243 Had Scammed Her

Su Meng sneered in her heart when she saw how good Wei Xue was at acting.
Wasn’t it just acting? Who didn’t know how to act?

She also put on a pitiful and aggrieved look.
She choked and said, “How could I be angry with you? After all, I’m still your sister-in-law.
But you also know that I just had a car accident and my body is full of injuries.
I can’t touch it casually.
Otherwise, I’ll have to disinfect it.
It’ll be very troublesome.”

“Disinfecting isn’t the most important thing.
If the wound were to split open, wouldn’t it be very painful? So you can understand Sister-in-law, right?” After Su Meng said that, she even pretended to raise her hand to wipe away her tears.

Zhou Peng watched the two acting with great interest at the side.
At the same time, he evaluated in his heart.
Fortunately, Su Meng wasn’t an actor.
Her acting skills were too exaggerated.
Wei Xue was better.
She was at the level where she could become a movie queen.
This scene was really interesting.
Luckily, he came over.

Wei Xue looked at Su Meng’s hypocritical appearance and was so angry that her teeth were itching.
Su Meng was too good at acting.

In fact, she had brought flowers because she knew that Su Meng was severely allergic to pollen.
Wei Ting was going to bring her back to the Wei family tomorrow.
She had to stop Su Meng from going back.

Not to mention the fact that her father and mother had told her about this matter.
Even if they hadn’t, she would have thought of a way to stop Su Meng from going back.
Grandfather Wei had planned to stay long this time.
He had always protected Su Meng.
Now that Su Meng was back, it would be difficult for her to divorce Wei Ting.

Time was of the essence.
Making Su Meng allergic to pollen was the fastest and easiest way.
In addition to the injuries from the car accident, it was possible for her to lose her life.

Unfortunately, Su Meng saw through it.
She didn’t succeed, but that wasn’t important.
The most important thing was that Wei Ting was the first to react.
When did he know that Su Meng was allergic to pollen?

Wei Xue felt an indescribable discomfort in her heart.
She seemed to have overlooked something important, but what was it? She couldn’t remember for a moment.
She kept feeling that the feeling Su Meng gave her was very strange.

“That’s natural.
The fault was originally mine.
I didn’t understand it beforehand.” The corner of Wei Xue’s mouth twitched, and she apologized against her conscience.

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It was fun to pretend, but it was also really disgusting.
After Su Meng finished speaking, even she couldn’t stand it anymore.
She couldn’t help but shiver.
It was better to try not to put on such an act in the future.

Su Meng couldn’t be bothered to continue pretending with Wei Xue.
She went straight to the point.
“Wei Xue, could it be that you’ve lost your memory? Or is it that your memory isn’t working? You’ve even forgotten that I’m allergic to pollen? Who was the one who went to the hospital with me because of my pollen allergy?”

Wei Xue didn’t expect Su Meng to be so direct.
She subconsciously turned her head to look at Wei Ting.

She didn’t care how Su Meng would look at her or how she would blame her, but Wei Ting couldn’t.

When Su Meng was hospitalized with an allergy, she had concealed this matter from Wei Ting.
That’s right, she did it on purpose.
If she told Wei Ting, then Wei Ting would be moved by Su Meng’s efforts and change his opinion of her.

If Wei Ting found out about this matter, he would definitely think that she had an ulterior motive.
Then, the kind image that she had worked hard to maintain in front of Wei Ting would most likely be gone.

Wei Xue was very nervous at this moment.
For a moment, she even forgot to say anything.

She was extremely nervous, but when she realized that Wei Ting did not have any intention of asking questions, she felt slightly relieved.
It seemed that Wei Ting was not that concerned about Su Meng’s matter.

Her heart gradually calmed down, and she was no longer that nervous.

Su Meng had been observing Wei Xue and had long seen through her thoughts.
However, she did not intend to keep Wei Xue as an eyesore, so she asked directly, “Alright, since you’ve finished seeing me and the things have been delivered, is there anything else you need?”

This meant that she wanted to chase Wei Xue away.

“I’m fine.
I’m just worried about you, that’s why I came over to take a look.
Besides, Mom also heard about your car accident and your hospitalization.
Although she’s still angry about what happened last time, she didn’t really blame you.
She even asked me to bring something to see you.”

Wei Xue intentionally changed the topic to Mother Wei.
“Sister Su Meng, don’t blame Mom for being angry at you.
She must have some resentment in her heart for being sent to prison for no reason.
Aren’t you coming back with Brother Wei Ting this time? Then apologize to Mom properly.
She will forgive you.”

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