The warm water washed away Su Meng’s exhaustion.
She sighed comfortably and then began to sigh again.

When she was in the antique shop, she tried to call her master, but his phone kept reminding her that it was switched off.
She didn’t know if her master had blocked her or if something had happened, which made her a little worried.

‘Master, do you really not want me anymore? Even if you really don’t want me, I will try my best to find you and apologize to you!’


After taking a shower, Su Meng was just about to wipe her body with a towel when she realized that the bathroom shelf was empty.
The maid actually didn’t bring a new towel!

Su Meng was helpless.
Although she had always been disliked in the Wei family, the maid was becoming more and more brazen now.

Fortunately, she was in her own room.
The servants rarely came to clean her room, so she didn’t have to worry about being seen.

As she was thinking, Su Meng slipped on the ground.
She was caught off guard and fell heavily on the floor.
She felt a burning pain on her butt.

At the same time, Wei Ting came back.

He bent down to change his shoes.
Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain on his buttocks.
It was as if someone had hit him hard.
The pain made him quiver.


He suddenly stopped changing his shoes.
The maid who was wiping the table at the side quickly came forward and asked, “Young Master, what’s wrong? Are you suddenly uncomfortable? Do you need me to help you to the sofa to rest?”


Her attitude now and how she treated Su Meng were two extremes.

“No need.” Wei Ting frowned.
He endured the pain in his buttocks and changed his shoes.
Then, he walked upstairs.
He couldn’t say that his buttocks were hurting.

It was really strange.
This wasn’t the first time his body was hurting for no reason.
He clearly didn’t do anything.
Last time, it was his arm.
This time, it was too much.
It was actually his buttocks.


“Is the Young Madam back?” Wei Ting originally wanted to go back to his room directly, but when he recalled everything that happened during the day and Su Meng’s sudden change in personality, he asked out of the blue.

“Ah? Oh! Su… No, the Young Madam has already come back.
She even asked if you were back.”


The maid was used to calling Su Meng by her full name in private, and she almost exposed herself just now.

“Okay.” Wei Ting responded indifferently.

Why did Su Meng ask her if he was coming back? Was she trying to explain to him what happened during the day? Sure enough, she was just trying to please him in a different way.

He walked to Su Meng’s door and directly pushed the door open.


“You have…” However, just as he was about to ask Su Meng, he was stunned at the sight of her.

Su Meng had just come out of the bathroom naked.
Her wet black hair was still dripping.
Her fair and delicate skin was even more translucent under the contrast of the water droplets.

Su Meng was also stunned when she heard the door open.
She did not react in time.
The moment she saw Wei Ting, she was still holding her butt with one hand and grimacing as she inhaled.

The two of them looked at each other speechlessly.
Su Meng was the first to react.
She ran to the wardrobe and casually took out a long shirt to put on.
Then, she looked at Wei Ting angrily.
“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know how to knock before you come in?”


Su Meng was wearing a white shirt and no underwear.
It was soaked by the water droplets on her body and stuck tightly to her body, outlining her graceful figure.
The length of the shirt just covered her private parts, revealing a pair of snow-white, long, and straight legs.
It looked even more seductive.

Wei Ting suddenly felt a surge of heat.
The gaze he stared at Su Meng contained a little bit of heat.

Looking at Wei Ting who was staring at her, Su Meng also realized that it was even more inappropriate for her to be like this.
She immediately rolled onto the bed, wrapped herself in the blanket, and only revealed her head.

“Don’t look at me indecently, understand? Men and women should not be intimate with each other.
Do you understand?”


Wei Ting did not intentionally stare at Su Meng.
After all, he had no interest in Su Meng seducing him with medicine last night.

However, he didn’t know what had happened just now.
His mind suddenly went blank.
When he regained consciousness, he heard Su Meng’s rude words.

Don’t look at her indecently? Men and women shouldn’t be intimate with each other? They were already married.
Where did this come from? Wasn’t it normal for couples to be honest with each other?


Wei Ting was displeased with Su Meng’s words, especially when he saw the distant and cold expression on Su Meng’s face.
It didn’t seem like she was joking with him at all.
Instead, she really detested being seen by him.

He didn’t know why, but when he saw Su Meng treat him like this, he felt a sense of irritation in his heart.
He immediately said unhappily, “You are my legally married wife.
Does it make sense for me to abide by these rules?”

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