After Su Meng left.

The shop owner hurriedly ran out after receiving the customers.
He looked around and muttered, “That person just now looked a little familiar.
Is it her? She left too quickly.
I didn’t even have time to speak.”

A girl around 20 years old followed him out.
Looking at the shop owner who was talking to himself, she asked in puzzlement, “Shop owner, what’s wrong? Who are you looking for?”

The shopkeeper led the girl to the table in the shop and took out a photo from the drawer.
In it was a young girl with a high ponytail.
She was showing a flying pose toward the camera, with a bright smile on her face.
Her happy appearance made people smile happily.

The person in the photo was Su Meng.

The girl exclaimed, “What a beautiful girl!”

The shop owner nodded.
He said, “This was left behind by our boss before he left.
He said that if the girl in the photo came to look for him, I should contact him.
I shouldn’t have seen it wrongly just now.
The girl standing at our door is the person in the photo, but I didn’t expect her to leave so soon.”


Of course, Su Meng, who had already left, didn’t know about all this.

After leaving the Antique Street, Su Meng went to the market again.
After buying all the things she wanted to eat, she rushed back to the Wei family’s villa with bags of things.

When she reached home, the sun had already set halfway.

The servants in the house were cleaning the tables in the hall.
When they saw Su Meng come back with a few black plastic bags, their eyes revealed a look of disdain without concealing it.

“Young Madam, you’re back,” a maid greeted casually.
She did not have any intention of helping at all.
She just took a rag and wiped everywhere perfunctorily.

“Thank you for your hard work.
Help me take these dishes to the kitchen.
Thank you.” Su Meng handed one of the black plastic bags in her hand to the maid.

The maid appeared very reluctant.
However, although Su Meng was not favored, her status was still there.
Even if she did not want to, she had to do it.

After taking the things, she asked, “Young Madam, do you need me to help you with that? But you have to wait for me to finish my work first.”

“No need.
Just help me bring it over.” Su Meng looked at the clean table and understood, but she was too lazy to argue.

When the maid heard that, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Then you should go and rest.
I have to continue working.”

Su Meng went upstairs and glanced down before entering the door.
As expected, after the maid saw her leave, she immediately sat on the sofa and started playing with her phone.

There was one thing she did not mention.
The maid had a jade pendant around her neck.
Although jade had a spiritual nature and would protect its owner after wearing it for a long time, it still had to be divided into categories.

Jade was divided into yin jade and yang jade.
Yin jade was used for burials and yang jade was used to pray for blessings.
The piece that the maid brought was yin jade.
If it was worn for a long time, she would definitely suffer a backlash.

However, Su Meng sneered.
What did this have to do with her? She would only repay people who treated her sincerely.

After returning to her room, Su Meng directly flipped the bag, and the things inside fell to the ground.

The old man in the antique shop was too sloppy.
The talisman papers were just scattered on the shelves.
He did not tidy them up, and he gave Su Meng a lot of them, causing a mess.

She picked up the talisman papers one by one and put them together.
Then, she sorted out the compass, tai chi ruler, ink-red lines, and other things.
After she finished sorting all of them, she dug out the notes that her master had given her.
The notes were filled with her master’s understanding of feng shui and the solutions to all kinds of situations.

As Su Meng had been learning from her master for many years, looking at her master’s notes, the knowledge that she had learned back then slowly reappeared in her mind.

She would have to rely on this to earn money in the future, so Su Meng looked at it very seriously.

She did not know how long she looked at it, but when she stretched her stiff limbs and opened the curtains to look out, it was already nighttime.

As it was close to the fifteenth day, the moon in the sky looked round.
The light poured down like mercury, illuminating the whole world.
Although the stars in the sky were not dazzling, they were still twinkling.
It was a pleasant night.

Su Meng took a deep breath and decided to take a shower.
Then, she would have a good night’s sleep.
Tomorrow, besides studying, she would also have to go out and look for feng shui problems so that she could earn some money for herself.

Wei Ting had still not returned.
Thinking back, it was common for him to not come home at night.
In the past, Su Meng would wait for him all night, worrying about gains and losses.
But now, she hoped that Wei Ting would not come back.
Although they didn’t sleep in the same room, Su Meng still felt uncomfortable when she thought about how the other party was right next door.


She took off her clothes in the bedroom and went directly to the bathroom naked.

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