family? But looking at her attitude toward him, it didn’t seem to be that simple.
To put it bluntly, the current relationship between the two of them was like that of an enemy who had killed their father.
This was a bit too much.

Hearing Wei Ting’s words, the corners of Su Meng’s lips curled up.
She said with a mocking smile, “I didn’t expect that such a prideful person like Wei Ting would actually be so self-aware.”

“So, is there some misunderstanding between us?” Wei Ting said with a frown.

“Misunderstanding? Hehe, that’s a nice word.” Su Meng sneered.
All the things that happened in her previous life flashed through her mind.
Not only did Wei Ting not care about her, he was also filled with disgust.

Being put in a difficult position by his mother, being framed by Wei Xue, and her own child dying because of these two people, all of these really happened.
However, because of her rebirth, she strangled him to death at the first sign of life.

“Do you really want to know why we became like this?” Su Meng closed her eyes and tried hard to suppress the hatred in her heart.
After a long time, she opened her eyes again.
At this moment, she had a smile on her face.
It was impossible to see the turbulent waves in her heart.

Facing her question, Wei Ting nodded.

“Ha, then go and ask your good sister, Wei Xue.
No one knows more about the things between us than her.” Thinking of Wei Xue, Su Meng felt a chill in her heart.

This young miss picked up by the Wei family pretended to be kind and weak on the surface, but in reality, her heart was ruthless and undefeatable.
It was unknown whether Wei Ting was attracted by her weak appearance or was a hypocrite like her.

“Wei Xue? What does Wei Xue know? What do our matters have to do with her?” Wei Ting frowned even more and asked in confusion.

In his previous life, Wei Xue’s ‘good deeds’ were all instigated by Wei Ting, and now he actually pretended not to know.

Su Meng glared fiercely at Wei Ting.
This person was indeed hypocritical.
As expected of a brother and sister.
Su Meng immediately felt disgusted.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.
Su Meng’s face turned gloomy.
She didn’t want to see Wei Ting anymore, and she didn’t plan to pay the money.
She turned around and left.

Wei Ting held her hand again.
Su Meng frowned and turned around.
She asked impatiently, “President Wei, is there anything else?”

This time, Wei Ting didn’t say anything.
Instead, he handed the shopping bag to Su Meng.
“So many things happened in one night.
You haven’t even drunk a mouthful of water.
Here is some food.
Have some first.”


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