234 Called

Wei Ting frowned and said, “He just left.”

Only then did Su Meng realize that Wei Ting was talking about Zhou Peng.
She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
She didn’t expect Wei Ting to say something like this.
This surprised Su Meng.

She looked at Wei Ting and said, “I don’t know if the hooligans have left or not, but there’s someone here who’s an eyesore.”

Wei Ting: “…”

He opened his mouth and was about to say something when his phone suddenly rang.
He took it out and saw that it was from Wei Xue.

Su Meng also saw it.
The more she disliked something, the more she hated it.
This Wei Xue was really strict in checking the posts.
Every time, it was her who called Wei Ting.

Seeing that Wei Ting only looked at the phone but did not pick it up… She said in a strange tone, “Yo, it’s your sister calling.
Why don’t you pick it up quickly? Are you afraid that she will misunderstand? If you mind, then I’ll go out.
You pick it up.
Don’t worry, I definitely won’t disturb you.”

She had already made it very clear.
Su Meng didn’t even realize it herself.
When she said these words, she had a strange feeling in her heart, but it was quickly suppressed by her hatred for Wei Xue.

Hearing her words, Wei Ting frowned and asked, “What do I mind? Why do I need you to go out?”

I’m just happy to help others.” Su Meng suddenly thought that this was her ward.
Even if Wei Ting was afraid of noise, he should be the one to go out.
So she turned around and returned to the bed, directly lying down and closing her eyes to rest.

Wei Ting didn’t go out either.
He directly answered the phone in the ward.

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“What’s the matter?” Wei Ting directly asked.

“Brother Wei Ting, Grandpa is here.
He asked when you will go back.
The old man hasn’t seen you for a long time.
He misses you very much,” Wei Xue said in a delicate voice.

Su Meng only closed her eyes to rest.
She didn’t fall asleep.
Therefore, she also heard the conversation between Wei Ting and Wei Xue.
When she heard that his grandfather had come, her eyes opened with a swoosh.

Thinking back to her previous life, the entire Wei family did not accept her.
Only their grandfather treated her well from the bottom of his heart.
She hated everyone in the Wei family except for their grandfather.

When Wei Ting heard that his grandfather had come, his expression softened.
“I’ll go back tomorrow.”

When Wei Xue heard his answer, she seemed to be very dissatisfied.
With some hesitation, she said, “Brother Wei Ting, although I know that you’re very busy with work, it’s not easy for Grandpa to come over, and he can’t stay for too long.
It’s best for you to come back early.”

“En,” Wei Ting agreed.

“But…” Wei Xue said with difficulty, “Grandpa still wants to see Sister Su Meng, but Sister Su Meng is in the hospital.
Is it impossible for her to come over?” Wei Xue asked carefully.

Hearing that Grandpa wanted to see her, Su Meng immediately sat up from the bed.
However, because her movements were too big, her wound was pulled.
The intense pain made her unable to help but let out a soft cry.

On the other side of the phone, Wei Xue also heard her voice and asked, “Brother Wei Ting, are you at Sister Su Meng’s place?”

Wei Ting turned his head to look at Su Meng.
Su Meng was sitting on the bed, grimacing in pain like an angry kitten.
She gently touched the wound, not in the mood to pay attention to him.

Seeing Su Meng like this, the corners of Wei Ting’s mouth lifted slightly, and a trace of a smile appeared on his face.
Su Meng raised her head and saw Wei Ting smiling at her.
She thought he was gloating at her pain.
Because of the pain, her anger immediately exploded.

She said angrily, “What are you looking at? You can’t even control your eyes when talking to your own sister.
Be careful, you’ll get needle marks in the future.”

Wei Xue also heard Su Meng scolding Wei Ting.
Although she was very disdainful toward her fierce behavior, she was secretly happy in her heart.
The bigger Su Meng’s temper was, the better.
This way, Wei Ting would think that she was not gentle and thus hate her.

At this time, she had to perform well.

Since Wei Ting was with Su Meng at this moment, she would definitely be able to hear their conversation.
She pretended to persuade him, “Brother Wei Ting, although Sister Su Meng lost her temper with you, she is an injured person after all.
You mustn’t be angry with her.
Sister Su Meng is like this, but she doesn’t think so in her heart.
She’s just saying it.”

When Su Meng heard Wei Xue’s words, she was immediately amused.
Wei Xue really acted like a wh*re to the extreme.

She coldly said from the side, “How do you know that I don’t think this way in my heart? You’re not a child connected to my bloodline.” Su Meng’s words not only insulted Wei Xue, but also took advantage of her.


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