249 Shen Jian’s Mouth

When Shen Jian saw Wei Ting, he still did not know how to look at his face.

He walked to the front of Wei Ting.
He said in surprise, “Brother-in-law, you really care about my boss.
You came to see her so early, and your performance is not bad.
The only thing wrong is, how can you bring an outsider with you? Even if she is your biological sister, it is not suitable to be a third wheel, right?”

After Zhou Peng heard Shen Jian’s words, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, and Wei Ting’s originally calm face became even gloomier.

Zhou Peng was in a good mood and asked Su Meng, “This is Shen Jian who moved into the ICU to protect you, right?”

Shen Jian was actually a little embarrassed after hearing Zhou Peng’s words.
He wanted to raise his hand to rub his head, but halfway through, he realized that he couldn’t raise his hand.
Only then did he say humbly, “It’s not that great.
Besides, it’s my job to protect Boss.
We’re family.”

As soon as he said ‘family’, Wei Ting’s eyes swept over.
Shen Jian was so scared that he shivered.

But thinking of how he was now, and with Su Meng by his side, Wei Ting definitely wouldn’t do anything to him.
So he straightened his neck and met Wei Ting’s gaze without the slightest fear.
He even said, “Brother-in-law, you have already become a thing of the past.
Boss will soon have nothing to do with you.
From now on, I will be her family.”

Wei Ting’s gaze became colder and colder, and the dignity of a superior suddenly appeared on his body.

In the end, Shen Jian still cowered.
He hurriedly hid behind Su Meng and whispered, “What I said is clearly the truth.
You are going to divorce Boss.
After all, you are no longer a family after the divorce.”

Shen, you really like to tell the truth,” Zhou Peng echoed from the side.

Su Meng held her forehead helplessly and did not look at Shen Jian.
This guy’s mouth was too bad.
Sooner or later, he would be beaten up because of his mouth.

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Su Meng smiled and comforted Wei Ting, “Don’t mind him.
Shen Jian has always been so straightforward.
He likes to speak frankly.
Just pretend that you didn’t hear him.” As she spoke, she handed Wei Ting the glass of water that Wei Xue had just handed over.
“Come, drink some water to calm your anger.”

Wei Ting originally wanted to refuse, but on second thought, it was rare for Su Meng to treat him so well.
Usually, she would either be sarcastic or disparaging, so he didn’t care about anything else and directly took the cup and drank it.

When he just took the cup, Wei Xue was so shocked that her eyes instantly widened.
She wanted to say something to stop him, but before she could say anything, Wei Ting directly drank it.

Especially after he finished drinking it, Su Meng added, “Oh, right, this glass of water was just given to me by Xiao Xue.” She said this with a profound meaning before she stopped speaking.

Wei Xue: “…”

She cursed Su Meng in her heart.
Why did she have to mention her?

Fortunately, Su Meng only said this one sentence.
It didn’t sound like there was anything wrong with it, so Wei Ting didn’t have any reaction.
However, Wei Xue was extremely nervous.

Originally, she wanted to raise her hand to stop Wei Ting, but she was a step too late.
Seeing this, she quietly put down her raised hand.

She knew that Wei Ting was also allergic to pollen, but it was only serious toward one type of flower.
This flower wasn’t a rose, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

At this moment, she was worried, afraid that Wei Ting would have any adverse reactions.

However, it was okay.
Maybe it was because he had just drunk it, or maybe Wei Ting wasn’t allergic to this pollen, so there wasn’t any reaction yet.

Su Meng looked at Wei Xue meaningfully.
Seeing her anxious look, she could not help but find it funny, so she asked, “What’s wrong, Xiao Xue? Why do I feel that you’re so nervous?”

“No, I’m not.
I’m a little anxious.
Look at the time.
Should we go home? Grandpa must be waiting anxiously,” Wei Xue replied with a dry smile.

Su Meng nodded.
We should go.
I have to come back early for the injection.”

Shen Jian saw that Su Meng was about to leave and asked curiously, “Boss, where are you going? Aren’t you still in the hospital? Are you going to be discharged?”

Zhou Peng answered, “She’s going to the Wei family.
That’s why these two people came to pick her up, but…” At the end of his sentence, he glanced at Wei Xue and stopped talking.

Shen Jian asked in puzzlement, “But what?”

Zhou Peng smiled.
Since you’re leaving, I’ll go back.
I wish you all the best this time.” His words were inexplicable.
When Shen Jian wanted to ask further, Zhou Peng turned around and left.
Zhou Peng had already turned around and left.

“Before I leave, I’ll send you back first.” Su Meng went forward and gently held Shen Jian’s arm, preparing to send him back to the ward.

Wei Ting saw her actions and frowned slightly.
He originally wanted to say something, but when he thought about how Shen Jian had suffered such serious injuries to protect Su Meng, he did not say anything.

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