Handsome men always attracted the attention of girls.
From the moment Zhao Chengcheng saw Wei Ting, she had never looked away.
When she heard that Su Meng was his wife, Zhao Chengcheng looked at Su Meng with hostility.


She felt that although Su Meng looked okay, she did not dress like a noble lady.
How could a CEO’s wife wear casual clothes? No wonder she failed to recognize her.


She always saw Wei Ting on the news, but she had never heard of him having a wife.
The other party was dressed so shabbily, and when she recalled Wei Ting’s attitude toward Su Meng just now, Zhao Chengcheng was happy.
It couldn’t be that Wei Ting didn’t like his wife, right?


“President Wei, it’s rare to see you here.
Why don’t I invite you guys to have a meal together?” The manager invited Wei Ting cordially.

“Don’t worry, Chief Sheng.
President Wei is here to find his wife.
We still have things to do when we get back.” It turned out that Fu Ze had also come with President Wei.
However, he had been watching from behind and didn’t say anything.

Su Meng took the opportunity to take out her business card and handed it to Chief Sheng.
“Chief Sheng, this is my business card.
I’m a feng shui master.
You’re welcome to look for me when you need a feng shui master.
My price is fair.”


Upon hearing that Su Meng was a feng shui master, Chief Sheng immediately became even more respectful.
For a real estate developer like him, besides good designers, the other thing he needed the most was a feng shui master.
Moreover, because there were too few feng shui masters, no matter how rude they were, as long as they had some real capabilities, they would be their distinguished guests.

“Madam Wei really has a deep cover.
She is actually a feng shui master.
That was my negligence.” Taking the business card, Chief Sheng was about to shake hands with Su Meng.


Su Meng’s outstretched hand was grabbed by Wei Ting.
He said, “If you want a house, I’ll buy it for you.
Which one do you like?”

Was this President Wei’s charm? Su Meng sighed.
It was great to have money.
She could buy any house she wished for.
However, she wanted to buy a house to leave the Wei family.
If Wei Ting were to buy her a house, she would be entangled with him again.

She refused.
“No need.
You guys do as you wish.
I’m leaving.” She wanted to shake off Wei Ting’s hand, but she found that Wei Ting had grabbed her hard, and she couldn’t shake him off at all.


Wei Ting leaned closer to her and whispered, “If you continue to struggle, I’ll carry you out.”

Hearing this, Su Meng didn’t move.
Wei Ting was too eye-catching.
He was an existence that could stand out even among celebrities.
If he carried Su Meng out in front of so many people, then she would become famous.

They had been married for so long, but she was a nobody.
She couldn’t let her efforts go to waste when they were about to get a divorce.

Wei Ting pointed at a villa on the smallest sand table and said to Chief Sheng, “My wife likes this villa, so we will buy this one.
I’ll have my assistant come over tomorrow to handle the paperwork.”

Zhao Chengcheng, who had been staring at Wei Ting all this time, quickly said, “I’m in charge of that building.
I can introduce it to you.”

Wei Ting glanced at her.
She was happy in her heart.
Was she being watched by President Wei?

Then, she heard Wei Ting say faintly, “As long as the sales are not under her name, it’s fine.” He had seen Zhao Chengcheng’s act with Su Meng just now.

Zhao Chengcheng’s body froze.
Her mouth was still half-open, but she didn’t know what to say.
Her eyes instantly turned red as she looked at Wei Ting aggrievedly.


This villa was exactly the one that Su Meng had referred to in the beginning.
However, she didn’t want it because it was a villa, but because the house on the sand table had the best feng shui.
Moreover, there were very few houses, so she thought it was very cheap.
She didn’t expect that such an unremarkable residential area on the sand table was actually a villa, and it was even sold at such an expensive price.

When he heard that Wei Ting wanted to buy a villa, Chief Sheng immediately burst into laughter.
He repeatedly responded, “Okay, okay, anytime is fine.
As long as it’s a house you like, just tell me and I’ll keep it for you at any time.
Do you want to go to the VIP room with your wife to rest for a while?”

“No need.
We should go.” After he finished speaking, they walked out.
Su Meng couldn’t struggle free and could only let Wei Ting drag her along.

When Wei Ting’s figure disappeared, Fu Ze walked to Zhao Chengcheng’s side and raised his eyebrows at her with an evil smile.
“Did you see Wei Ting? If you see him, go chase after him.
They’re about to divorce.” After saying that, he handed his business card to her, then turned around and left in a carefree manner.


After Wei Ting pulled Su Meng out, he directly stuffed her into his car, then closed the car door and climbed into the driver’s seat.
He used his arm to trap Su Meng, and his eyes were full of anger.


Su Meng chuckled and said provocatively, “What? You just spent so much money to buy a villa.
Are you feeling sorry for me? Don’t worry, I don’t want the villa.
I won’t take any of your property.”

“What’s with the living expenses? You don’t want to have anything to do with me?”


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