Su Meng’s phone had not been switched off.
It seemed that it had been stolen by the kidnappers.

Fortunately, Zhu had found the route of the black car.
It turned out that the car had followed Su Meng after the people from Wei Ting had left.
It seemed that this was a premeditated kidnapping.

On one side, Wei Ting was busy looking for clues about Su Meng.
On the other side, Su Meng slowly woke up.

The pain coming from her neck made Su Meng frown.
It was this pain that reminded her that she had really been kidnapped just now.

Su Meng raised her head and observed her surroundings.
At this moment, she was lying on a large white bed.
Looking at the decorations around her, this place looked a little like a hotel.
But there was no one in the room.
Who had kidnapped her?

Was it Wei Xue? Was she secretly getting rid of her like in her previous life so that she could continue to be with Wei Ting?

But on second thought, something wasn’t right.
When she left the Wei family, she had already made it clear to Wei Xue that she would divorce, and she had already left Wei Ting.
There was no reason for her to take the risk.

Since it wasn’t her, then who could it be?

No matter who it was, the most important thing was to think of a way to save herself.

She reached into her pocket and realized that her phone was no longer with her.
Both phones had actually been taken away.
She went to the window and looked down.
The floor was too high, and just looking down made her legs go weak.

She wanted to call for help, but found that there was no one downstairs.
Su Meng did not dare to be careless.
If she called for help now, it did not matter if she could be heard or not.
Even if someone heard her, she was not sure if they would care.

Even if someone heard her, they would help her call the police.
However, it would take time to rescue her.
During this time, if the kidnapper got angry, they might kill her directly.

Su Meng scanned the room and found nothing that she could use for self-defense.
No wonder the kidnapper could leave her alone in the room.
They must have predicted that she would not be able to escape.

As she had just woken up from her unconsciousness, Su Meng’s head was still a little dizzy.
She covered her head and forced herself to calm down.
Then, she quietly opened the door and looked outside.

As she expected, there were three men guarding the living room outside.
They were tall and muscular.
Two of them sat on the sofa and closed their eyes to rest.
The other long-haired man was playing with a video camera.

They seemed to be waiting for someone.
The long-haired man with the video camera said impatiently, “F*ck, why isn’t he here yet? I can’t wait to film it.
Do I have to wait for that woman to wake up before I can f*ck her?”

One of the men with his eyes closed said nonchalantly, “What’s the rush? Even if the boss is here, we have to wait for her to wake up before we can do anything.
The boss’ goal is to avenge his sister.
Now, isn’t it no fun to f*ck her? But who told you to be so ruthless? It looks like that woman won’t wake up for a while.”


“We won’t let anything happen to her.
What’s wrong with playing with her first?” The long-haired man seemed to be unable to wait any longer.
He stood up and walked towards Su Meng.


Su Meng was shocked and quickly closed the door.
Then, she heard the man sitting on the sofa say coldly, “If you don’t want to live anymore, then go ahead and do it.”

The long-haired man seemed to be afraid of what the man said.
He snorted and sat back on the sofa.

Listening to the conversation outside, Su Meng confirmed one thing.
The boss they talked about had not come yet.
Once that person came, she would be in danger.
As for what kind of danger she would encounter, she could guess from the long-haired man’s words.
She had to think of a way to escape before the boss came.
But how would she escape?

She looked at the large double bed and an idea flashed through her mind.

She wanted to learn the survival method from the television.
She wanted to tear the bedsheets and curtains into strips and use them as ropes.
Then, she would climb down the window herself.

But when she actually did it, she realized that it was completely unrealistic for those people on the television to tear the bedsheets with their bare hands.
She could not tear them at all.
Even if she wanted to tie them, she could only use the entire bedsheet.

There were tables and chairs in the room.
She gently moved a chair over and stood up to remove the curtains.
Fortunately, she was not short, so everything went smoothly.

Su Meng’s movements were light and fast.
When she was about to tie the bedsheet and the curtains together, there was another sound from outside.
It was the boss they were talking about.

Before Su Meng could react, the door was suddenly opened.

‘It’s over!’ As the door opened, Su Meng’s heart suddenly jumped and she let out a cry.

The person who came saw Su Meng sitting on the ground.
At this moment, Su Meng was holding the bedsheets in one hand and the curtains in the other.
She looked at him awkwardly.

He saw Su Meng’s movements, then looked at the messy bed and the window that had the curtains removed.
He immediately understood Su Meng’s intention.

“Trying to escape?” The man called ‘Boss’ stared at Su Meng and asked faintly.
His voice was a little hoarse.

Su Meng: “…”

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