He didn’t let go of Su Meng’s hand and continued to disinfect it.

Seeing that Wei Ting insisted on applying the medicine for her, Su Meng let him go.
If he applied the medicine, then apply it.
If he found out a little later, the wound would have healed.

“Are you usually this careless?” Wei Ting asked her.

“It’s just a small wound.
It’s not a big deal.
The blood will coagulate soon.” Su Meng didn’t care about her injury at all.

“If you don’t disinfect it properly, it will leave a scar in the end.” Wei Ting lowered his head and carefully helped Su Meng with the wound.
After disinfecting it, he took out a gauze and gently wrapped it around her wrist.
Then, he used a medical tape to stick it.

At this moment, Wei Ting’s phone in front of him suddenly rang.

Su Meng looked up.
When she saw the name displayed on it, she immediately sneered.

Sure enough, what was supposed to come would definitely come.
She had said that Wei Ting was already here, so how could Wei Xue not have any reaction at all? Look, she called to check on him.

Wei Ting heard the ringtone of the phone, but he didn’t even look at it.
He continued to move his hands.

Su Meng kindly reminded him, “It’s your biological sister.
Aren’t you going to answer it?”

“I’ll answer it later.” Wei Ting ignored her.

“Aren’t you afraid that she’ll be angry? What if there’s a misunderstanding?” Su Meng raised her eyebrows and asked Wei Ting as if she was watching a show.

“What’s there to misunderstand? It’s not like I have to report my schedule to her.”

Hearing this, Su Meng silently said, “Oh.” In her heart, she was even more certain that Wei Ting was a scumbag.

The ringtone of his cell phone was urgent.
It was as if she would not stop until Wei Ting picked up.
After the first wave, the second wave followed.

Wei Ting did not move like a mountain.
He only focused on bandaging Su Meng’s wound.
When he was finally done, he was ready to pick up the phone.
However, just as he picked up his cell phone, the ringtone suddenly stopped.

Su Meng looked at the bandage wrapped around her wrist.
It was clearly just a small wound, but it had been made into such a serious injury by Wei Ting.
It was a bit funny to wrap it up like this.

She said that Wei Ting wouldn’t do it, but his movements were very skillful.
He said that he would do it, but it had such an exaggerated effect.

“Take care of yourself.
Don’t touch the water, and don’t eat anything spicy.
It will leave a scar.” Seeing that the phone was hung up, Wei Ting threw the phone back and put the things away.

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