Chapter 196: Found Children

“Is he Ren Chi?” Su Meng asked as she untied the rope and followed Wei Ting.
She saw Wei Ting checking the man’s breath with a gloomy face.

Wei Ting nodded and said, “I didn’t expect him to be brought here.”

“According to the person just now, he’s not just a human trafficker.
His nature is even worse.
He even sells organs.
How is Ren Chi?” Su Meng walked to the wooden board and listened to the voices outside.
She didn’t know how many people there were, and their phones had been taken away.
The most important thing now was to think of a way to escape with Ren Chi first.

“Although there are many wounds, it’s not a big problem.
He was drugged.
The other party probably used ether, so there’s no big problem.” Wei Ting untied the rope on Ren Chi’s body and then carried him on his back.

Wei Ting supported Ren Chi on his back with one hand and pushed the wooden board with the other.
The wooden board was not the kind with a lock.
He pushed it open with force.
There was still a cave outside.
There were two directions.
One was the one that had just come in, and the other one, Su Meng and Wei Ting did not know where it led to.

Su Meng stood in the middle.
After looking at both sides for a few times, she squatted down and looked at the stone walls of the cave carefully.

“Go the other way.
There are survivors there.” After Su Meng said that, she led the way in front.
Wei Ting did not doubt her words at all.
He nodded and followed behind Su Meng.

There was actually no one watching in the cave.
Presumably, they were all outside, so this was not the most difficult thing.
The most difficult thing should be what to do when they saw them when they went out.

Kerosene lamps were placed on both sides of the path.
Although the light was very weak, it was enough for them to see the path clearly.

The two of them walked forward for a while and suddenly heard a child crying.

Su Meng turned back to look at Wei Ting.
Wei Ting also looked at her.
Su Meng indicated that there were children here.
Wei Ting nodded and the two of them continued to walk forward.

This cave seemed to be very long, and Su Meng led the way in front.
After walking for some distance, she saw a wooden board lying horizontally at the side, and it was the same as the one they had pushed open earlier.

Presumably, this ought to be another room.

Su Meng pushed the wooden board hard, and it only pushed open a little bit, revealing a crack as she looked inside.

As expected, behind the wooden board was the same as before, and it was a place that was similar to a room.
There were two candles lit inside, and it seemed to have been lit for a very long time, and was about to burn to the bottom.

There were more than a dozen children lying there.
They were all unconscious.
Only one of them seemed to have just woken up and was sitting in the middle of the children, crying softly.

The child did not notice Su Meng and sat there crying sadly.
Su Meng only took a few glances before she quietly pushed the wooden board back.

She did want to save these children, but the prerequisite was that they could leave this place successfully.
If she impulsively went to help those children now, in the end, even she wouldn’t be able to get out.

Su Meng continued to walk forward.
This time, she reached the end directly.
She stood by the entrance of the cave and looked outside.
Sure enough, although no one was watching in the cave, there were several people standing outside the cave.

“What should we do now?” Su Meng turned her head and asked Wei Ting.
If it was just her and Wei Ting, she had a way to escape.
However, Wei Ting was carrying an unconscious person, so there was nothing she could do.

Carrying a living person would definitely make it inconvenient for him to move.

Wei Ting stood close to the stone wall and asked Su Meng in a low voice, “How many?”

Su Meng stretched out her hand and said in a low voice, “Four.”

Wei Ting continued to ask, “Do they have any weapons?”

Su Meng stuck her head out and looked around carefully.
Those people were wearing shorts and their upper bodies were bare.
It seemed that there was no place for them to hide their weapons.
And these people only had a machete by their side.
Other than that, there was nothing else.

Su Meng explained the situation to Wei Ting in detail.
After Wei Ting heard it, he gently placed Ren Chi on the ground.
He looked around and found nothing but rocks.
He casually picked up a handy rock and walked out.

He had no intention of avoiding them at all.
He walked directly to the four people.
Su Meng didn’t expect Wei Ting to be so bold.
No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to fight four people at once.
Moreover, he was still injured.

Wei Ting left quietly.
The four people were still chatting with their backs facing the cave.
No one noticed anything strange behind them.

“D*mn it, there are too many mosquitoes in this mountain.
They bit my whole body.
But if I have to wear more clothes, I’ll be too hot.
It’s really not easy.”

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