The man walked forward and asked Su Meng with a smile, “Miss Su, don’t you recognize me?”

Shen Jian held his bag and stood beside Su Meng.
He also looked at the man in confusion.
After looking at him for a while, he asked Su Meng, “Boss, have we met this person before? Why do I feel that he looks so familiar?”

Su Meng tried hard to recall in her mind.
After confirming that she had never seen this person before, she frowned and said, “I’m sorry.
I usually have a lot of guests, so I really don’t have any impression of you.
Why are you here?”

“It seems that you only remember my grandfather.
I’m Lu Bai.
You saved my life a few days ago.
It’s no wonder that you don’t remember me.
I was covered in wounds and bandages at that time.” Lu Bai smiled.
He looked like a gentle and elegant young master from a period drama.

Su Meng immediately remembered when he said he was Lu Bai and sized him up.
At that time, although Lu Bai was covered from head to toe, she had seen his face before.
However, the difference between that time and now was too big.

At that time, it might be because of the injury on his face.
Although he was very handsome, he felt weak.
But now, the injury on his face had healed.
Lu Bai stood straight and upright, looking very energetic.
He was a completely different person from that time.

“So it’s you.
How is Elder Lu?” Su Meng asked.

“My grandfather is very well now.
He asked me to come,” Lu Bai replied.

Su Meng nodded and continued to ask, “Then, why did you come to find me? Do you need me to look for something or someone, or to look at feng shui?”

Although Lu Bai had been smiling, there was a hint of awkwardness in his smile.
He lowered his head and thought for a moment before he mustered up his courage and said, “Miss Su, I’m here to ask you… If you can… be my girlfriend.”

He had been a police officer for so long, and his speech had always been straightforward.
This was the first time he had been stuck in front of a girl, and he could not help but scold himself in his heart.

Pa! Just as Lu Bai finished his sentence, the bag in Shen Jian’s hand fell to the ground.
His mouth was wide open, and his eyes were wide open.

Su Meng thought that she had heard wrongly.
She rubbed her ears and asked, “What did you say?”

“I want to pursue you to be my girlfriend.
Is that okay?” Lu Bai repeated it again.
This time, it was very smooth, and there was no awkwardness from before.

“Be your girlfriend?” Su Meng could not believe it.

“Yes, I’m very serious,” Lu Bai replied.

“Be your girlfriend?” Shen Jian also followed Su Meng and asked.

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