ve already decided on her.
Why are you still asking me?”

Lu Bin walked to Lu Bai’s side and patted his head lightly.
He said bitterly, “Why are you still asking me? Do you really not understand what I mean, or are you just pretending? Your legs aren’t working well right now.
Of course, I have to ask her to come and see you.
This girl is really not bad.
If she can be my granddaughter-in-law…”

Lu Bai rolled his eyes.
As expected, the old man was waiting for him here.

He said helplessly, “Save it.
Do you know her? We just met.
Do you know if she has someone she likes? Do you think she will like me? You can just stay here and be happy.”

“D*mn, how can you talk about your grandfather like that? If you weren’t injured all over, I would definitely beat you up,” Lu bin threatened him.

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