“Then what should we do? Are we just going to let this go? This murder case is too scary.” Shen Jian groaned.

Su Meng thought for a while and suddenly thought of someone.
She took out the business card from her pocket and made a call according to the number on it.

The call was quickly picked up and Lu Bin’s voice was heard.

“Elder Lu, I want to tell you something…”

Su Meng told Lu Bin what she had seen and what Lu Si and Fang Yin had said.
As for whether Lu Bin believed her or not, it was not up to her.

If she had called the police normally, the police would definitely not believe her one-sided story.
They might not even come over to take a look.
In the eyes of most of the police, feng shui masters were just swindlers and fortune tellers.
As Lu Bin had seen Su Meng’s ability, he knew that she was not spouting nonsense, so he would definitely take it to heart.

After telling Lu Bin the details, Lu Bin told her to pay attention to her safety and go home to wait.
He might still need her help in the future.

“Boss, will Fang Yin still go to look for Lu Si? Since she knows that Lu Si is a murderer, she’s actually not afraid of her and still dares to go by herself!” Shen Jian sighed.
Regardless of whether she was lying or not, since she knew about Lu Si’s situation… Wouldn’t he be courting death if she went alone?

“Lu Si won’t kill Fang Yin.
If she really wanted to kill her, she would have killed her quietly long ago.
She wouldn’t have dragged it out until now,” Su Meng explained.

“That’s true.” Shen Jian nodded.

“Let’s go back and wait.
When the police arrive, they will definitely look for us for questioning.
After we finish this, we will go buy a car.
This electric bike can’t go far.
It will be very troublesome.” Su Meng increased the power to the maximum.
She brought Shen Jian home.

When they returned to Antique Street, there was a black car parked at the intersection.
A slender figure stood beside the car.

Su Meng pretended not to see it.
She looked ahead and planned to directly ride over.

“Hey Boss, isn’t that your cheap ex-husband? He came to look for you again.” Shen Jian did not see it at all.
He pointed at Wei Ting and asked Su Meng.

Su Meng gritted her teeth.
This idiot thought that she was blind and could not see.
Did she need him to remind her?

Wei Ting was originally leaning against the car door.
He kept his head down and they did not know what he was looking at.
When he heard Shen Jian’s words, he raised his head and looked over, noticing the two of them.

When he saw that Su Meng was carrying Shen Jian and the two of them were so close to each other, the expression in his eyes immediately darkened.
When Su Meng got closer, he regained his calm.

“Get down.” Shen Jian reached out his hand to stop Su Meng.

Su Meng wanted to ride over directly, but the next moment, Wei Ting stood in the middle of the road as if he wanted to use his body to stop her.
Su Meng had no choice but to stop the car and look at Wei Ting with a frown.

“Is there something wrong? I said that if it’s not about the divorce, then don’t come and look for me.
I’m very busy and don’t have time to quarrel with you.” Su Meng’s tone was not very good.

“I have something else to look for you for,” Wei Ting said in a low voice.

“What is it? Don’t tell me you want me to go through the divorce procedures by myself? It’s not that I can’t do it this way.
I don’t need to trouble you.” Su Meng looked at Wei Ting and her expression was not very good.

Su Meng really did not want to see Wei Ting.
Whenever she saw Wei Ting, she would think of that annoying green tea b*tch Wei Xue.
These two people were always inseparable.
This time, Wei Xue actually did not follow them.
It was likely that she would come in a while.

“As long as I don’t agree, it’s useless for anyone to step in,” Wei Ting said.

‘Yes, that’s why I can only urge you.
Capitalists are too annoying.’ Su Meng cursed in her heart and secretly swore that she would stay away from such people in the future to avoid getting into trouble.

“Come with me.
I have something to tell you.” Wei Ting pulled Su Meng.
He wanted to carry her out of the electric bike, but was stopped by Shen Jian.

“What are you doing? Let go of my boss first!” Shen Jian reached out to protect Su Meng.

The possessiveness in Wei Ting’s eyes was almost out of control.
As a man, Shen Jian naturally understood the meaning of this look.

Su Meng had long said that she wanted to divorce him.
Even though he did not leave, he always came to pester Su Meng and often caused trouble for her.
As Su Meng’s underling, he had the obligation to protect his boss.

Seeing Shen Jian’s actions, Wei Ting’s face instantly darkened.
Su Meng had no doubt that if Shen Jian said one more word, he would be beaten up by Wei Ting in the next moment.

Looking at Wei Ting’s aggressive appearance, he probably heard Wei Xue’s complaint and came to settle the score with her.

Although she took care of Wei Xue in order to retaliate, according to the unreasonable temperament of the Wei family, it was within her expectations that Mother Wei would come to settle the score with her.

Regarding the matter of Mother Wei, it was actually not that serious.
The reason why she did not help to release Mother Wei was because she suddenly had an idea.
She could use this to blackmail Wei Ting into divorcing her.

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