Chapter 195: Wei Ting Was Going To Be Sold

“Those knots are too simple.” As she spoke, Wei Ting had already untied Su Meng.
After she was freed, Su Meng began to observe her surroundings.

As early as when she had just been knocked out, her phone had already been taken away.
Therefore, she could only touch the things around her without any lighting.
There were many sundries in the car, which felt like wood.

“Where are we being taken to? Do you think Ren Chi is there?” Su Meng asked.

She couldn’t see Wei Ting’s expression in the darkness.
Wei Ting said softly, “The car is going up the mountain.
It’s a gravel road.
It seems that it hasn’t been paved.
We are being taken to a mountain far away from the village.”

The car drove for a while, and its speed gradually slowed down.

“Don’t expose the fact that we haven’t fainted yet.” Wei Ting picked up the rope from earlier and tied Su Meng up again.
However, this time, it was fastened with a live buckle.
As long as Su Meng pulled, the rope would be opened.

Not only did Wei Ting help Su Meng to tie up again, but he could also put his hands behind his back and tie himself up.
Su Meng was surprised.
She did not expect Wei Ting to have such a skill.

After driving for a while, the vehicle finally stopped.
Someone came over and opened the door.
At the same time, they shone a flashlight into the vehicle.

Suddenly, a strong light shot over.
Even though Su Meng’s eyes were closed, she still felt dazzled.
She couldn’t help but move a little.
Fortunately, that person didn’t notice it.
Instead, he turned his head and spoke to the person beside him.

“What’s going on? Didn’t you say that we only want children? Why did you bring two adults this time?” The person who opened the door was a little unhappy when he saw the people in the car.

The Village Chief said unhappily at the side, “What children? You’ve already been discovered.
These two people are here to capture you.
If you don’t deal with them, you’ll be the next one to be dealt with.”

The man spat.
He cursed, “D*mn it, I’ve been staying in the mountains for so long.
I’ve been waiting for you to send me a few more children before finally leaving to sell them together.
How did they discover me? You haven’t been fooled, right?”

The Village Chief seemed to have reacted a little and asked, “They weren’t offered a reward by the police?”

The man spat.
He shouted, “How long have we been working together? We’ve never been caught.
How could they be offered a reward? It looks like you were really tricked by them, but that’s not right.
We kept it so secret.
How did they know we were here? Could these two be police spies? Do they have a GPS on them?”

As the man spoke, he was about to come over and search them.

“Everything on them has been taken away.
There’s nothing on them except for their cell phones.
They shouldn’t be spies.
How could spies come here? Maybe it’s the parents of some child who found this place on their own.” Before the man could run into Wei Ting and Su Meng… The Village Chief stopped him in time.

“That’s good.
Third Brother wants to start a new business.
Recently, he found that selling organs is more profitable than selling children.
These two people were kidnapped and sent to Third Brother.
Children are getting harder and harder to catch.
They are all being watched closely.
The higher-ups are also strict.
When Third Brother is stable, we won’t do anything here anymore.”

After the man finished speaking, he called two of his underlings and took Wei Ting and Su Meng away.

“Use the man to sell the organs, and give the woman to the brothers.
When they’re tired of her, you can sell the organs.” The man spoke these words so casually, as if he was buying vegetables.

What he didn’t notice was that when he mentioned Su Meng, Wei Ting frowned.

Wei Ting and Su Meng didn’t open their eyes the entire time, so they didn’t know where they were taken to.
They only felt that as they moved, their surroundings became cooler and cooler.

After walking for a long time, they finally reached the place.
The two of them threw Su Meng and Wei Ting on the ground and then left.
When he left, Su Meng heard something being put down.
It sounded heavy.

After waiting for a while, there was no sound around.
Only then did Su Meng slowly open her eyes and look around.

It turned out that this was a cave with candles lit inside.
The sound of something heavy hitting the ground was actually a wooden board at the entrance of the cave.

What surprised Su Meng the most was that not far from her, there was a man dressed in black lying on the ground.
There were many wounds on his body and a lot of blood had flowed out.
At this moment, his eyes were closed and he looked like he was unconscious.

Su Meng exerted force with her hand and the rope that was fastened immediately loosened.
She untied the rope and turned her head to look at Wei Ting.
She found that Wei Ting had already untied the rope and walked to the man next to him.

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