She ignored the old man’s words because she knew what he meant.

There was a tradition in the profession of feng shui masters that they did not accept female disciples.
Although she did not know the reason, she was an exception.
This was all thanks to her master who hated to be tied down to old traditions.


Regarding this kind of discrimination, she would just ignore it.
If the thing she needed was not here, she would not have come here.

Her eyes scanned the shelves quickly.
Finally, when she saw a black item lying in the corner, she smiled so much that her eyes curved into crescent moons.
She had found the present she wanted to give to Wei Xue.

The thing that Su Meng had taken a fancy to had been left there for a long period of time.
There was a thick layer of dust on it.
The things beside it were clean.
It looked like they had been cleaned frequently, but that thing wasn’t cleaned…

She stared at the thing and shouted at the old man without turning her head, “Old man, even if you don’t want to sell those things to me, you will at least sell this to me, right?”

The old man refused without even opening his eyes, “I’m not selling it.
I’m not selling anything.”

Su Meng glanced at the old man and asked, “Are you sure? But you put this thing in the innermost part because you can’t sell it! Look at this thick layer of dust.
It means that you are even afraid of touching this thing.
Now that someone has come to buy it, are you sure you don’t want to sell it?”

After hearing Su Meng talk about the dust, the shaking armchair suddenly stopped.
The old man looked at Su Meng with a puzzled gaze.
“Are you sure you want it? Do you know the effect of that thing?”


Su Meng smiled and said, “I’m sure.
That’s why I’m asking you.”

The old man’s expression suddenly became very strange.
He looked at Wei Ting, looked at Su Meng, and confirmed again, “Are you sure you know what it is and have the ability to buy it?”

Su Meng nodded.

“Hahaha!” The old man suddenly laughed and suddenly changed his attitude toward Su Meng.
He said with a bit of flattery, “I’ll sell it to you! Oh, no, not sell it, I’m giving it to you.
In addition, in this shop, besides the antiques, you can take whatever you need!”

Su Meng’s mouth twitched.
‘You’re really generous.
Other than the antiques, is there anything valuable in this antique shop?’

The old man didn’t know what Su Meng was thinking.
He was happy that he could finally get rid of that troublesome thing.

Actually, it wouldn’t have any effect if he just left it there, but he couldn’t touch it.
In the past, he had sold it once, but it was returned not long after.
Because the customer who bought it said that ever since he brought it, strange things had been happening around him.

As for what the strange things were, the customer didn’t say.
He only warned him not to touch this thing and not to sell it to others.
Because it wasn’t expensive, that person didn’t even want a refund.

Now that Su Meng wanted to buy it, it was practically liberation for the old man.
Anyway, he had already earned the money for this thing.

Su Meng did not stand on ceremony.
When she heard the old man say that he would give it to her directly, she smiled slightly and casually took out a blank talisman paper.
Then, she took a red brush from the table next to her and drew a few lines on the talisman paper.

The old man had been watching Su Meng’s movements.
When he saw the talisman that Su Meng drew, his eyes instantly lit up.
Wei Ting was an outsider and could not understand what Su Meng was doing.
However, the old man knew that the talisman that Su Meng drew was a Boundary Talisman.
It was the most common but also the most difficult talisman in the feng shui world.

Of course, anyone could draw it.
However, after drawing it, one still had to see how effective it was.
This would test the skill of the person who drew the talisman.
He saw that although Su Meng seemed to be drawing a few simple strokes, her strength was sufficient.
With a glance, he could tell that she had some foundation.
It seemed that she wasn’t a simple girl.

After she finished drawing, Su Meng carefully wrapped the black thing with talisman paper and brought it to Wei Ting.

“Come and blow on it,” Su Meng said.


Wei Ting’s face was full of black lines.
Su Meng’s current state was really no different from a fortune-teller performing a magic trick.
He didn’t want to blow on it.

Just then, his phone rang.
Wei Ting answered as if he was relieved of a heavy burden.

Su Meng didn’t hear what was said on the other end of the phone, but it shouldn’t be a good thing.
After Wei Ting responded twice, his face darkened.

He said to Su Meng, “I suddenly have something to do, and I need to leave now.
If you need anything, just tell Li Bing directly.
He will help you take care of everything.”

After saying that, he was about to leave, but Su Meng suddenly held his hand and said, “Wait!”

Su Meng’s hand was small, and it could only hold half of Wei Ting’s hand.
The sudden soft touch made Wei Ting’s body suddenly stiffen.

This seemed to be the first time Su Meng held his hand.
Subconsciously, he did not break free and allowed Su Meng to pull him.

However, just as he had relaxed his heart, he heard Su Meng say anxiously, “Wait a moment.
You can blow on it before you leave.
It won’t take much effort.
I’m not trying to harm you.”


Wei Ting: “…”

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