Su Meng gave Shen Jian a cold look.
Shen Jian immediately shut up and quickly walked to Guo Xiang’s side to sit down.

A Wei Ting was already enough to give her a headache.
He had betrayed and killed her.
If another Lu Bai came, she might not even know how she died in the end.

Shen Jian’s mouth was too obnoxious.
Su Meng could not be bothered with him.

Guo Xiang just watched the two of them bicker with a smile and did not say anything.

Ever since Zhu Xun left, no one came to the shop.
Su Meng and Shen Jian did not have a good rest last night.
The two of them went back to their rooms to catch up on their sleep.

After that day, no one came to disturb Su Meng.
She brought Shen Jian to check the feng shui for her clients every day.
In her spare time, she helped Guo Xiang sell antiques.
After three days of peace, there was news from Wei Ting.

“We have found out about the human traffickers.
The village chief is indeed an accomplice.” Wei Ting called Su Meng personally to tell her the results of the investigation.

“It was such a long time ago.
You actually found out about it so quickly?” Su Meng felt a little incredulous.

“As long as the money is in place, all the news will come,” Wei Ting said lightly.

As expected of a president.
When he encountered something, he would directly throw money at it.
Su Meng secretly complained in her heart.

As the saying goes, money can make the world go round.
This was not false at all.
It was really enviable.
When would she be able to say ‘I’m rich’ in a carefree manner?

“You’re amazing,” Su Meng praised sincerely.

Wei Ting only took this as a genuine compliment and accepted it gladly.

After saying this, he still had one more thing to say to Su Meng.
“However, I also discovered something.
This village is a little strange.
It might be compatible with your profession.
Do you want to come over? If you want to come over, I’ll drive over to pick you up.”

After hearing this, Su Meng said in surprise, “You went there personally to investigate?”


Su Meng thought that Wei Ting would find someone to help.
At most, he would ask Zhu Xun to go.
She did not expect that he would actually go there personally.

He had lived a luxurious life since he was young and enjoyed the treatment of a rich young master.
He was actually willing to go to the mountain village personally to investigate?

Originally, Su Meng did not have much expectations for Wei Ting.
Now it seemed that Wei Ting was really very capable.
As the president, he could even investigate such an old case.

After sighing in her heart, Su Meng quickly answered Wei Ting’s question.
“I’ve basically already seen that village, but I haven’t finished checking it.
I’ve already come up with ideas to solve the problem, but since there are other problems, I’ll go over and take a look.
I can go myself…”

“Okay, wait for me in the shop.” Wei Ting didn’t wait for Su Meng to finish speaking and directly hung up after giving her instructions.

Su Meng: “…”

Very good.
Wei Ting’s behavior was very consistent with his identity as an overbearing president.

Although Su Meng wanted to drive there herself, Wei Ting was, after all, doing her a favor.
It was better to listen to him.

About five minutes later, Wei Ting drove to the entrance of the antique shop.

Su Meng had been sitting on the chair at the entrance waiting for him.

“Let’s go.
Get in the car.” After Wei Ting parked the car, he got out of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat for Su Meng.

“So fast!” Su Meng was surprised.
It meant that he was nearby when he called.
It seemed that he had decided to pick her up from the beginning.

Wei Ting didn’t answer.
He just smiled faintly.

This time, Su Meng didn’t go to the back seat.
Instead, she bent down and sat in the passenger seat.

After Su Meng sat down, Wei Ting closed the door and walked to the driver’s seat.

Just as he opened the door, Shen Jian dashed out of the shop and shouted, “Wait for me! I was just washing my face! How could it be so fast?!”

Shen Jian shouted loudly, but Wei Ting didn’t seem to hear him.
He didn’t even look at him as he sat in the car.
Then, he closed the door and started the car.

Shen Jian almost touched the car door, but the car suddenly drove away, leaving him standing in the same place with a confused look.

“Hey, I haven’t gotten into the car yet, Boss!” Shen Jian stood there and shouted, but the car didn’t stop.

Su Meng looked at Shen Jian, who was getting smaller and smaller, from the rearview mirror and looked at Wei Ting helplessly.

If he didn’t want to bring Shen Jian along, she could have told him earlier.
She could have given the keys to Shen Jian and let him drive there by himself.
Now that the keys were with Su Meng, it seemed that Shen Jian couldn’t go.

Although Wei Ting looked ahead, he still noticed Su Meng staring at him from the corner of his eye.

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