247 Asked For Money From Wei Xue

The thing doctors hated the most was when someone roughed up their own patients.
This would greatly affect the recovery of the patient’s condition, and it would not be good for the patient and the doctor’s reputation.

After listening to Su Meng’s words… The doctor looked at Wei Xue and frowned.
“Miss, the patient needs to rest, especially at night.
Rest is very important.
If there’s nothing else, you’d better leave.
Of course, you don’t have to worry about the patient’s safety at all.
We have the most advanced medical equipment here.
We can monitor the patient’s physical condition at any time.
If there’s a problem, we’ll come over at any time.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, Wei Xue was a little displeased.
This doctor actually dared to kick her out.
She was the second miss of the Wei family, and he had made her unhappy.
With just a word, she could make him lose his job.

Thinking that the doctor was saying this because he didn’t know her identity, Wei Xue pretended to casually reveal her identity.
“I’m bringing Sister Su Meng back to the Wei family tomorrow, so I’m temporarily staying here tonight.”

This hospital was a high-class private hospital.
Usually, only upper-class people would come, and there were only a few big families.
Moreover, the Wei family was the cream of the crop among the big families.
When it came to the Wei family, there was practically no one who didn’t know.

Everyone hoped to curry favor with the Wei family.
Therefore, in the past, as long as she revealed her identity, those people’s attitudes would immediately change.
Wei Xue originally thought that it was the same this time.
She had already made preparations for the doctor to apologize to her and then she would be magnanimous and not mind.

She did not expect the doctor to have no reaction after hearing it.
At this moment, he was wearing a mask, so she could not see his expression.
She could only see a pair of cold and beautiful eyes.

He said calmly, “No matter where we go, the patient needs to rest well.
So, don’t disturb her again tonight.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at Su Meng and asked, “Do you feel any discomfort today? How’s your mental state? Have you recovered a little?”

Su Meng smiled and replied, “There’s nothing wrong today.
I feel very good.”

“That’s good, Miss Su.
As long as you continue to recuperate like this, you might recover much faster than expected.” The doctor took out the medicine for Su Meng and wanted to watch her drink it.

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Su Meng walked to a corner.
There was a pile of things that the customers had sent over.
Su Meng walked over and rummaged through them.
She finally found what she wanted.
It was mineral water imported from a foreign country.

Su Meng held the mineral water.
She said that she liked practical things.
She did not expect the client to be so practical.
He even bought a lot of water for her.
He was really… thoughtful.

“Miss Su, it’s best to drink warm water when taking medicine,” the doctor reminded her.

Wei Xue echoed from the side.
At the same time, she poured a cup of warm water for Su Meng and brought it over.
“Sister Su Meng, you should drink warm water.
Cold water is bad for your body.
Look at what the doctor said.”

No matter what, she had to let Su Meng drink the water that contained the pollen tonight.
If this method didn’t work, she had to continue thinking of other ways.

“I should be fine just like this occasionally, right?” Su Meng asked the doctor.

The doctor nodded.
Seeing that even the doctor didn’t refute her, Wei Xue could only give up.

The doctor watched Su Meng drink the medicine and gave a few more instructions before turning around to leave.

Seeing that the doctor had left, Su Meng yawned and sat on the bed.
She looked at Wei Xue and asked, “Xiao Xue, since the doctor has said so, it’ll be hard on you to sleep on the sofa for the night.”

Wei Xue gritted her teeth and said, “Okay.”

Su Meng smiled and immediately laid down to sleep.

Wei Xue had been staring at Su Meng for a while.
When she saw that Su Meng’s breathing had gradually stabilized, she took out her phone to take a look.
She had just received two messages.

[Miss Su, we have already done everything according to the agreement, so when will the rest of the money be transferred over?]

[Miss Su, in our line of work, the most important thing is honesty.
If you don’t transfer the money over before 6 o’clock tomorrow night, then we don’t have to keep our promise.]

Wei Xue frowned as she looked at the two messages.
Her gaze gradually became ruthless.
These people still dared to ask for money from her, even though the mission was clearly not completed.

She quickly typed a message on her phone and sent it over.
Then, she directly blocked the number.

The other party actually threatened her? They had clearly agreed that she would pay the deposit first and pay the rest after they completed the mission.
If it did not succeed, the deposit would be returned.
If it succeeded, she would then pay the rest.


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