211 Seemed To Be Wei Ting

When Shen Jian saw that there was a chance, he quickly said, “Of course not.
I wouldn’t accept such a person.
The person I accepted, his job is… That kind.” Shen Jian did not say it out loud.
He only pointed to the ground.

With this one action, Su Meng immediately understood.
“Grave robber?”

Shen Jian was a little surprised at Su Meng’s answer.
“Boss, you can even guess this? You are indeed my boss.
You are too amazing! But how did you know?”

Su Meng shrugged her shoulders indifferently.
“You have already hinted so clearly.
If I still can’t guess it, I would be too stupid.
Archaeologists and the funeral industry are both legitimate businesses and worthy of respect.
Then, wouldn’t the only thing related to underground be grave robbing? This kind of people who dig up other people’s graves to destroy the feng shui of their descendants for money is not a proper profession.”

After listening to Su Meng’s explanation, Shen Jian suddenly felt a little nervous.
“Boss, then are you still going to accept it?”

“How much is the reward?” Su Meng did not immediately agree but asked about the money first.

Shen Jian mysteriously approached Su Meng and quietly extended two fingers to her.

“200,000?” 200,000 was indeed not a small amount, but it was not that much.
How much it would cost depended on the difficulty of the matter.

Ever since she became a feng shui master working with the Zhou family, her reputation had grown.
The people who came to her to solve their problems usually met with extremely troublesome problems, and the rewards were quite generous.

If the other party only offered 200,000, then she really had to consider whether she should help.

Hearing Su Meng’s guess, Shen Jian shook his head.
“It’s 2 million.
And that person said that he doesn’t need you to personally help him solve it.
As long as you tell him the solution, he will do it himself.
So, it’s equivalent to us taking this money for free.
Therefore, Boss, do you want to…”

“Take it!”

Before Shen Jian could finish speaking, Su Meng immediately agreed.
She was very happy, as if the money would fly away if she was a second late.

Shen Jian: “…”

As expected, his previous concerns were unnecessary.
According to Su Meng’s character, as long as it did not violate her principles and the money was in place, everything was negotiable.

“Boss, aren’t you afraid that the problem will be troublesome?” After Su Meng agreed readily, Shen Jian confirmed it again.

“It’s fine.
No matter how troublesome it is, there is still the old man in charge.” Although Guo Xiang did not show any ability in front of her, as long as she had questions that she did not understand, she could get the answer by asking Guo Xiang.
Guo Xiang’s brain could be said to be a treasure chest of feng shui knowledge.

“You are greedy for money.” Guo Xiang had been listening to the conversation between the two people.
Later, when he heard Su Meng talking about him, he smiled helplessly.

“Well, since Boss has confirmed it, I will immediately contact him and confirm the time!” Shen Jian excitedly ran to the side to make a phone call.

After Su Meng finished eating, she had nothing to do, so she sat by the window and looked at the brightly lit street outside.

There was a rule in Antique Street, which was that the shops had to be closed at night.
Because most of the items sold here were related to items used by dead people, it was easy for accidents to happen when the shops were opened at night.
Therefore, even though the street was brightly lit, there was still not a single customer walking on the street.
The doors of every shop were tightly shut.

Su Meng had slept for more than half a day.
At this moment, she did not feel sleepy at all.
After sitting by the window and looking for a while, she decided to go upstairs to her room and pack up her tools.
It seemed that she had not done any proper work for a long time.

While Su Meng was packing up her tools, other than Shen Jian coming over to inform her that the appointment with that person was tomorrow morning, there was nothing else to disturb her.

After packing up her tools, Su Meng found a feng shui book and read it for a while.
Finally, she felt sleepy in the middle of the night.

She planned to close the curtains to sleep, but just as she walked to the window, she saw a car parked downstairs.
It seemed to belong to Wei Ting.

“What’s he doing here so late at night?” Su Meng muttered softly.
Fortunately, she had just turned off the lights and the room was pitch-black.
She did not have to worry about being seen by the people outside, so she stood by the window and looked outside.

No one got out of the car, and the car did not move either.
It was as if there was no one in the car.

Su Meng was very sure that she was not mistaken, because the car that Wei Ting drove was a limited edition car.
There were only a few in the world.
However, it was also possible that the other party drove the same car as Wei Ting.
After all, it was not uncommon for rich people to buy antiques on Antique Street.

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