“It’s not a big deal to leave a scar.
How can you work without getting hurt? It’s normal for ordinary people like us who work at the bottom of society to have scars on our bodies.” Su Meng did not mind.

There was more than one scar on her body.
She had been injured many times in the past, but no one cared about her.
She had treated her wounds casually, but because she did not pay attention, there were traces left behind.

“You’re a girl.
You should be careful not to get yourself injured.
Some scars can never be removed.” Hearing how Su Meng didn’t care about his words, Wei Ting frowned.
She was the Young Madam of the Wei family.
As long as she wanted it, she could get it, whether it was money or things.

But looking at Su Meng’s appearance, she only wanted to earn money on her own and didn’t want to rely on others.

Could it be that back then in the Wei family, she really suffered a lot? This caused her to be unwilling to rely on the Wei family even if she didn’t get a divorce? She didn’t even want what should have belonged to her.

When Su Meng heard Wei Ting’s words, she thought of Wei Xue.
It seemed that Wei Ting thought that she was the same as Wei Xue.

“It’s fine as long as you care about Wei Xue.
You don’t have to care about me.
I’m not the same as Wei Xue.” Su Meng rejected Wei Ting’s good intentions.

Thinking that Wei Ting was also so concerned about Wei Xue, Su Meng began to feel disgusted in her heart.

Wei Ting saw that Su Meng had such a big reaction.
He frowned and was about to say something when his phone rang again.

Wei Ting picked it up and answered.

Su Meng didn’t know what Wei Xue said on the other end of the phone, but she couldn’t hear it.
She could only see Wei Ting grunt a few times before his brows furrowed and his face darkened.

“Okay, I’ll go back right away.” Wei Ting’s tone was also a little anxious.

Su Meng quietly watched him from the side.
Hearing Wei Ting immediately agree to go back as soon as she called out to him, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.
She and Wei Xue were indeed different.

In her previous life, she often asked for traces of Wei Ting.
When she saw that he hadn’t returned home for a long time, she also urged him.
However, the replies she received were all of Wei Ting’s impatience.
There wasn’t a single time that Wei Ting immediately agreed to go home after she finished speaking.

Then, look at Wei Xue.
As long as she opened her mouth, no matter what the problem was, according to what Su Meng knew, Wei Ting would not disagree.
As expected, this was a good brother and sister.
She was nothing, she could only be their shield.

“Sorry, I still have something to do, so I can’t take you there.” As Wei Ting spoke, he changed the direction of the car and drove back with Su Meng.


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