Zhu Xun warned fiercely, “I advise you to behave yourselves.
I have your photos, and the person who will take you away is already here.
If you dare to escape, then the consequences will be bad.
At that time, I’m afraid that your family won’t even be able to find your bodies.”

Everyone who had some knowledge of the Wei family knew the status of the Wei family, and not many people dared to provoke them.
Although these hooligans did not have much achievement and would call whoever was more powerful their big brother, they were precisely this kind of people.
They knew the rules of the wealthy families the best and knew which side was not to be trifled with.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to remain safe and sound for so long.

The reason why they dared to kidnap the Wei family’s Young Madam this time was because Su Meng usually did not show up.
Not many people knew her identity.
Many people did not even know that the Wei family’s Young Master had a wife.

The Zhou family had a big business and was willing to give a lot of money.
They did not even do their homework before they captured her.
Now that they knew the identity of the person they captured, they were feeling vexed and regretful.
If they had known Su Meng’s identity from the start, they would not have dared to capture her even if they had more than ten guts.

Now that they were being targeted by President Wei, they did not even dare to move, let alone run.
If they were obedient, they might still be able to save their lives.
If they dared to escape, they would live in pursuit.
People from wealthy families didn’t care about the law.
Once they activated the dark net to hunt them down, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

After Zhu Xun made the call, he wasn’t worried at all that these hooligans would run away.
He directly drove his car and continued to chase after Wei Ting.

Because this place was really remote, there wasn’t a shadow of a person or a car on the road.
Wei Ting was also worried about Su Meng’s current situation.
He stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, and the car was as fast as if it was about to take off.

The location that Zhu Xun sent him was in a manor.
That should be Zhou Peng’s private manor, because this place was not open to the public.

It took about half an hour to reach the destination.
The manor’s door was not closed, and dozens of security guards stood by the door.
Seeing Wei Ting drive over, they respectfully greeted him and then directly let him pass.
It seemed that Zhou Peng had already informed them and was waiting for him to come.

After Wei Ting entered, the security guards seemed to have completed their task.
They walked in together and then closed the door.
Although Wei Ting was concerned about Su Meng, he also noticed it from the rearview mirror, but he did not care.

There was a security guard leading the way on a motorcycle in front.
The road was smooth and unobstructed.
When they arrived at a high-rise building that looked like a hotel, Wei Ting got off the car with a sullen face.

The security guard walked over and said, “Young Master is waiting for you on the eighth floor.” After saying that, he left.

When Wei Ting had just entered, Zhu Xun, who had followed closely behind, had also arrived.
However, the manor door was tightly shut, and they had no intention of letting him in.
No matter how much he honked, he did not receive a response.
Fortunately, he had foresight.
His own people were right behind him, and he would be able to catch up very quickly.

With Wei Ting’s status, he believed that Zhou Peng would not dare to do anything to him.
Wei Ting was the only son of the Wei family.
Once something happened, the entire Zhou family would suffer.
He quietly waited in the car for Wei Ting to give him a reply.

After Wei Ting entered, he saw the elevator that was parked on the first floor.
He paused for a moment and directly walked into the corridor.
In an unfamiliar environment where safety could not be guaranteed, using the stairs was the most reliable method.
His physical fitness was very good.
He was only slightly out of breath when he ran up to the eighth floor.
He was not particularly tired.

Zhou Peng sat at the door of the room opposite the elevator and waited for him.
When he saw Wei Ting come out from the corridor, he said with admiration, “As expected of President Wei.
Your vigilance is too strong.
However, aren’t you being too careless by coming here alone?”

Wei Ting did not want to say that it was useless to Zhou Peng.
He directly asked, “Where’s Su Meng?”

“Looking at how much you care about Miss Su, I suddenly doubt if my information is accurate.
Are you guys really going to get a divorce? Although Miss Su has been emphasizing that there is no love between the two of you and that you are going to get a divorce soon, now that I think about it, am I being cheated?” Zhou Peng chuckled.
He spoke slowly, but although the corners of his mouth were smiling, his eyes were extremely ruthless.

Wei Ting frowned slightly.
Just as he was about to go forward and grab Zhou Peng, two muscular men quickly walked out of the room.
One of them was covered in tattoos, and the other was smoking a cigarette.
The two of them crossed their arms in front of their chests and stood between Wei Ting and Zhou Peng with disdain.
It seemed that they wanted to protect Zhou Peng.

“Where’s Su Meng? If you hand over Su Meng obediently and she isn’t injured, then we will still not interfere in each other’s affairs in the future.”

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