When Su Meng returned to the antique shop, it was already evening, and the sky was gradually darkening.

Because of Su Meng’s popularity, many wealthy tycoons came to her, hoping to get close to her by looking at antiques.

When Su Meng entered, Guo Xiang and Hong Si were receiving guests and explaining the history of antiques to them.
The guests were a little absent-minded.
When they saw Su Meng, they immediately stopped listening and surrounded Su Meng.

“Miss Su, I’ve heard so much about you.
You’re really different today.”

“I didn’t expect Miss Su not only to be so beautiful, but also to be so good at feng shui.
I wonder if we can become friends?”

“Hey, hey, Miss Su.
I heard that you have to queue up to see you, but there are too many people here to meet you.
Can you give me priority on account of the antiques I bought?” A bald man with a big belly pushed aside the people beside Su Meng.
He reached out his hand and wanted to shake Su Meng’s hand.

Su Meng saw the wretched smile on his face.
There was a faint smile on her face, but in her heart, she rejected him with disdain.
She took a step back.

The man who was pushed away by the bald man looked at him with dissatisfaction.
He raised his hand and adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses.
He refuted the bald man with disdain, “Which one of us didn’t buy antiques? Why are you the only one who wants special privileges?”

“Exactly, exactly…” the people beside him echoed.

Guo Xiang gave Su Meng a look, indicating that he didn’t care anymore.
He left everything to her and then went to the kitchen to cook.
They had been busy for a whole day and didn’t eat well.
These people were all here for his disciple.
Since she was back, they had nothing to do with them.
It was better to go and cook first.

Seeing her master leave, Su Meng looked at the scene with sweat all over her face.
She suddenly felt that she was a bit like a celebrity.
It was just that she was not in the limelight because of her beauty, but because of feng shui.

But no matter what, everyone who came was a guest.
As long as she could earn money, she would never complain about having too much.

Thinking of this, Su Meng put on a big smile and pretended to be reserved as she invited the guests to take a seat.
“Everyone, please take a seat.
If there’s anything, we can talk about it slowly.”

Hong Si made a cup of tea for everyone, then returned to the counter and began to calculate today’s bill.

Su Meng arranged a time with everyone according to their priorities.
After collecting the deposit, she then sent everyone away.
After the last guest left, Su Meng glanced at the entrance of the shop.
No one was watching, so she quickly closed the door.

Seeing this, Hong Si thought that Su Meng was just worried that another guest would come.
He couldn’t help but smile and comfort her.
“It’s okay.
The business hours have already been posted at the entrance of the shop.
It’s already past midnight.
No one will come again.”

Su Meng expressed that she understood.
In fact, she was afraid that Zhou Peng would make a comeback.
This person’s personality was unpredictable, so it was better to be careful.
She didn’t mind, but she was afraid that she would implicate her master and Hong Si.

The Zhou family’s business was big, and she didn’t want her master to leave.
Because even if he did, with Zhou Peng’s power, it would be very easy to find him.
The most important thing now was that she had to help him solve his health problems as soon as possible.

Although her master had told her before, it was very troublesome to do this.
Just in case, it was better to confirm it with her master.

Guo Xiang was cooking in the kitchen.
Su Meng was too picky when she was young.
In order to let her grow up healthily, Guo Xiang had practiced good cooking skills.

Therefore, before Su Meng entered the kitchen, she already smelled the rich aroma of rice.

“Little girl, how was your trip today? Is there anything you don’t understand? Are you tired? I’ll be done cooking soon,” Guo Xiang asked with concern when he saw Su Meng walk in.

Seeing the back view of her master cooking, Su Meng recalled the things that happened when she was young and couldn’t help but tear up.

Fortunately, Guo Xiang was busy cooking and didn’t look back at her.
She quickly wiped her tears away with her sleeve.
Only then did Su Meng say nonchalantly, “Then there’s definitely no problem.
Why don’t you take a look at whose disciple I am? There’s actually not much of a problem with Sheng Qiu’s construction site.
It’s just that there were some abandoned graves that weren’t handled properly back then.
When he’s ready, I’ll send them off.”

“Yeah, this kind of thing is quite simple.
However, there are so many people who have come to look for you recently.
You can encounter anything.
Don’t try to be brave if you can’t solve it.
As long as you have enough money to spend, it’s fine.
Besides, there’s still Master.
You can do whatever you like.”

Seeing that her master was so concerned about her, Su Meng thought about how she was kidnapped today.
This must not be known by her master.
Otherwise, he would definitely object to her doing this.

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