Shen Jian’s expression turned ugly when he heard this.

He did not expect to receive a life order just because he wanted to receive a feng shui order to earn money.

“Not everyone has the ability to digest such a windfall.
Only those who have a strong fate and are usually filled with hostility can do it.
Lu Si’s fate was naturally dull and could not suppress the money.
In addition, the resentment around her was quite deep, which was why she suffered a backlash,” Su Meng continued.

“She said that she had that strange dream every day, but it wasn’t a lie.
A murderer with a strong mentality treats killing as a kind of pleasure.
Such a person doesn’t have a burden in their heart, so they won’t be affected by the resentment later on.”

“As for Lu Si, although her behavior is crazy, after all, she doesn’t kill for pleasure.
Maybe she did it for a reason.
On the day of the murder, there must have been a mirror around her.
After she finished killing, she saw herself in the mirror.
Subconsciously, she thought that it was not her.
This impression was too deep for her.
In addition, the feng shui of the house is not good.
That was why she is constantly haunted by nightmares.”

“All sorts of factors combined together, causing her body to become worse and worse.
Her luck was sucked dry.
She is almost like a skeleton now.”

Su Meng told Shen Jian everything she knew and speculated.

“I see.
No wonder I felt that she was not in her right mind the first time I came.
But when I went there the other day, she was clearly in a good condition.
She was not much different from a normal person.
Why did she lose so much weight in the past two days?” Shen Jian understood everything else.
However, he was full of questions about Lu Si’s appearance.

“Her body has affected her appetite.
A girl who is already thin will become thinner after starving for two days, but a fat girl’s body won’t change after starving for two days.” At this point, Su Meng’s expression suddenly became a little resentful.

Shen Jian: “…”

Did his boss misspeak? They were clearly talking about fate.

Su Meng rode the electric bike slowly with Shen Jian.
However, she saw a familiar figure at the corner of the road.
Su Meng quickly chased after it and stopped beside Fang Yin.

“It’s you two.
Why aren’t you with Lu Si? Did you notice her perversion?” Fang Yin stopped.

“We’re not her friends.
We were just invited to help.
From what you said, are you close to Lu Si? You seem to know something,” Su Meng asked.

Fang Yin looked at Su Meng in confusion.
“You’re really not her friends?”

Seeing Su Meng nod, she smiled and said, “Hahaha, that’s right.
I knew it.
With her personality, how could she have friends?”

“Can you explain it in detail?” Su Meng asked.

“From the moment I met her, I thought she was very strange.
She doesn’t talk much, but she likes to stare at others.
Her brother and I are good friends, so we often hang out together.”

“Aren’t you her brother’s girlfriend?” Su Meng interrupted Fang Yin.

Fang Yin laughed again when she heard Su Meng’s question.
She pointed in the direction of Lu Si’s house and asked, “That’s what she said? She said that I’m her brother’s girlfriend?”

“Yes.” Su Meng nodded.

“That’s hilarious.
Lu Si is really full of lies.
She can even make up that I’m her brother’s girlfriend.” Fang Yin continued, “She and her brother are from another province.
When they first came here, they were dressed in rags, like beggars.”

“That day, I was harassed by a pervert.
It was them who helped me chase the pervert away.
To thank them, I took them to buy clothes, shower, and eat.
I helped them clean up like normal people.
Because they saved me, I wanted to help them find a job.
They wouldn’t earn a lot, but at least they could rent a house and eat to support themselves.”

“I didn’t expect them to find a place to live without my help, but they never told me where they lived.
They just came to play with me when they were free, and we became friends.”

“Lu Ning has a good personality.
He took good care of people.
Not only did he take good care of his sister, but he also took good care of me.
But Lu Si is different.
She has a gloomy face every day, as if someone owes her millions.”

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