Zhou Peng’s face darkened.
He signaled to the servant that he did not need it and pulled his hand back.
When Su Meng stopped squeezing hard, the blood stopped flowing.
Seeing the servant making a fuss, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

After taking Zhou Peng’s blood, Su Meng wiped the knife clean and carefully sterilized it with alcohol.

Seeing her doing this, Zhou Peng: “…”

Was she complaining that he was sick or that his blood was dirty?

After carefully disinfecting it, Su Meng raised her hand again and cut a small cut on her finger.
As expected, ten fingers connected to the heart.
It really hurt.
Su Meng grimaced and immediately regained her composure.

Thinking about how Zhou Peng promised to give her so much money later, this little bit of pain was nothing.
As long as there was more money, she would be willing to double the pain!

She squeezed out two drops of blood and then added a bit of cinnabar into the porcelain plate, fusing the blood and cinnabar together.

Looking at her actions, Zhou Peng stared at Su Meng’s face with a deep gaze.
The words she had said just now kept echoing in his mind.

A thought slowly rose in his heart.
He asked casually, “Why does it use your blood? Is this okay?”

Su Meng thought Zhou Peng was looking down on her and explained indifferently, “As long as it’s qualified, anyone’s blood can be used.
I see that you’re all male servants, so it’s more convenient to use mine.
Anyway, the result is the same.”

As expected…

Zhou Peng confirmed what he was thinking and looked at Su Meng with a different emotion.

After fusing the cinnabar and blood, Su Meng took out a clean yellow talisman paper and began to draw on it.

She had practiced using ordinary ink several times in the past few days at home, so she was very skilled at drawing.
In just a few seconds, she had finished drawing the talisman.

After she was done drawing, she asked the servant to help her remove the jade from the longevity lock.
She wrapped it with the talisman paper that she had drawn and then took out a small incense burner that was a little bigger than her palm from her bag.
She placed the jade together with the talisman paper into the incense burner.

There was no fire inside the incense burner, only a thick layer of ash.

After covering the lid, Su Meng handed the incense burner to Zhou Peng.

“Is that all?” Zhou Peng asked suspiciously.

“Not yet.
Put this in a safe place.
As long as you don’t let anyone touch it, it’s fine.
This incense burner is filled with merit ash.
It’s used to purify the baleful aura on the jade stone.
You only need seven days, and it won’t continue to corrode your body.”

“However, even if it is seven days, do not take away the talisman paper that wraps it.
This is the baleful talisman.
This baleful aura has been with you for so many years.
It is not something that can be completely dissolved in a few days.
As long as the talisman paper is wrapped around the jade stone, after seven days, and after fourteen days, your body will recover.” Su Meng patted the ash off her hand.
She instructed Zhou Peng.

“Then… in other words, after twenty-one days, I will be fine and my body will be able to recover?” Zhou Peng continued to ask.

“Wait a moment.”

After Su Meng finished processing the jade, she took out a scarecrow the size of a palm from her bag.
She wrote the birth characters of the longevity lock on the talisman paper with cinnabar mixed with blood and used the talisman paper to wrap the scarecrow.

She asked the servant to help take a basin, threw the scarecrow into the basin, and lit the fire to burn it.

“This is?” Zhou Peng couldn’t help but ask when he saw Su Meng burning the scarecrow with a serious expression.

When the scarecrow was almost done burning, Su Meng replied, “A substitute.
I used your birth date and your blood to make a substitute.
I’ll take you to die under the curse.
That way, you’ll be safe.”

After doing all this, it was over.
Su Meng put all her things into her backpack and wanted to leave.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Peng didn’t have any intention of letting her go.
Instead, he urged her to stay.
“Miss Su, don’t be in a hurry to leave first.”

Su Meng looked at Zhou Peng.
Although he did not have the hostility that he had when they first met, he still looked like a person who was not to be trifled with.

Su Meng’s heart trembled.
She asked cautiously, “What? Didn’t Mr.
Zhou say that he would not make things difficult for me after helping you settle it?”

Seeing Su Meng’s frightened little bird-like appearance… Zhou Peng could not help but laugh.
“There’s no need to be nervous.
I just saw that you’ve been busy for so long and wanted to invite Miss Su to have a meal.
Moreover, I believe that Miss Su must have put in a lot of effort for this matter.”

This customer of yours is much more difficult than the ones I’ve come into contact with in the past.” Su Meng did not stand on ceremony at all and deliberately mentioned the customer.
Presumably, such a shrewd person like Zhou Peng would definitely understand the meaning of the remuneration she wanted.

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