Su Meng pointed in the direction of the cemetery she had visited yesterday.
She said to the Village Chief, “At that location, in order to change the luck of the village, you fought with your seniors for feng shui and territory.
You thought that with the suppression of the well, it would be over.
At the beginning, the effect was indeed significant.
The feng shui of the village had improved, and everyone’s life was better.”

“But you didn’t expect that things would rebound, right? That well can no longer suppress it.
If I’m not wrong, there will be incidents of people jumping into wells from time to time in your village.
This matter can only be resolved from the root.
Everyone who participated in this matter, including his descendants, was targeted.
No matter where they went in the future, they would suffer when they encounter a well or water.”

“After all, what you robbed was not your own ancestors, but the cemetery that existed before you moved here.
Am I right? Of course, this is just a deal that I don’t want to fall out with you.
If you don’t agree, I can also call the police.”

After Su Meng finished speaking, she took out her phone.
The interface of the phone was a 911 call.

“Of course, you may wonder how I know so much.
I can tell you because I am also a feng shui master.
Although it is difficult to find things and people, it is not impossible.
According to the compass, Hong Si is at your house,” Su Meng continued.

Su Meng told the whole story in one breath.
The Village Chief was surprised that she knew so much.
It was not that the village had never had a feng shui master before, but they had not seen it in such detail.
They did not even know what the solution was.

The Village Chief asked Su Meng, “Can you really solve the problem in the village? How can I trust your identity?” Although Su Meng was right, the Village Chief still did not believe her just in case.

Su Meng took out her phone and searched for an antique shop on the internet.
There were many comments left by former customers who praised Su Meng’s ability.

Shen Jian also followed the Village Chief.
After reading it, he whispered to Su Meng in surprise, “Boss, our shop is actually registered online?”

“Of course, the antique shop has to keep up with the times.
It’s more convenient to open it online,” Su Meng whispered back to him.

Then… She turned to the Village Chief and said, “Of course, if you still don’t believe in my ability, then let me say one more thing.
The reason why you trapped Hong Si is not only because he is the core of the array in your courtyard, but also because he is the descendant of a certain person in this cemetery, right? As long as he is in your village, the backlash you will suffer will not be too severe.”

Su Meng had almost told him everything about the village.
The Village Chief completely believed her now.
Some of the things that Su Meng had told him were unknown to even the villagers.
Only he, the village chief, knew the details.

The Village Chief’s face immediately turned obsequious.
He smiled and invited Su Meng into the house to have a seat.
His appearance was completely different from yesterday.

“Master, there’s one more question.
That, Xiao Hong, he…” The Village Chief found it difficult to speak.

“He’s been locked up by you, right? It’s fine.
Let him go first, then we’ll talk about it slowly,” Su Meng said on his behalf.

“Master, are you really not going to call the police?” the Village Chief asked again in disbelief.

“As long as you promise not to do this again in the future and let Hong Si go honestly, we won’t call the police,” Su Meng promised him.

Although Su Meng promised him this, the Village Chief was still worried.
He said, “Master, it’s not that I don’t want to let him go, but he’s involved in too many things.
How about this? You solve the problems in the village first, then help me solve one thing.
After you’re done, I’ll let him go.
How about that?”

“I’ve watched Hong Si grow up.
He’s very safe with me, and I won’t hurt him.
I’ve been supporting him recently.
Seeing how much you care about him, you must be good friends.
We’re not enemies, so why don’t we help each other out?”

The Village Chief was indeed an old fox.
To be able to make the villagers listen to him, he was indeed good at talking.

Su Meng nodded in agreement.
As the eye of the formation, it wouldn’t be good for him to forcefully take Hong Si away.
After settling other matters, Su Meng wanted to take a good look at Hong Si.

The Village Chief saw that Su Meng had agreed.
He smiled and bowed to Su Meng.
“Thank you for your understanding, Master.
Xiao Hong is an orphan.
He was brought up in our village and grew up in the village.
Now that the village is in trouble, he took the initiative to offer to help.
Since Master said that she has a way, we don’t need to trouble him anymore.”

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