216 Shen Jian Was Knocked Down

Wen Le’s eyes were lifeless.
When he heard the word ‘photo’, his gaze immediately became flustered.
He nervously looked around before stealthily walking to the door of his house like a thief.

Opening the door, he gestured for Su Meng and the rest to enter.
“Quick, come in quickly.
Otherwise, when she comes and sees us together, even you guys will be finished.”

Looking at his flustered appearance, it did not seem like he was faking it.

Shen Jian frowned.
Why did it feel different from what they had agreed on? That day, he had clearly said that they only needed to solve some feng shui problems, but looking at it now, it seemed like he was being targeted by someone.

The feng shui problem was alright, but if it really had something to do with someone, then it was better not to earn money.

After the lesson from the previous Lu Si case, he was very vigilant this time.
He did not rush into the house, but planned to ask about the matter first.

Wen, who is she? Is she your enemy? We agreed at the beginning that we would only solve the feng shui problem.
We will not take on matters related to the grudges of living people, and we do not have the ability to solve it.”

“Come in quickly.
If you have something to say, come in first.
When she comes, it will all be over! Hurry up, she will be here soon!” Wen Le did not answer Shen Jian.
Instead, he looked at him and Su Meng anxiously and let them into the house again.

Su Meng avoided his hand.
She did not have any expression on her face, but she looked at Wen Le’s house through the gap.
She did not expect that even though he was disheveled at the moment, the house was very clean and bright.

Shen Jian did not get an answer from Wen Le and continued to ask unwillingly.
However, when Su Meng saw the decorations in Wen Le’s house, she did not hesitate to walk in.

“Hey, Boss!” Shen Jian was still asking.
When he saw Su Meng walk in silently, he quickly followed behind her.
“Boss, aren’t you going to ask before you go in?”

“It’s okay.
Anyway, if something happens, you’ll be with me.” Su Meng’s tone was indifferent.

Shen Jian: “…”

However, he did not want anything to happen to him at all!

When he said this, he suddenly felt depressed.
Since he started working with Su Meng, he had received a total of two orders.
However, none of the customers on these two orders were normal.
They were all crazy and scary.

The previous Lu Si was actually a murderer.
He did not know who this Wen Le was.
He hoped that he would not threaten his and Su Meng’s safety.

He was always so unlucky.
Could it be because of his fate?

Shen Jian decided in his heart that if there was a chance, he would find an expert to help him break his fate.
Fortunately, Su Meng was by his side.
If Su Meng was not around one day, he did not know how unlucky he would be.

Because of the shadow of the previous incident, Shen Jian did not dare to be too far away from Su Meng.
Instead, he followed closely by her side.

Su Meng noticed his nervousness and complained softly, “I was still hoping that you could protect me.
Why are you such a coward as a man?”

Shen Jian grinned and defended himself, “Boss, I am helping you clean up the aftermath.
If there is really danger, with me protecting you from behind, I will definitely let you escape safely!” Shen Jian spoke with a firm tone, but his body was still hiding behind Su Meng.

Su Meng couldn’t be bothered with him.
In fact, she didn’t expect anything from Shen Jian at all.

After Su Meng entered the room, she looked at Wen Le, who was leaning against the door and looking out through the peephole, and asked faintly, “Mr.
Wen, tell me what happened to you.”

In fact, she could tell that Wen Le had touched a certain array during the tomb raiding and brought back something dirty.

If her guess was right, Wen Le must have looked for another feng shui master before looking for her.
That was because she felt that there were at least two types of array formations here, but they were only half-completed.

“Ah, ah, ah! She’s here, she’s here.
Master, please save me! I’ll pay whatever you want, as long as you can get her away!” Wen Le was looking out through the peephole.
As soon as Su Meng finished her sentence, he seemed to have seen something terrifying.
He screamed and ran away from the door.
At the same time, he rushed toward Su Meng.

Su Meng had been observing him.
Therefore, when his expression suddenly changed, she immediately took two steps to the side to avoid Wen Le’s pouncing body.
However, Shen Jian, who had been behind her the whole time, was not so lucky.

Faced with Su Meng’s sudden departure, Shen Jian did not have time to react before Wen Le rushed over and bumped into him.

Wen Le was big and muscular.
Judging from his figure, his weight was the combined weight of Shen Jian and Su Meng.
Shen Jian was so caught off guard by his collision that he immediately fell backward.
The two of them fell onto the sofa.

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