talked to him.

She didn’t care how flirtatious she looked at the moment.
She stood up and pushed Wei Ting out, saying as she did so, “Go out, go out.
I need to rest.
It’s not suitable for a grown man to stay in a little girl’s room for too long.”


Just like that, Wei Ting was pushed out of the door by Su Meng bit by bit.
The moment he was out of the door, Su Meng turned around.
She didn’t care about Wei Ting’s eyes that were filled with intense anger and directly swung her hand.
The door closed with a bang.

Su Meng leaned against the back of the door and curled her lips.
She cursed in her heart.
This man was really strange.
Back then, she had chased Wei Ting for so long and didn’t even care about her dignity.
That man didn’t even look her in the eye.
But now that she proposed a divorce, he should have been happy.
Why was he still dilly-dallying?

Wei Ting stood at Su Meng’s door with a sullen face.

He had actually been kicked out by Su Meng!

What kind of temper was this woman throwing? She had even teased him gently in the first half of the night last night, then told him to get lost in the second half of the night, and then she had become inexplicable today.

He was also very restless in his heart.
He tightly pursed his lips and returned to his room.

All of this was seen by the maid downstairs who was cleaning the table.
She was so shocked that she forgot to close her mouth.
She opened her mouth wide and asked herself in her heart, ‘What did I just see? Young Master has been kicked out by Young Madam!’

After Wei Ting disappeared, the maid took out her phone and went to the corner to make a call.

Su Meng had a good sleep and woke up refreshed the next day.
However, it would be even better if her butt didn’t hurt.
She washed up, cleaned herself up, and then went downstairs.

“Young Madam, you’re up.
Come and have breakfast.” Butler Zhou saw Su Meng coming down and ordered the maid to bring the breakfast prepared and then set the table.

Seeing that it was Butler Zhou, Su Meng revealed a smile from the bottom of her heart.
In her previous life, Butler Zhou had been very good to her.
She warmly greeted him, “Butler Zhou, you’re back! How are things at home?”


“Thank you for your concern, Young Madam.
It’s nothing serious.” Butler Zhou tried his best to maintain his smile, but Su Meng could see that he was forcing himself.
Butler Zhou had only returned home for a few days.
The person who was still in high spirits when he left looked much older this time around.

Su Meng focused her gaze on Butler Zhou for a few seconds.
Suddenly, she saw that there was a faint haze lingering around his body.
It seemed that Butler Zhou had been plagued by bad luck recently.

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