252 Wei Ting Fell Ill Again

“How about this, Miss Su? Let’s go take a look at the patient inside first.
We don’t know the condition of the patient inside, so we’ll definitely need him to do a check-up later.
Since this miss might have touched the medical waste, then we’ll go with the person inside for a check-up later,” Deng Yu said faintly.

“Good idea, Xiao Xue.
You’d better go with your brother for a check-up.
Only then can I be at ease.
Otherwise, your brother will also be worried about you.” At the critical moment, Su Meng moved out Wei Ting.
She knew that what Wei Xue cared about the most was Wei Ting’s thoughts.

Sure enough, when she said that Wei Ting would worry, Wei Xue immediately agreed.
What she thought in her heart was that since the evidence was gone, no matter what the outcome was, it would definitely not implicate her.
If she could go with Wei Ting to check it out, wouldn’t that mean that the two of them would have more time alone? Thinking about it, it was not bad.

Thinking about it, Wei Xue agreed.

When Su Meng saw that Wei Xue agreed, she smiled and said, “Then let’s go.
The one inside seems to be very serious.
He was still fine in the morning, so I went out for a while.
When I came back, he was like this.”

Su Meng turned sideways and made way for the doctor to let him in.

Deng Yu walked into the ward with the other doctors.
He saw Wei Ting sitting on the sofa with a pale face and a layer of sweat on his forehead.
He looked like he was in a lot of painful.

“It seems that I can’t go to your house today.
Since you are not feeling well, go and see a doctor.” Su Meng leaned against the door frame and looked at Wei Ting.

Wei Ting did not intend to stay in the hospital.
He frowned slightly and looked at Deng Yu who walked in front of him and said, “It seems to be an allergy.”

“Go and have a check-up first.
Wei, right? Can you get up and walk on your own?” Deng Yu asked him.

Wei Ting took a deep look at Deng Yu and then nodded.
“I’m fine.
I can.” After saying that, he stood up.

Su Meng raised her hand and pointed at Wei Xue across the air.
Then she pointed at Wei Ting and said to her, “Hurry up and go with them for a check-up.
It won’t be good if you get an infectious disease.” After saying that, she even took a step back.
It was as if she was afraid of being infected by Wei Xue.

“Why are you hiding? I’m not sick!” Wei Xue rolled her eyes at Su Meng.

Wei Xue said that she was not sick, but when she saw the doctor and Wei Ting leave, she still followed them.
There was no harm in doing a check-up anyway.

Su Meng stood at the door of the ward and watched them leave.
A smile appeared on her face.
After they disappeared, she turned around and walked into the ward, closing the door.

When she returned to the ward, she took out her cell phone and opened the video that she recorded last night.
In the video, everything that Wei Xue had done was clearly recorded by her.
At first, she wanted to pretend that she didn’t know and drink the glass of water.
After she had a bad reaction, she would release the video.

Anyway, as long as she controlled the amount, it wouldn’t be a big deal to drink less.
But later on, she thought about it.
Why should she use her own health as the price to deal with people like Wei Xue? When the time came, her illness would worsen, but Wei Xue would be fine.
In the end, she would be the one to suffer a loss.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Meng still felt that she didn’t want to drink it.
However, if she didn’t drink that water, she wouldn’t be allergic.
Since she was fine, it meant that this video was useless.
If she sent it out, Wei Xue would at most be ridiculed for taking out the trash can.
The rest wouldn’t affect her at all.

However, although the video was useless, she still didn’t plan to delete it.
It would come in handy in the future.

After saving the video and making a copy for backup, she sat on the sofa in boredom and waited for Wei Ting and the others.

Under normal circumstances, she would need an infusion at this time, but because she and Wei Ting had agreed to go to the Wei family together today, she told the doctor to delay the infusion until tonight.

However, thinking about Wei Ting’s situation just now, it didn’t seem very optimistic.
If Wei Ting’s case was really more serious, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to go to the Wei family.
Then should she change to an infusion now? Su Meng was a little conflicted.

Fortunately, Su Meng didn’t wait too long.
In about an hour, Wei Ting and Wei Xue returned.
When the two of them walked into the ward, Su Meng was looking at the time and decided to wait another half an hour.
If there was still no news, she would ask the doctor to give her an infusion.

“En? Are you both alright? I thought I would have two more companions in the hospital.
What a pity.” Su Meng looked at the two people who walked in.
The two people looked very energetic, especially Wei Ting.
It was as if he was not the one who was suffering just now.
Seeing that they were okay, Su Meng was a little disappointed.


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