220 Go To the Tomb Again

Wen Le could not sleep well because he dreamed about the female corpse every night.
His spirit was getting weaker and weaker.

Not only that, he had become very unlucky ever since he came back.
Either the chandelier fell on him, or he suddenly slipped while walking.
He felt that he was getting weaker and weaker.

Since he was in the grave robbing business, he would know something about this.
He used to think that those old sayings were nonsense, but in order not to cause trouble, he followed everything that he could.
Now that it was so strange, he knew that he had gotten himself into trouble.

Therefore, he found a few feng shui masters to help him crack it, but he did not expect that those feng shui masters were only famous but not powerful.
None of them could help him.

It was only until a few days ago when he unexpectedly received news about Su Meng that he decided to contact her.

After listening to Wen Le’s description, Su Meng immediately understood the reason for the matter.
This problem was actually not too difficult to solve.
It was just a little troublesome.
She quickly thought of a solution in her heart.

However, she did not immediately tell Wen Le what to do.
Instead, she asked him, “You said that you did not know me at the beginning.
Then, how did you find out about me later?”

Wen Le did not expect Su Meng to ask this question.
He was stunned for a moment.
Then, he stammered and explained, “That, that is… Master Su is very famous.
I found a few masters but they were all useless.
Then, they told me that you might be able to, so I tried to contact you.”

“They said that you are usually very busy and might not be able to get an appointment.
I didn’t expect you to agree so readily.” After Wen Le said that, he took a sip of water.

Shen Jian winked at Su Meng.
Su Meng knew what Shen Jian meant.
He was laughing at her for accepting the job because it was a lot of money.

A job that did not require her own effort could earn 2 million directly.
This was simply a pie in the sky.
Su Meng thought that she was a common person.
She would be a fool if she did not earn the money.

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Su Meng coughed lightly and said, “Actually, this problem is very simple.
This is considered a burglary and you even beat up the owner of the house.
However, the owner of the house is not an ordinary person, and you are not as powerful as the robbers in the settings.”

“If you want to solve it, you have to first seek the forgiveness of the owner of the tomb.
After all, you stole her things and broke her body.
The most important thing is that you didn’t put her back, but left her alone.”

“Actually, the owner of the tomb is very kind.
She didn’t really do anything to you.
He just scared you and used the array to suck a little of your yang qi.”

“Array?” Hearing Su Meng talk about arrays and sucking yang qi, Wen Le asked in confusion, “What does this mean?”

Su Meng smiled and said, “As a tomb robber, you don’t even know the array in the tomb? It can be seen that the tombs you robbed in the past were small.”

“As expected of a master, you can even see this!” Wen Le praised, then, he said, “Indeed, my friend and I started working together halfway.
We have always been to small tombs, and most of them have been swept by people.
This is something that we learned by accident.
We scouted for a long time before going there.
It is indeed the largest tomb that we have robbed.”

Su Meng nodded and continued, “I only know the general idea.
I need to go to that tomb.
I want to see for myself what the array inside is like.”

“Ah? You still want to go?”

“We actually want to go too?”

Shen Jian and Wen Le asked at the same time.
Shen Jian felt that it was very scary when he heard what Wen Le said.
Now, they actually wanted to go to someone else’s tomb.
It was still so old.
Just thinking about it made him feel that it was gloomy.
It was too scary.

As for Wen Le, because he had been tortured by the female corpse recently, he even saw her in reality from time to time.
This matter would become a shadow for his entire life.
He decided to wash his hands of it and never go to the tomb again.

However, Su Meng actually asked him to go to that tomb again.
Wasn’t this taking his life!?

Wen Le looked troubled.
It seemed like he did not want to go.

Su Meng didn’t force him.
She just said indifferently, “Mr.
Wen, you can decide whether you want to go or not.
Of course, I won’t force you if you don’t want to go.
However, if you don’t go, I won’t be able to see the array there.
Therefore, forgive me for not being able to resolve this matter.
You’d better find someone else.”

After saying that, Su Meng got up and walked toward the door.
It seemed like she wasn’t trying to scare Wen Le, but was really going to leave.

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