229 Xiao Bai Bit Someone

“Don’t worry, Shen Jian has the fate of a lonely star.
He will only kill others, not himself.
This kind of life is the hardest, so it’s only a matter of time before he wakes up.
It won’t endanger his life,” Guo Xiang comforted Su Meng.
Although it was comforting, it was also the truth.

Before Shen Jian came to the antique shop, he killed his parents, his relatives, and even his master.

He had been wandering alone.
To put it bluntly, he had relied on cheating to earn a living.
He had been able to survive until now without being beaten to death.
His life was not ordinary.

After listening to Guo Xiang, Su Meng did not continue to ask.
It was useless for her to be anxious.
The most important thing now was to figure out the problem with the car.

But before she could ask, Guo Xiang said first, “It’s really strange.
This car is clearly a new one.
How could the braking system be broken? It’s too strange.
It’s not normal at all.”

Su Meng looked at Guo Xiang and said, “Master, you also saw that there was a problem?”

“Initially, when the car first failed, I didn’t think too much about it.
But later, I actually encountered an iron fence blocking the road on the half slope.
At that time, I felt that something was wrong.”

Before Su Meng could finish, Guo Xiang frowned and interrupted her, “Iron fence? Why haven’t I heard about it from the police? According to the police investigation, the car was damaged because it crashed into the roadside.
There were also nails that were not processed by the construction, so the tires of the car were punctured.”

“The police didn’t find that fence?” Su Meng asked in surprise.

Guo Xiang nodded.
“No, and according to the police investigation, it was just a normal car accident.
They didn’t find anything suspicious.
Because the place where the accident happened was newly developed, the surveillance cameras haven’t been installed anywhere else except for the traffic lights.
Therefore, they can only see the part where you ran the traffic lights because of the brake failure.
They can’t see anything else.”

“Master, you’ve been taking care of me for the past few days.
What about the shop?” Su Meng had some guesses about what had happened to her, but seeing Guo Xiang looking so haggard, she didn’t want him to be more worried.
Therefore, she changed the topic and didn’t talk about this matter anymore.

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There was something strange about this matter.
She would investigate it properly when she recovered.

Sure enough, after Su Meng’s subject transfer, Guo Xiang didn’t dwell on this matter anymore.

He had not had a good rest for a long time, and his mind had been in a state of high tension.
At this moment, Su Meng had completely regained her consciousness, and his heart had also relaxed.
His mind was relaxed, and a sense of fatigue followed closely behind.
At this moment, his mind was in a daze, and he only wanted to sleep, so he did not notice anything strange about Su Meng’s expression.

He answered Su Meng, “The renovation of the shop still needs some time to be completed.
These few days, because you and Shen Jian were hospitalized, I did not stay at Mr.
Na Ze’s place.
There are workers in the shop during the day, and there are security guards at night.
It’s fine even if I don’t go back.”

At this point, he suddenly thought of something.
He continued, “Oh right, on the night you left the shop, Wei Xue came to our shop.
She said she wanted to apologize to you, but seeing that you weren’t there, she left after a while.” Guo Xiang paused.
He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“She was bitten by Xiao Bai, and then she left in a hurry.
She said she was going to get a rabies vaccine.”

“Xiao Bai bit her?” Su Meng’s weak face instantly became energetic.

Guo Xiang nodded.
“I don’t know why, but there is a thick evil qi on Wei Xue’s body.
This evil qi is slowly eroding her body.
Although there is no reaction now, as time passes, something will happen to her.
Animals have spirituality, and Xiao Bai is so smart.
Maybe the qi on Wei Xue’s body made it uneasy, so it bit her.”

Xiao Bai was usually very obedient and very close to people.
Even if it was a stranger who came to the shop, it would be very friendly and let people touch it without losing its temper.
Even if it was unhappy with being touched, it would only snort a few times and then find a corner to hide.

However, it was very hostile toward Wei Xue.
As soon as it saw her, it bared its teeth at her.

Xiao Bai did not like Wei Xue, but when Wei Xue first saw Xiao Bai, she was happy.
She saw that other people could easily hug Xiao Bai, so when Guo Xiang was not paying attention, she forcefully picked Xiao Bai up.
As a result, she was bitten.

Fortunately, Xiao Bai was still young, and its bite force was not very strong.
It only bit the skin on her arm, causing some blood to flow.

Wei Xue had been pampered since she was young.
After her arm was bitten, she ran away crying.

No wonder Wei Xue would wear a long-sleeved shirt on such a hot day.

After Su Meng heard this, she praised Xiao Bai in her heart.
As expected of the little fox that she picked up.
She knew who she hated, so she taught Wei Xue a lesson for her.
When she returned, she would definitely reward Xiao Bai well.

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