u Meng had a terrible headache, so she simply sat next to Zhu Xun.

“Wei Ting is really good to you, Young Madam.
If it’s possible, I really hope that the two of you can be harmonious,” Zhu Xun said in a low voice.

“Good to me?” Su Meng almost laughed out loud when she heard this.
She continued, “Do you know what I’ve experienced in the past and how Wei Ting has treated me? Wait until you understand everything before you say these words.
Even if you say that Wei Ting is good to me, I’m not afraid of being laughed at by others.”

He couldn’t put any label on her.
She had experienced so much pain, and it wasn’t something that could be offset with just a few words.

“But Wei Ting is doing this for Young Madam.” Zhu Xun didn’t dare to contradict Su Meng, but there were many things he wanted to say in his heart, so he could only resist in a low voice.

“So what exactly is going on with Wei Ting? You’ve said so much, but you haven’t said a single word to the point.” Su Meng frowned.
She didn’t have much patience anymore.
If Zhu Xun still didn’t say anything, she would leave.

“Sigh, I don’t know what to say either.
I’d better wait for President Wei to wake up in the future and let him tell you personally.
However, Young Madam, can you wait here for President Wei? If he knows that you’re accompanying him the entire time, he’ll be very happy.” Although Zhu Xun wanted to explain things clearly to Su Meng… He was afraid that Wei Ting would be angry if they found out.

He had no choice.
He could only do his best to keep Su Meng.
The rest would depend on Wei Ting’s own efforts.

After saying so much, she did not get an explanation.
Moreover, Su Meng saw that Zhu Xun had no intention of continuing to explain, so she stopped asking.
She could wait for Wei Ting here for a while.
After all, she was also in the hospital, so she could just take it as being outside to get some fresh air.

Moreover, from Zhu Xun’s meaning, it seemed like there was something about her that she did not know.
Su Meng decided to wait for Wei Ting to wake up and ask him.

The sky gradually darkened.
Su Meng just sat there and waited for him.
At this moment, she had a headache.
The moment she saw her phone, she felt nauseous and decided to close her eyes to rest.

After an unknown period of time, the lights in the operating theater finally went out.
The doctor walked out from inside.

When Zhu Xun saw the doctor, he immediately rushed over and asked anxiously, “Doctor, how is President Wei?”

“Don’t worry, he’s fine.
His condition is very stable now.
However, his body is really weak.
He must be hospitalized and recuperate well.
He can’t run around anymore.
Otherwise, if he does this again, he can only beg the gods to save him.”

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