245 Small Movements

In the end, Wei Ting really went to Zhou Peng’s room, while Wei Xue was with Su Meng.

When the few of them separated, Wei Xue, who was without Wei Ting by her side, began to reveal her true nature.
With a cold face, she walked to Su Meng’s bed without saying a word and directly lay down, preparing to sleep.

“Xiao Xue, didn’t you stay here to take care of me? But if you’re sleeping, then how are you going to take care of me?” Su Meng used the blanket as a shield against Wei Xue’s touch.
She didn’t want to touch her directly with her own hands.
What if there was something dirty on Wei Xue’s body that made her allergic?

Moreover, she also despised Wei Xue’s bad luck.

Wei Xue didn’t even pretend not to be angry and said impatiently, “If there’s anything, just call me.
I’ll help you.”

Su Meng pretended to be pitiful.
“But there’s only this bed in this room, and it’s so small.
If you sleep here, how am I going to rest well? I’m a patient now.
If something happens to my body in the middle of the night? I’ll need those instruments to save my life.”

Wei Xue said impatiently, “We’re not fat.
It’s easy for two people to sleep in such a big bed.
Hurry up and sleep.
I still have things to do tomorrow.” After saying that, she really closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Su Meng didn’t say anything else.
Instead, she really lay down beside Wei Xue.
However, she deliberately kept a certain distance from Wei Xue.
Neither of them said anything, as if they had really fallen asleep.

After a long while, Wei Xue suddenly opened her eyes.
She turned her head slightly and saw that Su Meng was sleeping peacefully beside her.

“Su Meng?” Wei Xue called out softly a few times, but Su Meng didn’t respond.
Seeing this, Wei Xue quietly got off the bed and carefully walked out.

The moment Wei Xue left, Su Meng suddenly opened her eyes.
Actually, she hadn’t slept all this time because she knew that Wei Xue wouldn’t be so obedient.

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Wei Xue tiptoed to the outside of the ward and came to the front of the rubbish bin at the door.
She stared at the rubbish bin in a daze.

Su Meng lay on the bed and looked outside.
From her angle, she could only see half of Wei Xue’s body.
Therefore, she only knew that Wei Xue stood outside the door and did not move.
She did not know what she was doing.

Seeing that Wei Xue did not move for a long time, she got up and quietly walked out.

Fortunately, the hospital bed was not far from the door.
She only took a few steps and could see what Wei Xue was doing.
When Wei Xue was about to come back, she could still return to the bed in time.

Wei Xue looked at the rubbish bin with a conflicted expression.
She stretched out her hand and hovered in the air for a few seconds before she retracted it.
She did not know what she was trying to do.
Su Meng took out her phone and turned on the recording function.
She began to film Wei Xue.

Because this was a private hospital that specialized in serving a few large families, there were exceptionally few patients here, especially at night.
Other than the doctor on duty, there wasn’t a single person, so Wei Xue didn’t have to worry about being seen.

She stood in front of the trash can for a long time.
Just as Su Meng was about to lose her patience, she finally made a move.
She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and reached her hand into the trash can.

When Su Meng saw her action, she immediately understood what she was going to do.
If she guessed correctly, Wei Xue was going to take out the bouquet of flowers that Wei Ting had thrown in.
As expected, when Wei Xue’s hand took out the bouquet of flowers from the trash can, she was holding it in her hand.

She really did not change her mind.
Su Meng looked at Wei Xue and her eyes narrowed.

Wei Xue did not see that she had been set up and wanted to do it a second time.
It seemed that she was very determined.
She would not give up until she achieved her goal.
She was usually so delicate, but this time, she was even willing to flip through the trash can.

After Wei Xue took the flowers, a smug smile appeared on her face.

At this moment, she didn’t even care about the dirt.
She could only be happy.

Because just now, she thought of a good way to torture Su Meng.
She took down all the flower cores and threw the rest away.

Her movements were very fast.
After doing all this, she was ready to return to the ward.

Su Meng noticed her movements.
Before she turned around, she quickly returned to the hospital bed.
She covered herself with the blanket and revealed a crack below because the recording function of her phone was still on.
This crack was used to continue recording the video.

After Wei Xue entered, she first checked to see if Su Meng had woken up.
She called out softly twice and only felt relieved when she saw that Su Meng had not opened her eyes.

She walked to the table, opened the kettle, and put something in.
Then, she covered it again and put it back in its original place.


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