Qi Sha finally agreed to Su Meng’s suggestion.
After all, Lu Bai was his support.
Qi Sha led two policemen to smash the wall.

Lu Si, who had been quiet all this time, finally lost her cool.
She stood up to stop them, but the policeman who was watching her pushed her back.

“As policemen, how can you smash someone’s wall? There’s nothing inside the wall.
The decoration is very expensive…” Lu Si had been trying to stop them, but no one listened to her.

Qi Sha comforted her before he started.
“Miss Lu, if we really don’t find anything in the end, we will compensate you and help you restore the wall to its original state.”

Lu Si wanted to say something else, but Qi Sha had already given her so much information that she didn’t know how to refuse.

Su Meng drew down the places that they needed to smash.
There were originally several places, but she knew that as long as she found one, she wouldn’t be needed for the rest.

Qi Sha swung the hammer down, but the wall was too strong.
Qi Sha smashed it several times before breaking the surface and scraping away the broken stones.
He picked up the hammer and was about to smash again when he suddenly saw something.

He had been a police officer for seven or eight years.
He was very familiar with this thing.
There were bones in the wall!

He called for the technical appraiser and carefully smashed open the wall around the bones.
Qi Sha saw the skull embedded in the middle of the wall.
The skull was not big, and it looked like a child’s.

Lu Si also saw it from the side.
She screamed and rushed toward Su Meng.
Everyone’s attention was attracted by the bones, so they did not pay attention to Lu Si for a moment.

Her rush was too sudden.
Su Meng could not dodge in time and was directly pounced on by Lu Si.
The back of her head hit the tiles with a bang.
Her mind suddenly went blank.
She was stunned by the impact.

“Boss!” Shen Jian was also shocked.
After the police pulled Lu Si away, he quickly helped Su Meng up and helped her to sit on the sofa to rest.

Su Meng leaned against the sofa and fell asleep very quickly.
After falling asleep, she had a strange dream.
She dreamed that four figures stood in a row and bowed to her to express their gratitude.

There was a fog in front of her.
She could not see the figures clearly, but she could feel that they did not have any ill intentions.
Su Meng wanted to get closer to take a look, but the fog became thicker the further she went.
Finally, she got closer.
The four figures were right in front of her.
She was about to reach out to touch them, but she was woken up by someone.

Su Meng opened her eyes.
She was lying on a hospital bed.

“Boss, you’re finally awake!” Shen Jian had been guarding her by the side.
There was no one else besides him.

“Why am I in the hospital? Have they finished examining Lu Si’s house? Did they find anything?” Su Meng asked as she covered her aching head.
She found that she could not move, and her head hurt even more when she moved.

“Boss, don’t move yet.
The doctor said that you have a mild concussion and need to rest quietly.” Shen Jian reminded Su Meng to rest.
Then, he helped her put the pillow against the headboard and helped her sit up.

After he was done, he said excitedly, “Boss, you are really amazing.
You are really famous in the police station now.”

“Do you know how big this case is? You should have seen Officer Qi smash out the bones from the wall, right?”

“Yes.” Su Meng nodded slightly.

“Then guess how many people’s bones are there in the wall?”

“…Four?” Su Meng asked after thinking for a while.

Shen Jian snapped his fingers to indicate that she had answered correctly.
Then, he looked at Su Meng with admiration.
“Boss, you really are a Master.
There are four skeletons in the walls of Lu Si’s house, and all of them are broken.
In other words, when these four people just died, they were dismembered.”

“That’s too cruel.
Officer Qi said that he wanted to go back and verify the identities of these four skeletons.
Two of the skeletons belonged to adults, and the other two belonged to children.
They were really cruel.
They actually killed a family of four and then buried their bodies in the wall before moving in.”

As Shen Jian spoke, even though he had already left the house, he still felt some lingering fear.
He remembered that he had once gone to Lu Si’s house alone.
Fortunately, he was lucky enough to not be killed.

“That Lu Ning… was killed by Lu Si?” Su Meng looked at Shen Jian and asked.
At the same time, she recalled the dream she had just had.
It seemed that it was not for no reason, but that they were really thanking her.

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