“Prepare the divorce agreement.
I’ll go pack my things.” Since she would get a divorce, there was no need for her to stay here and watch these disgusting people.
She would go back and prepare her things before signing the agreement and leaving.
From then on, she would be free.

As soon as Li Lian heard that she was going to pack her things, she immediately warned her, “Didn’t you say that you were going to leave with nothing? What else do you want?”

Su Meng rolled her eyes and said helplessly, “It’s something for my fortune-telling.
If you want it, I can give it to you.”

“There’s no need for that.
Xiao Xue, go and keep an eye on her.” Li Lian was still worried about Su Meng.
She was afraid that she would steal something important, so she asked Wei Xue to keep an eye on her.

Wei Xue reacted quickly as well.
She suppressed the anger that had just risen from being beaten up and said to Su Meng with a smile on her face, “Let’s go, Su Meng.
I’ll go with you and send you off on the way.”

“Sure!” Su Meng agreed readily.

‘It just so happened that I have something to give you as well.’

On the other side.

Wei Ting was in the midst of approving documents.
Fu Ze was sitting on the sofa with nothing to do and was browsing through posts.
Suddenly, a message entered his eyes.
His pupils constricted, and he couldn’t help but shout, “F*ck, you’ve been cuckolded!”


Wei Ting: “…”

“If you don’t want to stay here, then get out.
Su Meng was looking for you at the clubhouse, but you came here to hide!” Hearing Fu Ze’s brainless shout, Wei Ting scolded him coldly without even raising his head.

However, Fu Ze didn’t care about being scolded.
Instead, he handed the phone to Wei Ting with a shocked expression.
He said seriously, “I have Xiao Wang in the clubhouse.
He’s reliable.
He just called me and said that everything was settled.
Su Meng has also left.
However, there’s another problem that’s not too small… Do you want to hear it…”

“Speak.” Wei Ting wasn’t in a good mood.
He raised his eyes and glanced at Fu Ze.
His gaze was like an ice-cold knife, causing Fu Ze to shiver.

Fu Ze handed the phone to Wei Ting and said, “There seems to be a problem with Su Meng.
Take a look.”

When Wei Ting heard that it was about Su Meng, he raised his head to look.
When he saw the post that was already exploding, his expression suddenly changed, and he snatched Fu Ze’s phone.

He stared at the photo with a taut face.
It was a picture of Su Meng and a strange man standing at the entrance of the hotel.
The post said that they were going to the hotel to get a room together.

Su Meng!

Wei Ting held his phone tightly.
Veins popped up on his hand as if he was going to crush the phone at any moment.
His eyes were burning with anger, and Fu Ze was scared out of his wits.
His phone was a limited edition model.

“You don’t have to be so angry.
After all, it’s not reliable to conclude that she cheated on you just by looking at a photo.”

Fu Ze reminded him.
He could tell that from some point in time, Wei Ting’s mood would change easily when it came to Su Meng.
He added, “Moreover, that man looks ordinary, not even half as good as you.
With you in front of her, how could someone as smart as her find someone worse?”


“She didn’t cheat.” Wei Ting nodded slightly.
His eyes were still cold, but his tone was gentler, and he spoke resolutely and decisively.

Fu Ze was puzzled.
“Ah? How can you be so sure?”

Wei Ting threw the phone to Fu Ze and said in a deep voice, “Intuition.”


Fu Ze: “…”

‘Don’t think that I don’t know that you only thought this way after I flattered you!’

But he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

At this moment, Wei Ting’s phone rang.
It was Li Lian.
He had just picked up when he heard an angry shout from the other side.
“Wei Ting, hurry up and come back and prepare the divorce procedures.
You can’t have this wife of yours anymore!”


Wei Ting said in a deep voice, “I won’t divorce Su Meng.”


When Li Lian heard this, her voice instantly pitched a few degrees higher.
She shouted, “Won’t divorce? Do you know what your good wife has done? She’s looking for another man! Wei Ting, I don’t care what you think.
In any case, this marriage has to end.
Su Meng has already agreed to it.
All she has to do is sign an agreement and it’ll be over.”

“Su Meng didn’t find a man.
That post was just a misunderstanding.
She was working at the time, but someone with ulterior motives took a photo of it to spread rumors.
You don’t have to care about our matters.
I can handle it myself.” Wei Ting didn’t know what was going on either.
When he heard his mother scold Su Meng, he instinctively wanted to protect her.
After all, she was his wife.
At such a critical moment, she needed him even more.

Fu Ze watched Wei Ting defend Su Meng to his mother and gave him a thumbs up.

Li Lian continued, “Whether you come back today or not, Su Meng has already gone to pack her things and will leave the Wei family soon.
In any case, I will not let her enter the Wei family again!”

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone.

Wei Ting frowned and called for his assistant.
“Go and remove the post from the trending list.
Then, find out who posted it.”


Then, Wei Ting immediately left for the Wei Villa.

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