222 No Money

Su Meng surveyed her surroundings.
There was indeed an array formation in this room, but it was just a defective one.
Not only was it useless, it could even backfire.

Sure enough, Wen Le continued, “However, this array formation doesn’t seem to be of much use.
Later on, not only did my condition not improve, it became even worse.”

“This array formation is a half-finished product.
Not only is it useless, but the reason why it became so serious in such a short period of time is also related to this array formation.”

“I was indeed deceived.
Master, then what should I do? Can I still be saved? I swear, as long as I can recover this time, I will never go to rob a tomb again!”

Su Meng nodded.
“Robbing a tomb is also harmful to one’s virtue.
It’s good that you can stop in time.”

“Then, Master, when do we go? Of course, I’m free at any time, I’ll listen to Master.
However, after we go, do we still have to go in?” Wen Le asked carefully.
It could be seen that he was quite against going to the tomb again.

Su Meng looked at the time.
It was already almost night.
She didn’t expect to stay here for so long.
It was all because Wen Le was too slow.
He gave her a reason and rambled on about a bunch of useless things.
In the end, she was the one who asked the crucial question.

Su Meng nodded, “Of course, we have to go in.
Not only do we have to go in, we also have to apologize to her and ask for her forgiveness.
Before we go, you need to prepare some things.
Once you’re ready, we’ll go immediately.
The longer we drag this out, the greater the damage it will do to you.
In the future, it will be more troublesome to resolve it.”

Su Meng sized up Wen Le from head to toe.
There was one thing she did not say because Wen Le was too sensitive at the moment.
Even the slightest movement would scare him to death.
She was afraid that if she said it, Wen Le would be scared to death.

Wen Le’s body was becoming weak.
These were all minor problems.
The biggest problem at the moment was that he had been plagued by yin qi for a long time, causing his life to change a little.
Even if this matter was resolved, Wen Le’s life might not be particularly peaceful in the future.

The yang qi in his body was too weak.
He could not go out in the middle of the night in the future.
Otherwise, he would run into evil things and easily lose his life.

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Su Meng decided to wait to settle this matter for Wen Le.
She would talk about it when he felt more at ease.
Otherwise, she was really afraid that he would be scared out of his wits.

“Then, Master, what do I need to prepare? I will go buy it tomorrow, and then we will go over.
Is it possible that after this matter is settled, she will not pester me anymore?” Wen Le’s eyes lit up.
He asked Su Meng with hope.

Seeing Su Meng nod, he finally smiled from the bottom of his heart.
He felt like a drowning man who had caught a boat to save his life.
He finally didn’t have to worry about her every day anymore.

However, while he was happy, he thought of another problem, and he suddenly couldn’t smile anymore.

He asked Su Meng, “But, Master, we still need a few more days to settle this matter.
What should I do before we settle it? Do I still have to look at her? Please help me, I really don’t want to see her anymore.”

At this moment, the sky was gradually turning dark.
It was fine during the day, but he could only see her occasionally.
But at night, no matter where he was, he would see her from time to time.
Wen Le even suspected that there was something wrong with his mind.
Because every time, only he could see, and no one else could see anything.

Su Meng took out a talisman from her bag and a glass bottle the size of a thumb, which contained a red liquid.
Su Meng dipped a brush in it and tapped a few times on the charm before handing it to Wen Le.

Wen Le reached out and was about to take it when Su Meng suddenly retracted her hand.
Wen, this charm is not given to you for free.
You need to pay something.”

Wen Le immediately revealed a look of understanding and said, “I understand, I understand.” As he said that, he turned around and took out a stack of banknotes from the cabinet beside him and handed it to Su Meng.
“Master, can you take a look at these?”

This stack of banknotes did not look thin, at least a few thousand yuan.
She did not expect Wen Le to be so generous.

However, Su Meng only took a few glances and did not take it.

Wen, I don’t want money, but I need you to drip a few drops of blood on it.
That thing has already identified you.
If you don’t want to continue being pestered, then stick this talisman with your blood on the bedroom door frame.
This way, you can also sleep peacefully at night and won’t dream about her anymore.”

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