“Did you know that I can actually see my reflection in the mirror in my dream? I yawned in front of the mirror, and the ‘me’ in the mirror yawned as well.
Then, I thought that everything was fine, so I stretched and turned around to leave.
Before I left, I turned around to look at the mirror and realized something strange.”

“The person in the mirror didn’t do the same thing as me.
She didn’t turn around! Not only did she not turn around, but she kept looking at me as if she was facing the mirror.
When she saw me turn around, she actually smiled!”

At this point, Lu Si’s mental state began to deteriorate again.
She curled up in her chair and shivered as if she was very afraid.

“You said it was a dream.
It’s normal to have nightmares.
Why are you so afraid of this dream?” Su Meng looked at Lu Si, but didn’t go up to comfort her.
Instead, she directly asked her questions.

Lu Si buried her head in her knees.
When she heard Su Meng’s question, she didn’t raise her head.
Instead, she said sullenly, “Because I have had this dream every day for several months.”

Su Meng frowned and continued to ask, “Then do you have the habit of sleepwalking? That means that when you wake up, your body somewhere else.
Or are you in bed?”

“In bed.
I don’t have the habit of sleepwalking.
There are surveillance cameras everywhere in the house, so I’m very sure.”

“Then other than this dream, do you have any other abnormalities?” Su Meng continued to ask.

“At night, I always feel that someone is watching me, and not just one person, but a lot of them.” Lu Si tightened her arms around her legs.
She continued, “So every night, I will pull down all the curtains and turn on the lights, but there is no one in the house.
There are also surveillance cameras installed outside the house, and I haven’t seen anyone, but I can confirm that the feeling is not wrong.
There is really someone watching me.”

At the end of her sentence, Lu Si’s voice had already begun to tremble.
She looked very pitiful.

Shen Jian wanted to reach out and pat her shoulder to comfort her.
He did not expect that when his hand touched Lu Si, he would be grabbed by her and pulled forcefully in front of him.

Lu Si looked very thin, but her strength was abnormally strong.
She directly pulled Shen Jian, who was caught off guard, and made him stagger.

“Boss, Boss, what should we do?!” Shen Jian wanted to pull out his hand, but Lu Si was too strong.
He could not pull her out at all.

Su Meng quietly watched Lu Si’s movements from the side until Shen Jian asked for help.
Only then did she get up.

She walked to Lu Si’s side and placed a talisman on Lu Si’s body.
Lu Si seemed to have suddenly come to her senses.
When she realized that she was holding Shen Jian’s hand, she quickly let go and apologized, “Sorry, Master Shen, I was absent-minded again just now.”

Shen Jian withdrew his hand and comforted Lu Si with an awkward smile, “It’s fine, it’s fine.”

“Boss, do you see what’s wrong with Miss Lu Si?” Shen Jian turned to ask Su Meng.

Su Meng shook her head.
“This is a bit difficult.
I need time to take a look.
Miss Lu Si, can I take a look at your house?”

Lu Si quickly agreed.
“Of course.
Even if you need to stay here, it’s fine.
There are many rooms here.
You can stay anywhere you want.” After saying that, she stood up and was about to lead Su Meng to take a look.

“There’s no need to stay here.” Su Meng refused.
She did not dare to stay in such a place.

The villa was very large.
The style of decoration was typical of the Chinese style.
The furniture in the room was all mahogany.
There were exquisite carvings on it.
One look and one could tell that it was very expensive.
There were many photos on the wall.
They were all taken of a person.
It must be Lu Si.

In each photo, Lu Si looked very happy and smiled very brightly.
She did not know when the photos were taken, but she looked very healthy in the photos.
She didn’t look like the current her at all.

Noticing Su Meng’s gaze, Lu Si explained with a smile, “These photos were taken a year ago, before we moved here.
My brother was still alive at that time.”

“Your brother?” Su Meng noticed the keyword and turned to ask.

“Yes, my biological brother.
My brother is six years older than me.
When I was thirteen, my parents died in an accident, leaving us with a large amount of family property.
The other relatives in the family were all eyeing our money, so everyone wanted to adopt us.”

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