After the doctor finished speaking, he left.
Then, the nurse pushed Wei Ting out of the operating theater.

Wei Ting, who was lying on the hospital bed, had his eyes tightly shut.
His face was pale, and there was an oxygen mask on his face.
He looked very weak.
At this moment, there was less coldness on Wei Ting’s body, but more fragility.

Su Meng had never seen Wei Ting look so weak.
In her impression, he seemed to have always been aloof and cold.

Wei Ting was pushed into the ward by the nurses.
They helped him hang up the IV and then left.

Su Meng was worried that Guo Xiang would be alone at home, so she let Shen Jian go back first.
She and Zhu Xun watched Wei Ting from the side.

After watching for a while, Zhu Xun saw that Wei Ting’s breathing and heartbeat were very stable.
He then said to Su Meng, “Young Madam, help me look after President Wei.
I’ll go get some change of clothes for him.
If there’s anything, give me a call.
However, don’t tell anyone about this.”

Without waiting for Su Meng to speak, Zhu Xun immediately left.

He jogged out of the ward and quickly closed the door.
It was clear that he was afraid that Su Meng would not agree, so he did not give her a chance to speak.

Su Meng sighed helplessly.
Now, everyone who had more contact with the Wei family knew about her relationship with Wei Ting.
In particular, the matter of her divorce from Wei Ting was made public by Wei Xue.
Therefore, in Su Meng’s heart, she no longer thought of herself as a member of the Wei family.

In her heart, Wei Ting hated her.
After all, she had stolen Wei Xue’s position.
If Wei Ting suddenly woke up at this moment and saw that she was beside him, would he be so angry that he would want to enter the operating theater again?

Thinking of this, Su Meng laughed self-deprecatingly.
Once again, she felt that the sincerity of her previous life was not worth it.

“Wei Ting, you can’t die now.
We haven’t divorced yet.
I don’t want to be called a widow because of you.”

“I’m still injured, and I still have to look after you.
Zhu Xun isn’t afraid that the two of us will die here together.
He’s really at ease.”

“Say it.
If you didn’t like me in the past, just say it.
As long as you say it, I won’t pester you anymore.
But if you don’t say it, it means that you gave me hope.
You made me try my best to please you, but in the end, I met with that kind of thing.”


Su Meng kept chattering in the ears of Wei Ting.
While he was unconscious in front of her, she also said what she wanted to scold him.
She had no choice.
When Wei Ting was awake, although she wanted to scold him, she couldn’t win against Wei Ting.

Zhu Xun walked for a long time and didn’t come back for a long time.

Su Meng wanted to leave, but she was afraid that Wei Ting would suddenly die.
Although she didn’t care about Wei Ting’s life and death, after all, the two of them had a layer of relationship in the law.

After waiting for a while, Su Meng felt so dizzy that she wanted to throw up.
She had no choice but to lie down by the bed and close her eyes to rest for a while.
She didn’t expect to fall asleep.

What Su Meng didn’t know was that she had left the ward for so long and hadn’t checked out, and the nurse wanted to check her physical condition, but she couldn’t find her.
She was worried to death.

Although it was a mild concussion, it wasn’t a small matter.
She had to be observed at all times for twenty-four hours.
She called Su Meng.
Her phone was in the ward and she did not take it with her.

It was late at night, and the corridor of the hospital gradually became quiet.

Su Meng slept very deeply.
She dreamed that she had returned to her previous life.

From the day she married Wei Ting, her past experiences emerged like a slide in front of her.

After the wedding, Wei Ting ignored her and directly left home, leaving her alone in the new room to wait.

After a few days, she did not see Wei Ting.
Wei Xue gave her an idea, asking her to take medicine to seduce Wei Ting.
Although she succeeded in seducing the body, she did not get Wei Ting’s heart.
Instead, she was hated by him.

After that, Su Meng became pregnant.
Wei Ting still did not care about her.
On the contrary, the old woman of the Wei family changed her opinion of her.
She no longer spoke coldly to her, hit her, and scolded her.
Instead, she asked the servants to take care of her.

Later on, the child was born.
It was a boy.
Mother Wei was even happier.
She pointed at Su Meng and said, “You are still useful.
At least you can give birth to a child for our Wei family to carry on the family line.”

The child received all the care of the Wei family, and because she had given birth, she continued to endure Mother Wei’s abuse and suppression.
It was as if she was just a reproductive machine in Mother Wei’s eyes.

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