“Tsk tsk, Boss, you’re so beautiful.
Why are they so afraid of you? Are you some kind of white bone spirit or female devil in their eyes?” Shen Jian sat in the back and laughed without a care in the world.

The windows of the car behind were closed, so no one could see the people behind the car.
They could only see Su Meng sitting in the driver’s seat.
That was why Shen Jian made fun of her.

“Why don’t you ask them? See if the villagers will have a better attitude when they see a young Taoist like you.” Lin Ai spoke up for Su Meng from the side.

“No, even Boss is not liked, so I can’t do it,” Shen Jian said with self-awareness.

Su Meng’s expression sulked as she drove by the villagers.
Fortunately, they were finally at the center of the village.

This time, she was lucky.
She finally met someone who did not run away from her.
It was an old man who looked to be in his seventies.
He had a stooped figure, white hair, and a face full of frost.
He looked like he had suffered a lot when he was young.

However, when he heard Su Meng ask about Hong Si, his expression still changed, but he quickly returned to normal.

“Little girl, I see that you look pretty.
Are you from the city for a vacation? This village is not a place that you should come to.
Hurry up and go back.
It’s not dark yet, and you can still go out.
When it’s dark and you can’t go out, you don’t have to leave anymore.”

“Sir, I’m not here for a vacation.
We’re here to look for someone.
Once we find him, we’ll leave immediately.
So, do you know where Hong Si’s house is?” Su Meng asked.

“Sigh, forget it.
At my age, there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Hong Si is at the village head’s house.
Go straight and turn right when you see the thickest ancient tree.
The house with two stone lions at the door is the village head’s house.”

“Be careful when you see the Village Chief.
He hates foreigners the most and even wants us to stay away from them.
Aiyo, why am I telling you so much? Don’t say that I told you.
I don’t care about anything else.
Go, go.
You guys better pray for yourselves.”

After the old man gave Su Meng directions, he sighed and left.

Just now, no one was willing to pay attention to her.
So it was because of the Village Chief.
But why were the villagers so afraid of the Village Chief? Or perhaps it was not fear, but obedience? But was a small village chief really that powerful?

Su Meng drove in the direction of the Village Chief’s house, puzzled.
What surprised her was that at the Village Chief’s house, there was a thick auspicious qi floating in the air in the shape of a vortex.

With the Village Chief’s house as the center of the whirlpool, the auspicious qi radiated throughout the entire village.

Su Meng focused her attention on it.
After a moment, she closed her eyes to rest before opening them again.

Just now, she thought that the auspicious qi was spreading out from the Village Chief’s house.
However, upon closer inspection, she realized that it was the Village Chief’s house that was absorbing the auspicious qi of others.

“Boss, this Village Chief’s house is too good.
How many virtues does this ancestor have to accumulate in order to have such a heavy auspicious qi?” Shen Jian sighed from the side.
“However, it’s really strange.
Logically speaking, with such a strong auspicious qi, this family should be a rich and noble family.
They should not be in this small village.” Shen Jian sighed.

“You saw it too?” Su Meng raised her eyebrows.
She did not expect Shen Jian to be able to see it.
It was really too dense.

Shen Jian nodded and described the scene he saw to Su Meng.
“What I saw was like this.
There was a ribbon-like colorful aura floating vertically on this house.
Although it was a little faint, it was quite beautiful.”

When Su Meng heard Shen Jian’s description, she immediately understood that what he saw was that vortex.

Lin Ai saw that Su Meng and Shen Jian were talking about something that she could not see.
She asked anxiously, “What, what, what is this? Why can’t I see it?”

“Because you are normal,” Shen Jian said as he looked at Lin Ai.

“Oh, so normal people can’t see it.
Then, I understand.” He did not expect Lin Ai to really believe it and nod seriously.

Looking at the auspicious qi above, Su Meng had a bad feeling in her heart.

The Village Chief’s way of doing things was, to put it bluntly, a robber who robbed others of their auspicious qi.
Now that the auspicious qi had been sucked away by him, those people who had been sucked away would soon be unlucky.

“The situation is a bit wrong.
Let’s look at the other parts of the village first.” Su Meng placed a talisman under a rock next to the Village Chief’s house.

This way, no matter where they went, even if they got lost, they could still rely on this talisman to return.

Even if the talisman was lost, she could still rely on the auspicious qi flowing in the sky to find it.
It was just that double insurance was more reliable.

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