Upon hearing the word ‘reward’, Su Meng immediately became energetic and no longer felt sleepy.
She quickly agreed, “Sure.
When and where?”


Sheng Qiu replied, “Today.
I’ll come pick you up later!”

After hanging up the phone, Su Meng excitedly opened the door and rushed out.
She shouted while running, “Master, I’m going to work!”

However, as soon as she arrived downstairs, she was confused.
At this moment, there were a lot of people standing at the entrance of the shop.
They looked anxiously into the shop.
Her master was sitting calmly at the door.

What was going on? Could it be that those who claimed to want human flesh had really come looking for her? Su Meng was so scared that she rushed to the door.
Before anyone could react, she slammed the door.

The people outside “…?”

“You’ve woken up, brat.
I’ll go get you some food.” Guo Xiang’s tone was calm as if he didn’t notice anything unusual.

“Master, who are those people outside? What are they doing here so early in the morning?” Su Meng was afraid that something would happen, so she didn’t have the mood to eat.
She quickly asked.

Guo Xiang said calmly, “You’re famous.
They heard that you’re a feng shui master and broke the array of that club.
They all came to look for you to look at feng shui.”

Su Meng widened her eyes in disbelief and said, “They all came to look for me to look at feng shui?”

“What else? Could it be that they came to look for you to fight?” Guo Xiang glanced at Su Meng and brought the food over.

“With so many people, doesn’t that mean we’re going to be rich! Master, you were right.
As expected, I had a conflict with the Wei family’s feng shui.
As soon as I left the Wei family, good luck immediately came.” Su Meng looked in the direction of the door excitedly.
Money, there was money everywhere outside.


“Yeah, Xiao Meng, you got a blessing in disguise, from being scolded to being praised online.” Hong Si was tidying up his things.
When he heard Su Meng’s words, he couldn’t help but turn around and say something.

“What happened online? Stinky girl, why didn’t you tell Master?” Guo Xiang reproached Su Meng unhappily.

Su Meng hurriedly gave Hong Si a look, indicating that he should keep it a secret.
Then, she laughed.
“Aiya, it’s fine, old man.
It’s just a small problem from the past.
Let’s hurry up and open the door to welcome the guests!”

Guo Xiang: “…” Why did he feel that this sentence was strange?

“Girl, it’s not that easy to be a female feng shui master.
Are you sure you want to continue being a feng shui master? I taught you back then because I thought that it wouldn’t hurt you to have one more skill, but I didn’t have the intention of asking you to enter this industry.
Even if you don’t want to be a feng shui master, Master can still support you.” Guo Xiang was a little worried.
He once again confirmed with Su Meng that once her fame spread, she wouldn’t be able to stop in the future.


Su Meng hurriedly said, “You’ll only know if it’s good or not after you do it.
As long as I can earn money, there won’t be any difficulties.
Moreover, I also like being in this industry.
I won’t regret it.”


“Besides, didn’t you always praise me for my talent in the past? If I don’t do it, wouldn’t it be a waste of my talent?”

“Old man, after experiencing so many things, I’ve understood everything.
I also know how to live the most suitable life for myself.”

Su Meng spoke seriously.
Guo Xiang looked at her deeply and suddenly felt that Su Meng had really grown up.
She was no longer the little girl who could only rely on others.


“Okay.” He was relieved now.

The people outside waited for a long time.
When they saw Su Meng coming out, they all went up to her and began to warmly invite her.

“Master, I am the boss of the Special Amusement Park.
We are going to build a new amusement park.
I would like to ask you to help us check out the feng shui.”


Everyone was talking about themselves.
In the end, Su Meng couldn’t hear what they were saying at all.
At this moment, a 1.9-meter-tall burly man broke through the crowd from behind.

When everyone saw this man cut in line, they all scolded him.
“What’s wrong with you? We’ve been waiting for a long time.
Don’t you know how to queue?”

That burly man ignored the crowd.
Instead, he rubbed his head and said to Su Meng, “Master, I’m Sheng Qiu, the one who called you this morning.
Didn’t you agree to help me check the feng shui today? I’m here to pick you up.”

The crowd: “…” This man had no morals.
He actually called secretly!

Su Meng saw that the scene was getting more and more chaotic.
She hurriedly raised her voice to stop them.
“Everyone, quiet down and listen to me! There’s no need to be anxious.
Line up one by one.
This Sheng Qiu is indeed the first one to make an appointment with me.
After I help him check his feng shui, I’ll help others check their feng shui one by one.”

Guo Xiang walked over and gave Su Meng a look.
Then, he said to the crowd, “I’ve been sitting here all morning.
I think everyone knows who came first.
Let’s leave the contact details together.
When she’s done, she’ll help you check your feng shui one by one.”

Everyone was very satisfied with this method and followed Guo Xiang to leave their contact details.

In the end, Sheng Qiu was the only one left.
Su Meng welcomed him into the shop and prepared to find out the details first.

“Master, our construction site seems to be possessed.
Strange things keep happening.”

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