208 Asked Wei Xue

“In any case, Xiao Ting is going to divorce Su Meng.
Whatever happens to her has nothing to do with us.
Don’t talk about her in the future.
In the future, I want to personally choose the daughter-in-law of our Wei family.
I must choose a well-matched and well-educated young lady from a big family.
She definitely can’t be a wild girl like Su Meng.” Father Wei who had been silent at the side suddenly spoke.

Wei Ting stood in the room and listened to the three people talking about the matter between him and Su Meng.
His brows were almost knitted together.

“You don’t need to care about this matter.
I will not divorce Su Meng.
Don’t mention this matter again in the future,” Wei Ting said coldly.

“What!” Father Wei and Wei Ting shouted at the same time.

“I can handle this matter myself.
Don’t go looking for trouble with her in the future.
You know very well why you went to prison.
You can’t blame her for this matter,” Wei Ting said faintly.

Wei Ting hadn’t spoken since he came back.
It was all the three of them talking.
Now that he finally spoke, he was actually speaking on behalf of Su Meng.

Mother Wei’s temper was ignited in an instant.
She said angrily, “Well, that woman Su Meng is indeed extraordinary.
She actually charmed my originally calm son.
I just came out of prison and he didn’t say that he cared about me.
Instead, he cared about the woman who sent me to prison.”

Father Wei frowned and said, “Xiao Ting, I don’t care about your previous relationship.
In any case, this marriage has to be divorced.
Su Meng has made such a big deal out of this matter.
Do you know how my friends are laughing at us behind our backs? If you really don’t want to divorce, that’s fine too.
I’ll go to the company tomorrow and cancel your position.”

Father Wei knew his son’s temper and directly threatened him with his position.

However, Wei Ting was unmoved.
Instead, he said indifferently, “I can resign at any time.” After saying this, he looked at Wei Xue and said, “You, come with me.”

After saying this, he didn’t bother with Father Wei and Mother Wei and directly walked out.

Wei Xue asked Mother Wei in a difficult position, “Mom, did I go out with Brother?”

Although Mother Wei was angry, she didn’t throw a tantrum.
She knew that this matter had nothing to do with Wei Xue.
Moreover, Wei Xue had been taking care of and accompanying her recently.
Therefore, her expression softened and her voice became much gentler.

“Mom, don’t be angry.
I will help you persuade Brother.” Wei Xue comforted her.
Seeing that Mother Wei nodded, she then walked out to look for Wei Ting.

When she walked to the villa’s entrance, Wei Xue lowered her head slightly and put on an obedient look, waiting for Wei Ting to speak.

Wei Ting only glanced at her indifferently before moving his gaze away to look at the flowers at the villa’s entrance.
He suddenly thought of the matter of Su Meng being allergic to flowers and decided to move these flowers away when he had the time.

“Were you close with Su Meng in the past?” Wei Ting asked Wei Xue.

It turned out that Wei Ting had called her out to ask about Su Meng.
The little anticipation in Wei Xue’s heart instantly disappeared, and the shyness on her face disappeared.

She straightened her expression and nodded.
When Sister-in-law first came to our house, she wasn’t familiar with anything, so I always helped her.
Later on, we became friends.”

“Did any conflict happen between the two of you?”

“Conflict?” Wei Xue Thought for a moment.
She shook her head and said, “There’s no conflict.
But recently, Sister Su Meng has become very different from before.
It’s as if… She’s suddenly changed into a different person.
In the past, I helped her so many times, but now she doesn’t seem to remember it.
Moreover, she always seems to have a grudge against me.”

“Brother, have you discovered something? I’m very afraid of Sister Su Meng’s current appearance.
I don’t even dare to be close to her anymore.
Not only me, even Mom is disrespected.
She even… Always contradicts Mom.”

Wei Xue spoke sadly, like Su Meng had let her down.
She acted so wronged that tears were about to come out.

She wiped away her tears and continued, “Sister Su Meng’s changes aren’t just these.
She’s also…”

Wei Xue pursed her lips tightly and raised her foot to lightly stomp on the ground.
Feeling wronged, she said, “She even did that to me.
Now, those people are all laughing at me.
My friends are the same.
Although they don’t say anything on the surface, the way they look at me is different from before.”

Thinking about how her innocence was ruined at that banquet, Wei Xue secretly cursed Su Meng.
At that time, she was clearly the one who set Su Meng up.
She didn’t expect that Su Meng would turn the tables on her.
She would take revenge one day.

Although Wei Xue felt hatred in her heart, she did not dare to show it on her face.
She gritted her teeth and tried her best to maintain a pitiful expression.
She wanted to win Wei Ting’s pity and at the same time, defame Su Meng’s image.

“Is there anything else?” Regarding Wei Xue’s accusation, Wei Ting did not give any reaction.
Instead, he continued to ask other questions.

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