239 Go Home With Me

Father Wei nodded in agreement.
Seeing how Su Meng is, she doesn’t want to leave our Wei family.
Although it sounds nice on the surface, isn’t she still pestering Wei Ting to take care of her?”

“Xiao Xue.” Father Wei called out to her.
“I’ll leave this matter to you.
Remember, don’t let Su Meng come to the Wei family.
Otherwise, once the old master sees her, the marriage won’t be able to end.”

“But, I’m afraid that if Brother finds out, he’ll blame me in the future,” Wei Xue said awkwardly.

Mother Wei consoled, “Don’t worry.
You’re his younger sister.
How could a big brother really blame his younger sister? Besides, we’ll still be there.
You don’t have to be afraid.”

Wei Xue laughed in her heart.
What she wanted was for them to say this.
Since that was the case, then she could do as she pleased.

In the hospital ward.

Wei Ting asked his subordinate to send the computer and documents over.
He sat on the sofa and prepared to open the computer to work.

Su Meng looked at him and asked in confusion, “What are you doing?”

Wei Ting did not even lift his eyelids.
He replied while working, “I’m working.”

Su Meng rolled her eyes.
“I know you’re working.
I mean, what are you doing here? This is my ward!”

Hearing what Su Meng said, Wei Ting finally raised his eyes.
He glanced at the door of the ward and said indifferently, “To prevent hooligans.”

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Su Meng: “…”

Wei Ting was clearly more like a hooligan at the moment.
They were about to divorce, so how could there be any reason for them to stay in the same room?

Thinking of this, Su Meng reminded Wei Ting, “I don’t need it.
Please go back.
I don’t want to be gossiped about by others.
You’re much more dangerous than a hooligan.”

Wei Ting frowned and looked at Su Meng.
He said seriously, “We’re a legal couple, so it’s normal for me to be with you.
No one can gossip about me.
Moreover, I’m not a ferocious beast, and I won’t eat you.
So, you don’t have to worry about your own safety.
After all, you’re not even afraid of the person who kidnapped you, let alone a legal husband like me.”

“But we’re going to get a divorce soon,” Su Meng continued.

Wei Ting closed his eyes and sighed, then, he opened his eyes again and said, “I won’t get a divorce, and no one can make us get a divorce.
I’ve already investigated the matter regarding Wei Xue, but I’ve discovered that there doesn’t seem to be anything between the two of you that could cause you to be so hostile.”

“Perhaps my information was wrong, so I was wondering if you could tell me the reason in person? No matter what the reason is, I’ll settle it properly and guarantee that the final result will satisfy you.” Wei Ting sat on the sofa and asked Su Meng seriously.
It seemed like he wanted to know from the bottom of his heart.

Su Meng didn’t expect Wei Ting to really investigate.
Was he afraid that she would be a threat to Wei Xue?

“You definitely won’t be able to find out.
It would be weird if you can find out what hasn’t happened yet.”


Su Meng lowered her head and muttered softly.
Wei Ting at the side didn’t hear what she was saying clearly, but Su Meng didn’t plan to tell him about her rebirth.
In any case, his thoughts were no longer important to her.

Almost all the things that she hated happened after she was pregnant.
And this rebirth, she directly changed the follow-up development.
Therefore, the hatred between her and Wei Xue didn’t exist for Wei Xue in this timeline.
Even if she said it, it would be useless.
She might even be treated as mentally ill.

Moreover, who knew if Wei Ting really wanted to help her? Perhaps he just wanted to remove this potential threat for Wei Xue.
Su Meng lowered her eyelids and said coldly, “It’s nothing.” Then, she stopped talking.

Wei Ting frowned.
He kept feeling that something was gradually losing control, and he did not like this feeling.
It seemed that it was time to do that thing.

“Come home with me tomorrow.” Wei Ting didn’t continue to dwell on this matter, and the topic changed to the matter of going home.

Su Meng directly refused.
“I’m not going.” She answered straightforwardly without a trace of hesitation.

“Grandpa is back.
He wants to see you,” Wei Ting said indifferently.

Su Meng hesitated for a moment.
Grandfather Wei was the only person in the Wei family who sincerely treated her well, and he had protected her a lot back then.

Therefore, she wanted to see Grandfather Wei in her heart.
However, when she thought of the Wei family’s cannibalistic place, which was both disgusting and unlucky, she still shook her head and refused.
“I won’t go there.
I’ll visit Grandpa again if I have the chance in the future.”

Wei Ting didn’t care.
He looked at Su Meng and asked indifferently, “Then what if it’s about the car accident?”

“Car accident? What do you mean?” Su Meng stared at Wei Ting with a fierce look in her eyes.

“Come back with me tomorrow, I will tell you all the news.
How about it?” Wei Ting patiently guided,


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